(almost) wordless weekend (in pictures).

Ever have one of those weekends that is a blank slate? Completely unplanned and yet, everything is just so perfect? This is one of those weekends. Couldn’t have happened at a better time…the day before my first work trip of 2012.

So, I capture it here, an (almost) wordless weekend (in pictures).

Friday night peace...glass of wine, fire going, kitty bellies in the air 😉
A near-perfect 7 mile run with M on Saturday. 50 degree weather and 60 by mid-day. Bliss.
A dinner of simplicity - homemade Greek salads with shrimp, and cheese and olives for an app...
...followed by one of our stockpiled wine country picks (Dry Creek Vineyards Meritage. De-lish)....
Random Target purchase of the day - the Game of LIFE! This was seriously a blast to play...another game on tap for this evening 😉
Sunday reading as M watches football...more bliss...
One sleepy kitty by my head (literally, she is laying right by my head as I read)
Another sleepy kitty curled up on the bed...


...and two happily content people, sapping every minute out of this weekend together ❤

‘Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today…” words I read in my book today and one of my favorite quotes.

Sit. Be. Enjoy the rest of your weekends, friends. I know I will be.

29 thoughts on “(almost) wordless weekend (in pictures).

    1. So far, I am liking the book, but am wary of it being sad since it’s about a sister who is trying to find her missing 8-month pregnant sister in the UK. Told from her perspective as she tries to find her. But I do really like it!

  1. Looks like a great weekend my dear. So happy you guys were able to get in a good run too! And so funny on the Life game. every once in a while we’ll bust out ours, or Sorry LOL. Yep, still have several old board games from childhood.

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