Breathing it all in.

I am one day away from the end of my second sales conference at my job and I have so many thoughts to share…on progress, and how different I feel here this year vs. last, and feeling part of a team, and realizing that I do indeed have some friends, and am making an impact in my job. Finally.

But for now, on the short break I *finally* get from the chaos, I wanted to just share some pictures I’ve been capturing. This hotel is freaking amazing. I have a living room, two bathrooms, two patios, a shower. a tub. Need I go on?? It feels utterly ridiculous that I sit here in this huge ass room, alone. And that I can’t share it with M, or my family, or friends, but what I can at least do is enjoy it. Breathe it in.

So here are a few pictures of my week so far…enjoy.

snapped on the morning of my first day, this is the view from my room. Unreal, like whoa.
I captured this on the walk back from the hotel gym, which is also incredible, facing the pool, overlooking the water.
This, my friends, is the view from the 'mill. Open air, sliders open, breathing in fresh, mild air. Can't wait to share the story that goes along with this morning's run. (tomorrow!)
I just snapped this one, from the lobby patio, on my break, finally, after 2 days of nonstop back to back peoplepeoplepeoplemeetingsmeetingsmeetings. bliss!

I’ll take more pictures and post some in my post that I am planning to write tomorrow, as I sit at the Vegas airport during my two hour layover before my red-eye (gag…flight from Long Beach, to Vegas, two hour layover, and then home…arriving at 7:15 am on Thursday morning…light at the end of the tunnel!).

But for now, I plan to breathe it all in…and take a walk around the grounds and on the beach.

(and, wow, what a difference a year makes)






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