My why.

One of Tina’s posts recently got me thinking about why I do what I do. Why I consider myself somewhat of an overachiever, why I feel like I always want to make goals and continuously work on self-improvement, both physically and mentally. It boils down to…

My Why.

Knowing the why behind what I do is what motivates me.

But also knowing how I feel after I accomplish something is what motivates me. Beyond the why. It’s the how.

Knowing how I feel after I’ve reached a goal, or observed self-improvement, whether it be a physical improvement (my run challenge, for example) or a mental one (my recent work trip that took me out of my comfort zone) or even a quasi-mental and physical one (training to be barre n9ne certified!). It all comes back to knowing who I am and what works for me in terms of change, growth and challenging myself.

But why do I do it? Why do I constantly challenge myself? Because it is truly what I am passionate about. When it comes to physical challenges and fitness, I love how I feel after I have sweated through a workout. Or realized that my flexibility is improving through begrudgingly stretching 1-2 times a day. Or finding my a-ha moment when it comes to mind-body connection during a particular ab exercise.

And the eating? I’ve honestly never felt better than when I eat for fuel rather than for fun. Eating is still fun for me – a-ha – but in a different way. Rather than eating a huge piece of cake and while sure, that may taste good, I would argue that a Dove ‘promises’ chocolate tastes just as good, if not better, with a cup of tea, coffee or yes, even a glass of wine. I’d much prefer a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate over a piece of cake. It might be a trade-off to some, to pass up the cake, but I know me. And I know my body. And I know that I will feel better and just as, if not more, satisfied with that combination. (On the flip-side of that, I am still learning to balance watching what I eat, and choosing healthy options over having days where I just want to throw caution to the wind and eat and drink more than normal. It’s a struggle, I won’t lie, sometimes. More on that later…)

And finally, the mental challenges. I consider myself somewhat of an overachiever…not a surprise, I am sure. But this overachiever status really came to light in the last few years. As I was forced to face things that scared me, that I wanted to run from, but that I had to conquer just by nature of what it was. Divorce. Something that wasn’t my choice. That pushed me out of my comfort zone. But it was also what started to teach me things I never thought I’d face or want to willingly face, either. And ever since that time, it’s like I’ve made a deal with myself. To never settle. To never slide into complacency.

My why.

…To challenge myself. Not for sake of challenging myself, but for betterment and learning.

…To focus on being the best ‘me’ I can be. Mentally, physically, emotionally. A better sister, lover, daughter, aunt, friend. 

…To maintain the life that I have built for myself. Not settling. Not sliding into complacency. Not doing to do or eating to eat. Doing with intention and purpose.

…To love myself, with flaws and with areas I struggle with. And know that facing my weaknesses will only make me stronger.

…My why. 

What is your ‘why?‘ (thank you Tina, for such an inspiring and thought-provoking post!)

24 thoughts on “My why.

  1. Ahhh!! I just said your post yesterday was my favorite but I lied. THIS one is my favorite. I was practically shouting at the computer screen “YES!!” as I read this post. Obviously “my why” is very, very similar to yours – I love how you put it towards the end: doing with intention, living with intention. That’s exactly the shift in mindset I’ve seen in both of us in the past year and it’s been an incredible journey towards living our best lives RIGHT now. Not tomorrow, not someday – but right now. AWESOME post sis. Love. Love. LOVE!

    1. Thank you sis! I am so glad that you liked this post…all of it is just the way we’re living now, isn’t it? Intention is the key word for sure. Right now, always.

  2. My why…. that’s a really good question. All that I know is that I’m harder on myself than anyone else in my life. I want to be more, be better, keep moving forward. Why? I dunno. I call it wanderlust. It’s just who I am.

    1. You are indeed very hard on yourself T. I know I am too, and sometimes it becomes detrimental doesn’t it? It’s something I work on and I know that you are always exploring too. Wanderlust. Yes, I like that.

  3. “To challenge myself. Not for sake of challenging myself, but for betterment and learning.” <—- Yes. I think that's so important that you're doing it to better yourself or to learn and grow. Otherwise, what's the point? And wine over cake any day!

  4. LOVE what you said about how eating for fuel can still be fun, but in a different way. Many people see healthy eating as a chore, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I know it’s hard to shift our attitudes and perceptions toward food and eating habits, but I think it’s so important to find enjoyment in eating food that our body really needs.

    And I’m totally with you – I’d take a small piece of chocolate and a glass of wine (or two!) over a huge piece of cake any day.

    1. It can be fun and shouldn’t be a chore, but we shouldn’t JUST see eating as FUN or JUST see eating as chore…seeing it as a means to fuel and empower our bodies, while enjoying it, is very important. It’s been a huge shift for me, something I am still learning.

  5. I LOVE your “why” of wanting to be the best version of you possible! It’s what we all shoud strive to do every day…and be kind to oursleves when we are not 😉

    My why is very similar to yours. When I’m healthy mentally, physically, & emotionally I’m the best version of me. If my tank is filled with positive energy then I can focus on making other people in my life happy. That way, we all win 🙂

    1. The best ‘me’ we can be. It’s so important to me, I strive for it for me, primarily, and just become a happier person as a result. I love your ‘why!’

  6. Very thought provoking post. While I was reading, I found myself saying “yes…she gets it”. One of the things I struggle with is that terrible word “WHEN”. As in “WHEN I lose this weight, I’ll be ______” or “WHEN I finish this distance, I’ll be ________(happy, content, satisfied, calmer, etc)”. And I find myself at times letting life pass me by because I’m too focused on getting to a new goal. I literally do not take the time to enjoy the many blessings in my life that exist no matter what size I am or how fast I run or how much I lift or how clean my house is. I often go back to my goals I put out there for 2012. After reading them, I quickly realized my “Why” is simple. To LIVE. Not exist until I think I’ve reached a goal.

    1. Ahh, yes!! WHEN is NOT the end-all-be-all. It’s the NOW and the WHY. We should always be living and striving for better, but enjoying where we are at the moment too. Otherwise, life flits by and we miss out on so much. So glad you can relate!

  7. This is not a very easy question. It seems so simple, but it’s so complex. My why is to stay healthy for myself and my family. To raise a health conscious son and live an active life together.

    1. It’s not easy at all. I saved Tina’s post for awhile until it really came together for me. I love your ‘why’ too.

  8. “To maintain the life that I have built for myself. Not settling. Not sliding into complacency. Not doing to do or eating to eat. Doing with intention and purpose.”–> Totally and completely with you on this one. I’ve been trying to focus on this more and more, making it count and not settling because we deserve to give ourselves at least that much. It’s hard so baby steps. Love this post and yesterday’s post which I’m so glad you shared.

    1. Making it count, taking baby steps. Yes!! I love what you say there too and I am so glad you can relate to both of these!!

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