My 6-month Run Challenge: Week 7 (in bullets)

Happy Friday, friends! Well, it’s been quite the week, with my first work trip of 2012, and I honestly wasn’t sure how my run challenge week would play out.  But, I am proud to say that despite some challenges, I am getting ‘er done this week. So, without further ado, my run challenge week 7 in bullets:

  • I got in 3 of my 4 runs (with my 4th, recovery run planned tomorrow pre-barre n9ne!) done this week!
  • I *even* did my 7 mile ‘long’ run on the – groan – dreadmill today (my goal is to boost that to 7.5 next week…but only if I can manage to run it outside!). It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and I even upped my pace for half of the run to 6.4 (9:20ish pace!), which was huge for me. Who knew?
  • I had some weird knee pain that I alluded to in yesterday’s post, but it is now mysteriously non-existent. Honestly and truly! Gone. As if it was never in pain. No puffiness. No achiness. Nada. Didn’t even hinder my run. Guess those two off-running days was worth doing, huh?
  • I rocked 5 mile interval run on Monday before I left for my trip, and continued my ‘rolling intervals’ approach to it, 6.8 – 8.0 at two minute intervals each (with 60-90 second recovery in between).
  • I also did my spin workout 😉 Cross-train, baby!

Things I need to work on:

  • keeping up with at least one outdoor run per week. I am going to try and do my quick 3 tomorrow outside, but it is going to be arctic and I am feeling a wuss-out moment coming. I’ll just be upfront about that part 😉 But considering I have done at least 1-2 outdoor runs a week since I started the challenge, the fact that I may not hit that goal this week (partially given my travel week!) is okay with me.
  • increasing my pace when I run outdoors: this is something I definitely need advice on, friends. How do I keep increasing my pace when I run outside for my longer runs? I found that my pace was slower for last week’s long run than it is on the dreadmill, in large part because of course, the dreadmill does help boost you along just by nature of what it is (just a little). How do I not slide into ‘routine’ when I run outside? I guess this is my out-of-comfort zone area still rearing up. I am not sure how to keep my stamina going at a faster clip when I am outside, facing hills and different road conditions than a consistent flat treadmill offers me. Thoughts?

So, there you have it – a pretty good week, all things considered. I hope that once the mornings are lighter when I am traveling that I can run outside a lot when I am in California…because let’s face it, those runs will be a glorious change to bundled up cold runs here, right??

Now it’s your turn…report back! What did you do this week? Anyone doing my run challenge care to report back? ;-)

**asslap to everyone adding some sweat to their lives, no matter what form it comes in…yoga, running, walking, swimming, kickboxing, barre, you name it, it counts ;-) **

Have a wonderful weekend, friends, I am thoroughly looking forward to catching up on sleep, seeing friends, M, and family, and just being home


17 thoughts on “My 6-month Run Challenge: Week 7 (in bullets)

  1. Everything that I’ve read says your longer runs are supposed to be slower. I think if you keep working on speed for the shorter ones, the longer ones will naturally get faster.

    I still think you should come down here in March. We run at similar paces.

    1. I do agree on longer runs being slower, but for me, when I run outside, I think I run slower, generally, anyway. So I do want to work on it. As for March, I do agree, we run the same, and it is on my ‘maybe’ list 😉

  2. NICE JOB sis!!
    Under the “things to work on” section – I’d add: building your confidence as a runner and OWNING that fact. No more self-deprecation allowed. You’re a runner through an through, racking up great mileage too, I might add. Don’t knock yourself, mmk?

    Also – we ARE running together tomorrow morning, put on those big girl panties and we’ll get ‘er done together. NO WUSSING OUT ALLOWED. How’s that for tough love 😉

    1. I would actually say my confidence isn’t too bad right now, to be honest. But agree, it can always get better, too. As for tomorrow, we’ll see 😉

  3. Well done!!!!! Especially since you travelled during the middle of it all!! You are kicking serious booty. And I”m happy to hear that your knee issues are gone. I swear that the plane does crazy thinkgs to our bodies!

    I LOVE spin. Once I’m back from travelling the next few weeks I think I”m going to check out Recyle Studio in the South End. I’m curious to see what makes it so different from a regular spin class at a gym.

    1. Thanks girl! I am so glad I fit in all of my runs this week! I am slightly impressed with that myself hehe 😉 I love spin too, but only once a week is perfect for me, or else I get sick of it! Curious what you thin of Recycle Studio! I haven’t heard of it?

  4. I think tempo runs and fartleks are the things that helped me most to up my pace outdoors. It really does get uncomfortable but I try to remember that holding it in the discomfort for at least a few minutes is what will make that uncomfortable comfortable down the line. You can do it!

    1. See, I gotta figure out tempo runs more to see how I do with them outside. HATE fartleks but should do more of those too. dammit. 😉 Thank you!!

  5. So proud of you for stickin’ to it! Go jobo!!

    I’ve been taking it easy, really. Running here and there… cycling here.. not really there… Been too focused on other things.

    Time to get back to it. Thank you for your inspiration! I have a 10K to train for!

    1. Thanks T! Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ve had a lot on your plate lately! And I trust that you will get back to it whenever you can 🙂

  6. I can’t stand long treadmill runs. If I can’t be outside I get very bored very quickly. I’m with the others on not pushing your long runs. They are more for stamina building and the short ones are for speed building. As time goes by and as you push your shorter runs into longer ones everything increases. My hat’s off to you. I’m happy with 3 miles 3-4 days a week for me.

  7. I’m soooo behind on blog reading…

    Great progress! I’m so envious that you are able to run on the treadmill. I really need to try doing that again.

    As for outdoor running and picking up the pace, you might want to try doing some speed work on a track – it’ll kill 2 birds with 1 stone! If you want some speed workouts, let me know.

    Be careful with your knee – often knee aches are related to IT bands, so might be something you want to keep an eye on.

    1. Thanks girl! A track is an AWESOME idea, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that – LOL. Now just to find one near my house and one that is un-snowy! I’d love some track ideas!

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