An unexpectedly unplanned weekend.

Going into this weekend, I had a semi-busy weekend, with plans or things I’d committed to on Saturday and Sunday. And as I woke up on Saturday, my commitment for the early afternoon got canceled. While it was a bummer (photo shoot for barre n9ne!), I was thrilled to have the whole day completely unplanned from that point forward.

I knocked out a few miles on the ‘mill (partially begrudgingly, I’ll admit!)

I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of these pancakes (yum, yum, YUM) with M.

A spoiling trip to Lululemon, where M proceeded to buy me far too many cute things for my first day teaching (Tuesday! Ack!!). Seriously spoiled.

I mani pedi’d. (muuuch needed)

I practiced for barre n9ne. (this is pretty much a given every day of late!)

And then, M and I had a date night in, complete with a movie (The Rum Diary…which I do NOT recommend. It was a weird ass movie…though I do enjoy a good Johnny Depp flick!)

Date night in dinner: filet, asparagus, wilted greens, langostino!)


I woke up on Sunday to news that my niece has an ear infection (poor baby!!) and my Sunday plans, birthday afternoon celebration at my dad’s (for his birthday) was postponed.  And that turned into a blessing in disguise, as much as I was looking forward to it, I really needed the time to practice, practice, practice for my class on Tuesday.

So practice I did. More, more, more.

Playlist I made (complete with David Guetta, LMFAO, a few throwbacks, Kat DeLuna, Black Eyed Peas…).

And practice on M I did! And man, did he sweat!! Guess it’s hard enough, right? 😉

And then, I read a book. A real one! (while M worked on his dissertation, which is coming along really well! I am so proud!)

And finally…date night in #2, an unexpected delight. And wow, was it good. Probably one of our best ever.

Arctic char, roasted Brussels sprouts, zucchini and leeks, over wilted greens (sensing a theme here?!) and some risotto I made for M. Best. Meal. Ever.


And that, my friends, was an unexpectedly unplanned, but absolutely glorious weekend. Heading into a week where I have committments almost every single night this week, and a jam-packed weekend (all goodness!), I relished every minute of it.

If you had an unplanned weekend at the last minute, what would you do?




25 thoughts on “An unexpectedly unplanned weekend.

  1. SUCH a perfect weekend, sis. I think every weekend ought to be this unplanned. Or at least every OTHER weekend – y’know, in a perfect world 😉

    YAY for barre n9ne teaching this week, whee!!

  2. Yum. Your dinners look amazing.

    I’ve had a couple unplanned weekends in a row. So nice! I just like to play with the kids and take a nap when possible!

  3. I didn’t know your first class was tomorrow?!!?!?!

    i think i should get a free lesson next time you’re in town! : P
    blogger perks.

    also, we have more room to run around now, can’t wait for you to see the new place!

    1. It is tomorrow! eek!! Wish me luck at 2 pm your time tomorrow ok?? And I can’t wait to visit and we can do all of these things 🙂

  4. both meals look amazing! glad you had some time to shop, relax, and practice for your 1st class – you are totally going to ROCK it! and you’ll be clad in lululemon which just makes it that much better. 😉 xoxo

  5. Sounds like a great, much deserved weekend…with some yummy eats!

    If I had an unplanned weekend I would sleep in for sure (when was the last time that I did this?!), brunch, shop, movie, relax! Lazy stuff that is sometimes good for the mind and soul! I have been on GO, GO, GO for months now!

    1. Lazy sounds perfect! I loved ‘sleeping in’ till about 8 on Sunday…not that late but just right and no alarm clock noise? bliss!

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