Today, I taught my very first barre n9ne method class.

And I do believe I brought it, the very best that I could.

It was exactly – if not better – than I’d imagined it would be.

It went as smoothly ‘in real life’ as it went in my head as I ran through my class mentally during every dreadmill run in the past two weeks.

I let go and went for it. For the first time in my life.

In short, I went all the way for the touchdown, and didn’t stop at the field goal.

And that? Feels damn good. Feels incredible. Feels like I have always wanted ‘it’ to feel when I put my heart and soul into something and just want it to translate as perfectly as I psych myself up for it to be.

Today? It did. 

Today? I didn’t choke. I didn’t let my nerves or anxiety or overthinking get the best of me.

As my boss K actually said to me as I was driving to the studio (giving me a little pep talk – so sweet), “you are letting yourself get anxious, kind of like you did with your half marathons. You will do great, just know that.” And as M also said to me: “don’t let stress control you, use it to make yourself better.”

And they were both right. I didn’t let the ‘half marathon curse’ in…the curse of performance not translating on ‘game day’ because I don’t let myself. I didn’t allow myself to succumb to the self-inflicted stress, pressure and anxiety.

I conquered me. More than anything, I plowed through all that ‘stuff’ and allowed myself to be the best I could be, by not holding back, by letting go and running the ball in for the touchdown. Going all the way. Not halfway. Not just good enough.

Dare to be great. Seize it. Carpe diem. 

Today, I felt it. And more than anything, I know that it is possible. That I can go for it…and not only go for it, but succeed. There is plenty of learning to do, plenty of shaping and honing as I continue learning to be a barre n9ne instructor. I know this. I am ready for this. But today? I taught my very first barre n9ne method class. And I brought it. And can’t wait to keep bringing it, learning, growing and developing.

This. Is how it’s meant to feel. 

Pre-class...this face? I do believe that's confidence. And - gasp - happiness!?

42 thoughts on “Today, I taught my very first barre n9ne method class.

  1. You were SO GOOD! Not that I had any doubt that you’d bring something fierce to that studio today, but to see you in action, and to see you downright LOVING it?? Made me SO effing proud of you sis. I KNEW you had it in you, but the thing is? YOU had to know it too. And today you did know it. And I am SO SO glad you ran it all the way in for the touchdown, homerun, whatever you wanna call it. ASSLAP!!! Love you, Regina LaFAWNDA Phelange 😉

    1. Thank you sis. You are the best 🙂 I am so glad you liked it and could tell I was enjoying it too. I wanted to have a game face on but not the ‘thinking’ face so much that I looked mad. hehe. 😉 But beyond that, the touchdown feels wonderful, can’t wait to see you hit yours on Friday, Regina LaFAWNDA Phelange. 🙂

  2. OMG I have been waiting with baited breath for this update! Yay!!! Soooooooo glad you felt amazing and rocked it! Can’t wait to see you Sunday!

    1. aww! thank you so much! I feel the love, I really do 😉 And felt every bit of your support, and everyone’s! It was a great class 🙂

  3. Maybe it is the emotional night I’ve had but I’m tearing up over here. I’m so proud of you. Look how far you have come my friend. the confidence you have built, the hot body you have, this goal you have accomplished that may not have even been a thought in your mind a few years ago. This is huge and you are amazing. Congrats!

    1. aww! thank you friend! You have been there this whole journey, almost, so to feel your emotion right there with me is so touching…love ya girl!! XOXO

  4. Girl, I have no idea what this “barre n9ne” is but it sort of scares me. Particularly because there is a number in it, kind of like Se7en. And also because it sounds like it requires a great deal of physical exertion. Given that this thing is so frightening and you are doing it, I am very impressed. You are obviously extremely brave. Go you!

    1. Hehe 😉 It’s an awesome class and I wish you were closer so you could take it! it is hard but it is FUN too, I swear 🙂 and thank you!

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