Things I’ve learned this week.

As fast as this week has been, traveling and such, it’s been damn long. I’m just going to cut right to the chase. Things I’ve learned this week.

I’m so damn rusty at traveling. How is that even possible? I know I haven’t traveled for work for several months, but dude, I’m tired. Time change this trip was a doozy. Felt hungry all the time (3 hours is a mind-blowing time difference food-wise IMHO…when you get to work, it’s practically lunchtime and you haven’t even had breakfast yet. Fail.). Days felt super long since I was wide awake at 4:30 am PT but out the door for work by 6:30 and not back to my hotel until 9 pm PT.

It’s winter. Steer clear of layovers in ‘red flag’ stops  – Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver. You get the gist. Where is was my layover on the way home today? CHICAGO. Where is there a big ass storm going through today? CHICAGO. Panicky me moved my flight last night to 6:45 am departure (vs. 8:15) through Dallas instead (when I booked, the Dallas layover was 30 mins, so I didn’t book it and gambled on Chicago given the mild winter we’ve had so far…bad idea!). Whew. Wish me luck (but refer to the ‘I’m tired’ statement, another 4:30 am wakeup today).

I’m not good at being injured. When I woke up on Tuesday after my long-ass flight on Monday night, the back of my right knee was swollen and achy. I immediately thought blood clot because hey, that’s how my mind rolls…let’s think of the *worst* thing it could be. I decided to run (hit 5 miles, but fought for it) and the knee didn’t hurt more but didn’t hurt less either. Then I had a scheduled ‘barre date’ with Erika at Pure Barre after work and even though the knee hurt, I went. (side note: Pure Barre is pretty good, but still not as good, as intense as barre n9ne…just saying). Woke up with continued knee pain yesterday and did not run (my first smart move, look at me! LOL). Long story short, I woke up today and it feels better. Perhaps I can run tomorrow. (again, refer to my statement ‘I’m not good at being injured!).

I was social with co-workers! I’m learning to branch out. To be more chatty. Less ‘business’ all the time. It felt good. I’m working on that resolution like I said I would. I went to lunch with a friend on Tuesday (that was *not* my boss hehe). I convinced another to come to Pure Barre on Tuesday night, too. It may sound small, but these things are tough for me. Chatting people up in the hallways etc. So I’m learning. Right? Go me! 😉

So, while it has been an extremely long week, filled with un-routine and ‘uncomfortable zones,’ I’m making it to the other end and I feel pretty good. It gives me hope that my next trip in a few weeks will go smoothly, even if the days are long and the nights are longer. But I’m not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to my bed, my man, my kitties and my workouts 😉


18 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned this week.

  1. I find it funny that Denver is a “red zone” 🙂 Also? I never even thought about layovers in the winter in places like that…good point.

    Glad your knee is feeling better! Smart to rest versus push it and potentially make it worse!

  2. it *was* on your sister’s advice (and mild bitch slap via email) that got you to take the rest vs. pushing it on a bum knee, mmm hmm? Can I at least get some credit for that – especially since I know how it is to be injured and how HARD it is to listen to your body??

    Aside from that, very very proud of you for conquering some big rocks this week and sticking to your goals for this trip. I knew you would do great! And um, pretty sure I’ll have a VERY similar post like this one coming up next week when I’m traveling and you’re the one at home! SO weird to be on parallel paths again!

    1. Yes, your bitch slap helped, thank you 😉 And thank you for your support and motivation to conquer some of my fears! I love our parallel paths!

  3. I totally get what you mean about being rusty…my trip this week really took a toll on me and I didn’t even have a big time difference to deal with. Jet lag always kills me. I’ll be experiencing that while I’m out in Cali the week of the 23rd. There should be a magic jet lag pill.

    I’m glad that your knee is feeling better. I won’t begin to imagine what it is, but rest, ice & compression are always good. I had to lie down on my back with my legs up a wall for 1/2 hour last night because I was so swollen. But that’s normal for me after flying.

    So funny that we had similar Barre experience with new studios. Makes us appreciate what we have even more!!!

    Good luck with your connection in Chicago today!!! Safe travels.

    1. Total jet lag. Totally not ready for the long-ass days, but I got through it, and so did you! And still had fun while I was at it! And it was weird that we both had similar ‘meh’ barre experiences!!

  4. Haha, I just wrote a post with the exact same title! Great minds think alike.

    I’m probably too social with co-workers. I mean, not that I have any right now, but when I did!

    1. Total red zone areas!! And 3 hours doesn’t sound like much, but it totally just messes with my meals and my stomach. Chronic hunger – me no like 😉

    1. It was hurting a lot for two days, it was so weird. It is much better now thankfully. The time change isn’t so painful in terms of being tired (somewhat, but not terrible), it’s meals! I am hungry at the wrong hours and then hungry later in the day than I would be, etc. So that part has been a challenge.

  5. I’m glad your knee feels better. I’m not good at being injured either. I get that, girl.

    And yes, travel from one coast to another simply HAS to be exhausting! Dang!

    Enjoy your time back home! Rest up!

    1. It is exhausting. I slept like a rock last night and was so glad to be in M’s arms. I am going to make a mental note to find a longer layover in Dallas next time though 🙂

  6. Take care of yourself! Don’t want that knee of yours getting seriously hurt. Hope you’re able to transition back into the travel thing soon. I know that was a really cool thing you conquered last year!

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