It’s Friday and I wanna be random.

I wrote one of these random posts awhile back and sometimes a cluster of random springs to mind and the content is so priceless and well, uh, random, I might as well write it down 😉 Here ya go…some randomness from me on this fabulous Friday!!


I would rather run a ‘milestone’ mileage than a random one. What do I mean? For example – 3 miles or 5 miles, but not 4. 4 feels like an odd number to run and 3 and 5 both feel like milestones for some reason (5K and 5 miler?) and 4 just sorta hangs out there. Even though 3 miles is less than 4, I feel more accomplished hitting that than 4, but of course, more accomplished if I hit 5. Weird, yes? But this is random for ya.

I literally have at least 4 lip glosses in my purse, plus two chapsticks (various flavors and brands), another lip gloss on my coffee table, bureau and desk (plus another chapstick). Any less than this amount and I panic.

I need food ‘backups.’ Well, and gum. Always need at least two packs of gum, 2 1/2 gallons of milk, 2 jars of peanut butter, 2 containers of oatmeal/steel cut oats, and at least two chobani yogurts at all times.

I used to like vacuuming, but now hate it. Odd for me, since like I said, I used to like it. Something about putting the cord back on the vacuum after. Just annoys me.

I must put at least three layers of chapstick on before I go to bed and if M kisses me goodnight *after* I put it on, I must reapply. And turn my fan on, no matter what season. I get hot (M is a human furnace, I’m convinced), and like the white noise.

I hate a messy sink. For example, if M feeds the cats, he uses a spoon (I however, use a knife…and don’t understand how any other utensil could work better. A spoon and food gets stuck in it, a fork, same thing, a knife? Clean cut – 1/2 for each cat!), and then sprays it with the faucet and cat food bits get all over the sink. Ick. See? Messy sink.

I refuse to uh, ‘release gas’ in front of anyone. And I mean anyone. I will hold it till the cows come home. I will hold it till I am miserable. Gimme a bathroom with a door and I’m good, but in any public domain, no.freaking.way.

I’m pretty sure I could eat peanut butter on toast for every meal of the day. Or cheese. Or oatmeal. Or pizza.

When I get sleepy and am laying on the couch, I do ‘feets’ as Jess playfully calls it, where I rub my feet together. I think we did that as children and that’s where it stems from, but she used to say ‘feets’ when I would do it on the many MANY a weekend I would crash with her and Scott as I adjusted to living alone when I was going through my divorce (side note: I loved those weekends so much sis, such fun memories. XO)

I almost always miss my kneecap when I shave my legs. Even though I shave them, I am convinced the hair just stays put. WTF?

I don’t like liver. Well, that’s not exactly true. I’ve never tried it but am convinced I would hate it.  (come on, that’s a fair point! Liver?!)

Sometimes I’d rather hand-wash my dirty dish than empty the clean dishes out of the dishwasher.

I am a terrible liar. I can’t do it, not even a white lie.

I firmly believe there is nothing worse than going to bed with a song stuck in your head…or going to bed hungry (OR waking up in the middle of the night ravenous, the worst!) 😉

I think that’s enough random for one post…quick! Tell me something random about YOU and enjoy every minute of this weekend, I know I plan to! Cheers, friends!


34 thoughts on “It’s Friday and I wanna be random.

  1. OMG too freaking funny. I’m just nodding yes on most of these! Always have the fan on at night. I think 70 degrees is cold until bedtime, then I could totally go for 60! I have 3 lip glosses, 1 lipstick, 1 chapstick in my purse right now. I’m definitely with you on backup foods. I’m a little OCD about it actually. I might not have any apples left, but I will have 2 jars of PB, 2 of each type of bean, 2 diced tomatoes, 2 artichokes…you get the idea. Same for freezer. And I am a terrible liar as well. It’s just written all over my face. Actually, pretty much an open book when it comes to facial expressions. I could never be a good card player.

    1. LOL! Thought you’d agree on some, if not most, of these!! I love your backup food items! I’d add diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, chicken stock and a variety of canned beans to my list too!! I would be a horrible card player too!

