Things I’m thankful for Friday!

Let’s cut straight to the chase on this fabulous Friday, shall we?

We’re gonna go ahead and call this things I’m thankful for (and therefore, LOVING) Friday…

I am supremely thankful – and uber excited – that I can finally share this news: barre n9ne studio is EXPANDING…a new location…and where is it? FIVE MINUTES from my house. It couldn’t be more perfect, could it? That means that I will primarily be teaching thisclose to home, rather than 25 miles away (though I will teach there on occasion, too). I am beaming with pride at how this studio has grown, and being such a part of it now, and to be part of the team kick-starting the new location and being on the debut schedule? A. Dream.

I am thankful that this week was not nearly as angst-ridden and stressful as last week (case in point). I honestly think a huge part of why this week has been much better than last is because my first class on Tuesday went so well, and work has calmed ever so slightly and I feel like things are on an even keel. It’s been so go-go-go the last 6-8 weeks that feeling that ability to exhale has really helped my mental psyche. REALLY helped.

I am thankful that spring is thisclose. Daylight savings time this weekend means more daylight and longer days. And eventually…summer! And I am loving that today we hit a record high here…70 freakin degrees. It was absolutely glorious. Windows open, breeze coming in, fresh air…it’s amazing how much you forget how good fresh air feels circulating through the house. Ahhh…bliss.

I am thankful for a job that values what I do…and is sending me to not one, but two social media conferences in April and May! I’ll be attending Social Media Strategies in Chicago (friends!! let’s get together!) and Digital Summit in May in Atlanta (thanks Lee for suggesting, can’t wait to meet you…Tina, too, I hope! Others?!).

And I am thankful – always thankful – for coming from the ground up. I have a draft post set up on this that is half-written, but I just gotta say…I am thankful to know the lows and the highs and everything in between. Financially, emotionally, physically. The lows make the highs feel like that much more of a blessing and that much more rewarding…doesn’t it?

What are you thankful for this Friday? Do share! And happy weekend friends!!

23 thoughts on “Things I’m thankful for Friday!

  1. Your thankfulness is so refreshing for me today – especially the point of really appreciating the highs when you’re feeling low. I’ve been a cranky lady this week and was really down yesterday after feeling like I lost a week of my life due to being stuck at home with food poisoning. In reality, I’ve gotten a lot done this week – even if it wasn’t the stuff I expected to when the week started.

    1. Oh good!! I am so glad this boosted you up a bit! I know you had a really crappy week, so you are fully entitled to feeling a little low! But I am glad you are feeling better and appreciate the highs too, even when you’re low.

  2. How exciting about the expanding of the studio and new space! I’m in the search for an office downtown to house my PR firm and it will be my biggest step to defining my company as a business and not just a “freelancer”. It will take some time to finalize, but I can imagine how proud I’ll feel–just like you said you do 🙂

  3. I LOVE how happy you are sis, right where you belong, it is so awesome to see! Like that Joel Osteen phrase I love so much — you are truly “blooming right where you’re planted,” I love it!!

  4. wow thats awesome that your company is sending you to those two workshops! I looked at them but they are wayyy out of our price range.

    and how exciting that barre n9ine will be so close to you!! and that you will be a teacher!! eeeee

    1. IT is really exciting!! I wish you could come or that there was one closeby that we could both go to…not a bad idea. Have you looked at any recently in the area?? I am so excited about the new location too, it’s just all falling into place 🙂

  5. I’m thankful for Spring coming too! Thank goodness!! Bring it on. And how cool there is a new studio by you! that will be awesome! happy friday! (well now saturday)

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