For some reason, it’s been a wicked long week (and I’m not even the one traveling this week!) filled with some anxiety, hecticness and overall grumpiness. So I am crawling towards today. Feeling burnt. Feeling drained.

Work has been insanely busy for the past few weeks, and I had a lot of meetings to drive to all over the state. Then we got a shitton of snow (shitton for March, that is!!), which made that even more hectic. I’ve been living, breathing, drinking all things barre n9ne training, training, song downloading, and trying to push away the anxiety and focus instead on the excitement that my first class is on Tuesday! And I’ve just felt like I’ve been running around and overscheduled and just generally anxious about it all. Leading to grumpiness. So anyway.

Soooo I am clearly thrilled that the week is (almost) over and it could always, ALWAYS be worse.  (most of what I am talking about here is all goodness, of course, but how I cope with stress is getting anxious and grumpy…poor M. Boyfriend of the year. Nothing ruffles the man, I swear!).

So I thought I’d end the week with a fun little post of how I’m winning today (but most of these…I’m really not. You’ll see. And laugh.)

Winning this week:

Sushi date with the fabulous Meaghan. Love this girl, swear we just ‘get’ each other. ❤

Three solid runs for the run challenge so far this week, one more tomorrow (even if today’s was a wee bit ‘off’ – refer to the below ‘not’ winning!).

Getting my haircut. Something about a little pampering always makes me happy.

Thisclose to booking a few days in December to Bahamas as M has a conference to go to. Free room, just pay flight? *twist my arm*

Making this super delish crockpot recipe last night (by googling the random stuff left in my fridge!).

Scoring a giveaway in the mail today from the beautiful Heather – tons of great freebies that I confess not to know how to use…tips??

Lots and lots of oatmeal. Duh. That’s just a given. ❤

Winning (NOT!) this week (and today, in particular!): 

Snow. Enough said.

Accidentally farting in my sleep. Yes, this is TMI…however. We all know how much I rail against ever letting bodily functions go in front of M. EVER. *mortified*

…followed closely by, clogging the toilet. Again (a couple weeks ago I did it, didn’t realize it, and M found it. *shudder*). Another TMI.

Wearing my running crops backwards for my run today. Um, awkwardness. And so uncomfortable.

how I felt with those pants on backwards - the second picture ;-P

(and yes, ladies and gents, all three of these happened just today! Winning on Friday…for sure.)

Snow. That deserves being said again. I mean really. It’s frickin March now peoples.


I am almost speechless how glad I am that Friday is here. I’m thinking this may be the common consensus this week, folks.

So tell me…what is making this a WINNING Friday for you? Or a WINNING (not!) Friday for you?? Hope you got a giggle…and enjoy your weekends, friends! Cheers!

25 thoughts on “A WINNING Friday.

  1. Love to read when someone can laugh at themselves. It’s a winning Friday for me because after a long and stressful 3 weeks, I get to collapse into my man’s arms tonight.

  2. Sushi date night was the highlight of MY week!!! So much fun, we need to do it again ASAP!
    The Bahamas trip sounds AWESOME (and well-timed! December?!?), and I’m jealous of your haircut – in SUCH desperate need of one!! xoxo

    1. It was the highlight of mine too!! Again soon! And I am excited for the trip! Especially cuz it’s practically free. Wrong not to go 😉

  3. Winning: waking up hungover on your last day in Cali before flying home. Fail. LOL.

    I love this, can’t believe you ran with your crops on backwards!! How does one even do that??

  4. I am getting my haircut on Monday. I can’t wait…I always wait way too long between cuts and the last few weeks are painful (once I realize I need to go, set the appointment and have to wait…). I’m rocking the new mom look of one inch fuzz growing in around my hairline. Seriously…it’s disturbing. I have no idea what to do with it…looks ridiculous. I’m not winning with my hair, but the fact that it’s so horrible bc I gave birth to the cutest baby ever makes it winning anyway. 🙂

    1. I hate when I wait too long and then can’t get an appt for another week or two! And I bet te hair sprouts are cute 😉

  5. OMG!!!! I’m laughing out loud while reading this right now. Sunday is Eric and I’s cuddle in bed time, however, he just walked in on me in the bathroom while reading an US weekly. Not so sexy!! We even have 2 bathrooms, so no excuse 🙂 KNOCK!!!! So I totally understand where you are coming from.

    Weekends are such a blessing, as are haircuts and time at the salon. I took an afternoon CF class yesterday, then spent some time at the spa & took my time getting ready…sooo nice to feel pampered & a little bit like a lady 🙂

    You are going to kick butt at class on Tuesday, I have no doubt!

    1. hahaha! I just read that comment aloud to M. He thought it was hysterical…and for the record, he totally heard my sleep fart. Good times, goooood times. LOL. Weekends that end up being unplanned are the best..like mine, and like yours sounds too!! Pampering is the best!! And thank you for the words of confidence!!

    1. LOL! It’s the worst! I had no control over that one, doesn’t count, right?! I love that picture too, always cracks me up!

  6. I always hate being the one to clog a toilet. Glad you focused on what you have and are doing that’s winning. The positives far outweigh the negatives. xoxo

    1. It’s so unfeminine, isn’t it?! I mean, we all do it, clearly, but still, mortifying, no matter what 😉 And yes, the positives definitely do. Sometimes you just gotta tease yourself for the gaffs!

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