  2. I am practically CRYING I’m laughing so hard over here. I don’t even know where to begin with this post LOL

    The vaccuum cord – LOL! (I hate to vaccum too even though I love to clean. I also hate spelling the word ‘vaccuum’ as you can see I’ve spelled it wrong three times now)

    Remember the time you missed your ankle while shaving (like five million times because the hair was like an inch long) and noticed it while at the lake? LOL that was hilarious. But probably not so much now that I just put it out there for all to hear about here on this blog. Woops. What’s done is done. LOL

    AND – feets, I swear I started doing “feets” when I saw the mere mention of the phrase. See? I’m doing it again while writing this very comment. hehe

    Thanks for the giggles sis, needed it today!

      1. LOL! I love that you won’t put it away, I hate that part! I actually asked M to do it for me the other day! And feets! I love that you do that too, it is comforting!

  3. I like running 5 miles more than 4 or 3. It takes me like 3-4 miles to get into a run, so if I’m only doing that amount, the whole thing feels hard, but if I’m doing more, the rest seems easier if that makes any sense.

    jason and I totally fart in front of each other. i won’t do it in front of anyone else though.

    1. That’s a good point, it does take me awhile to get into my run too, so 5 feels great. I love that you fart in front of each other but nobody else! I’d prefer the opposite 😉

  4. I have the same chapstick/lip gloss/reapplying at bed problem. You know how I feel about farting-LET IT GO. I also feel the same on the cord with the vaccuum thing, I’m not sure what it is about that. I could also eat peanut butter and toast everyday but I need a bit of butter on it first. Love it.

    1. It’s a total reapplication problem isn’t it? follow the steps – kiss goodnight, THEN apply/reapply chapstick!! Love that the vacuum is a common one for people lol

  5. Ha! Love it! Too hilarious! Isn’t it funny the things we do? I’m not sure I could be objective enough to point out the random things I do. I’ve been the only adult in my house for far too long!

    1. LOL! Well you’d be surprised at what comes to you randomly…I literally thought of these all clustered together yesterday and figured it’d make a fun post 😉

    1. Haha! That is awesome! Funny how the random things – or that seem random – are ones many share as ‘things’ they do or like or don’t like! Random mileage…that’s exactly what it is!

    1. Haha! I am glad you loved this too! Secretly love 4 miles, that’s funny! I dunno why, I steer clear of 4 for 3 or 5 if that’s my goal that day!

  6. HAha this is awesome!! I related with you on so many things…especially the freaking vacuum cord and a messy sink. Oh I ALWAYS have to have one container of almond milk in the fridge and one in the pantry. It’s a must.

    Love your blog. I will be back for sure.

    I’m having a giveaway over at my blog you might want to check out 🙂

  7. gaah, the man and the fan. (ugh, sorry for the rhyme.) he has to have it running all. damn. night. long. i need almost quiet to sleep, and the fan keeps me SO awake. when we have central air/heat, he won’t need the fan, he says. i am so hopeful he’s right…

  8. Girl, you are neurotic! No worries, we all are. I have my little things, that honestly I didn’t even realize until I started living with CB. Like my addiction to chapstick or my intense desire to listen to music at all times or the fact that I’ll only brush my teeth with hot water. I dunno. Still fun to think of all the things that makes you unique!

  9. Omg for peanut butter toast you must try oroweat (i think in some places its called Arnold) winter wheat bread toasted with jif on it. So. Good. It has sunflower seeds in the bread. Very nutty and wheat-y. Love it.

  10. OMG! This just totally made me laugh so hard.

    The hair on the knees for you is the same for me at the backs of my thighs close to the top near my bumm. I always always ALWAYS miss it even though I swear I went over it with the razor in both directions. Mother F.

    Random thing for me: I drink chocolate milk every day. If I don’t, I go nuts. Same with coffee, but that’s not all that original. Most peeps are coffee fiends. I’m a coffee nut like the rest of them. But unlike the rest of them, I drink chocolate milk as much as my one year old does.

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