My 6-month run challenge: weeks 9 and 10 (on concessions)

**A love note to Friday: you didn’t come soon enough, I clawed and crawled my way towards it, and now that you are here, I love you.**

Dudes. I am BEAT. Like, completely exhausted. This week did a number on me and that love note I just wrote (as dorky as it is) is absolutely true. I clawed and crawled my way towards today and now that it is here, I could probably cry tears of joy. Orrr pray for a nap πŸ˜‰

Although I got a few good runs in this week while on my trip (and being told by the entire company that I kick ass on the treadmill. Hehe. Clearly I am not over that one yet!), I woke up today and could not fathom trying to get my longer run in (7 miles). I reset the alarm clock for 7 and thought I would do a shorter spin workout. Alarm went off. My eyes barely cracked open. Nope. Not happening. My body was almost quite literally telling me no. So, it’s a two day rest day week for me, and that’s okay.

Because sometimes you gotta make concessions for your body. And listen to it. And the past two weeks of this run challenge, I have done just that. I’ve adjusted, I’ve tweaked. And two weeks in a row, I skipped my long run.

Sure, I could beat myself up over it. Sure, I could worry that I am sliding back from my goals of this challenge. But I honestly feel the opposite. Because my ‘maintenance’ and recovery runs have been 6 miles the last two weeks. And my interval runs have been nothing short of killer (in a good way), to the point that hitting the 5 mile mark was almost impossible (I call that success!).

So while I did not hit my long run goals during the last two weeks of this challenge, I hit other goals. I remained consistent in my other runs, even when traveling (which to me, is huge). And I think the added rest will do my body good, and I will be ready to tackle that long run next week, and hopefully outside, to boot.

I hope this doesn’t sound like a ramble or that I am making excuses or, on the other end of the spectrum, that I am working my body too hard, because I am not. I always rest at least once a week and there are weeks where I need two. This routine just works for me. We are all different and we all know our bodies limits. Today, my body screamed its limits to me.

So it’s a concession I am more than willing to make.


On that note, friends, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Mine will be filled with a weekend in Boston with my love, and my sister Jess and brother in law, fancy-ing it up in style, as well as with my friend Steph and husband. This weekend’s plans have also gotten me through this week, and I cannot wait to celebrate (life, new beginnings, happiness…there’s always a reason to celebrate…especially if the Pats win on Sunday!!). Cheers!


26 thoughts on “My 6-month run challenge: weeks 9 and 10 (on concessions)

  1. I am with you on this one…I’m so thankful that it’s Friday. Work won’t get the “best” of me today – I’m tapped.

    I don’t think it sounds like you are not making excuses at all. You killed it this week (and the weeks before). Sometimes the best medicine is rest, a hug, a smile, and a glass of wine πŸ™‚ Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Totally tapped. Great way of thinking about it. not allowing it to do that! I am just catching up and taking it easy myself! The best medicine – rest, hug, smile, wine. ABSOFRICKINLUTELY!

  2. Sometimes, you need to be flexible about your workout routine, and it sounds like you’re doing an excellent job of listening to your bod! Have a an awesome weekend. Getting fancy sounds fun!

    1. Flexible. Yes. I am still learning to do that more, and I think the last two weeks are a testament to learning how! Hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. These are NOT excuses sis – you are practicing what you preach: you are listening to your body and maintaining good balance all while killing your runchallenge if I do say so myself. I’ve never seen you run stronger, seriously! So awesome!

    and um hi – WHEN the Pats win, not IF. What kinda fan are you, anyway?? πŸ˜‰

    1. You’re right sis. Thanks for talking me down about this earlier too. I needed it. And just focusing on getting a sweat on this week for as much as I did and focusing on next week as renewal πŸ™‚ (and yes, WHEN the Pats win!)

  4. Nothing wrong with an extra rest day now and then. I used to be psycho about working out every day of my life. Well …guess what I work out 5 days a week now and I’m in better shape and I get to look forward to sleeping in (well as much as sleeping in w/ a baby is possible) a few days a week. πŸ™‚

    Have fun this weekend!!! Hope you’re celebrating something fun! XOXO

    1. It’s all about working SMARTER and not HARDER. You just reminded me of just that. And that makes 5 days a week perfect, so long as those are smart workouts, right? Vs. 6 or 7 days where they aren’t all the greatest, because you’re dead tired! You look amazing, btw, and you are doing just so awesome!

  5. I am all about listening to my body. I make plans to run at the gym, and I’ve found that it’s really hard for me to wake up at 5 am 2 days in a row and get a run in. So I shoot for every other day. On the other hand, today, on my day off, I totally woke up on my own around 6:00 am and my first thought was “I should go for a run outside!” I did, and it was HARD but I did it! still have NO clue how I’m going to do 13.1 miles (I only did 3 today and I was pushing hard!)

    1. That’s a great point – if you know yourself and your habits, adjust your habits to that…just as you did with the runs. I am glad you are sticking to it, you are going to be great for your half, I promise!

  6. Taking a break sometimes really does help. I skipped my 3 mile run on Thursday night and when I did one today, I felt really good. I’m sure I wouldn’t have felt as good if I had made myself do the other (I was really tired.)

    1. That is another great point, so true. Why half ass a run just to do it, if you can have a better run the day you feel way more fresh for it! I agree.

  7. I’ve gotten myself into quite a bit of trouble by not listening to my body in the past. I think as long as **you** don’t see it as an excuse (rather, it’s about looking after yourself) that’s all that really matters. **You’d** know if you were making excuses, and you’re obviously not πŸ™‚

    1. That’s true. I didn’t feel like I was making excuses, and after all was said and done, the extra day off didn’t kill me, now, did it? Had I tried to run, it may have just been a bad experience and a bad run sticks with you far longer than just taking a needed rest day if you ask me!

  8. You and I both know that I am pretty familiar with the need for rest days when it comes to what our bodies tell us. Despite my raging urge to workout nonstop, the past week has been filled with lots of rest. I think that you’ve really rocked your challenge…especially since there was a business trip in the middle of it all. I find it hardest to stick to routine when I’m traveling…everything is thrown off schedule. Working through it, even if it meant taking an extra rest day, means you overcame. You should be proud. (And I admire you and Jess for your undying strength.)

    1. Undying strength…thank you friend, I am touched, as usual, by your comments! And you are right, the rest days do seriously help you regain the motivation to workout again when you can, right?? I bet you are so ready for it now, and refreshed and ready to go. Those forced rests sometimes have a funny way of doing that hmm? πŸ™‚

  9. So jealous that you’re still able to run. I miss it already. 😦

    Funny how I never enjoyed running and right when I started to really dig it, my body said No. Oh well, apparently I’m meant to heal and get stronger in other ways! πŸ™‚

    Glad you got a chance to rest!

    1. I am so sorry that you can’t! I fully appreciate that I can, even if it’s not always the planned run I want that I do. I hope you recover soon!!

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