2011: a retrospective (part I)

Taking a cue from Scribblings of a Soccer Mom, I thought it would be great to wrap up 2011 with a snapshot of the year that was, month by month. Beyond being a good way for me to look back at the year and the ups and downs, it’s also a fun way to catch up on old posts (if you are new to reading!) and as for me, I always enjoy reading through old posts in my journey!

2011: a retrospective (part I – because putting all of this into one post would make this ridiculously longer than it already is!)


I started my new job, and the first month was an utter whirlwind. I traveled 3,000 miles to start my first day of work and while it was the scariest feeling in the world, it was also the most exhilerating. I am DOING this. I am diving in and not looking back. And dive in I did. I faced the company sales conference (which I’ll face again in about a month, this time in Laguna Beach…oh twist my arm…), which was the most out of my comfort zone I’ve ever been. But I stuck it out, and got to run alongside Pacific Coast Highway on my right, and the beach on my left, in 80 degree weather. Not too shabby. It was also the month I started the Core Fusion Challenge. (honestly, if I thought that was going to change me…it has NOTHING on the barre n9ne challenge I had no idea would change me in so many ways, forever!)

M and I were still relatively fresh into our relationship and adjusting to my traveling for work, while a challenge, was not impossible. M ‘got’ me then and ‘gets’ me even more every single day. His patience and willingless to compromise always ceases to amaze me. (side note, I just read the tail-end of this post and the phrase ‘my hands aren’t scissors’ still cracks me up!)


My travel schedule for work continued heavily in February (and March, for that matter) and I even had to face carting around the CEO of my company for a day of meetings in San Francisco. Pressure, much? But I did it, and that’s all that matters!! I got homesick during both of these trips, but I tried my best to keep busy, explore the area, and meet up with fabulous bloggy friends (Erika and Misty!).

I think February was one of the more pivotal months for my relationship with M as well. We had to adjust to the constant work travel, meaning communicating was (and still is!) more important than ever. We’d skype. We’d text. We’d talk. And I’d so look forward to him meeting me at the gate at the airport, smiling face, no matter how late at night it was. And during our first Valentine’s weekend together, when he uttered these words, I’ll never forget that feeling. Ever. I too love him more than I’ve ever loved anyone.(and here is yet another hilarious post about our random conversations – hehe)


We went to Jamaica (with my sister and Scott and a couple of friends), and had a blast. However, it came with the added stress and panic that my boss went on maternity leave unexpectedly two weeks early…the day before my trip! I thought I would be asked to cancel my trip, but thankfully, I was not. But I did worry about it while I was away, I am not going to lie. Things went okay on the work front while I was gone, but March touched off three months of flying solo at work and dealing with a lot of navigating completely foreign waters. I think this was one of the most pivotal times for me in my job this year, by far. March was also the month that my body and self-image issues really took a divebomb and now, looking back at the pictures from that trip to Jamaica, I can see why. I definitely had gained some weight since meeting M (ah, the perils of dating and eating out!), traveling (again, eating out, no routine etc) and I just wasn’t seeing it yet…but I would…

(another gem of a fun post about M. I keep finding these, forgetting I wrote them!)


I struggled a lot with my job in April. Because I was constantly compared to my boss. Because I was constantly reminded that I am not her. That I am still learning. It was a tough month for me, but as I said, probably one where I learned the most and grew the most. And I ‘only’ had to travel once in April (vs. twice a month for Jan – Mar!). March was when I started my throwbacks series, talking about my Nonna, my marriage and divorce, and the story of M. Still one of my favorite series.


I’d call May the most significant month for me of 2011…at work and on my personal journey. Why? Because for as invalidated as I felt sometimes at work, I was also given the biggest compliment I could have ever received during a really stressful time period (a huge product launch) where my interim boss said I never skipped a beat and it was as if my boss was there the entire time. It was a compliment I really needed to hear, but dammit, I earned it. And second? May was the month that kicked off the barre n9ne challenge, something I feel was the biggest blessing for me and my sister this year. Meeting Tanya and facing my body image issues and struggles head-on and committing to something I never thought was even possible…well, that in itself is just incredible. And sitting here today, seeing how far we’ve both come since that point? I have no words. I am speechless.

(another fun post about my conversations with M – hehe)


The barre n9ne challenge was in full force this month. I worked hard. I ran. I took 4-5 barre n9ne classes per week. I adjusted to my caloric ‘number’ and logging my daily eats. And I realized that food is fuel…and that my emotional attachment to it was slowly dwindling. June was an intense month but I loved every minute of it. It also kicked off a flurry of summer fun, beach, Maine, anything to do with the sun and I was there. June was also the first month I did not travel for work. And little did I know I would not travel for work again until September. (my boss also returned to work from maternity leave – hooray!) I also traveled to NYC to see one of my closest (divorced) friends get married…to her penguin. It was an absolutely stunning weekend.

Part II to come tomorrow…I hope you’ve enjoyed my little retrospective!

And now it’s your turn…tell me about a time this year that was completely pivotal for you. Was it a physical challenge? New job? Did you move? What shaped 2011 for you?


25 thoughts on “2011: a retrospective (part I)

  1. I’ll have a recap post on my blog too. i am excited to start doing barre again soon.

    i am happy you did the barre challenge because you got me doing it too!! and you are a rock star at work–that compliment was proof.

    1. I am excited you are loving it too!!! It’s awesome to experience it together, yet afar 😉 And thank you so much for all of your support this year! Meeting up when I was traveling so much was SUCH a godsend, you don’t even know:-) XOXO

  2. Let’s see… I started off as a newlywed…so that was fun. But so many other things…the heart attack, my parents’ divorce, cancer…graduating college…celebrating 1 year of marriage…my besties being here. It was a crazy year to be sure…but I don’t have the memory you do! You had a great year…overcame so many challenges and insecurities. Amazing woman you are! Happy 2012!

    1. You’ve had QUITE a year, my friend. So much good, intermixed with some sad and tragic. But you are coming out strong ending out the year and 2012 will be epic for you, I just got a feeling. And thank you so much for your compliment and support! always!

  3. I love your recap…your year was a total whirlwind. I can see your transformation in your words and as the months progress!

    For me, my pivotal moment in 2011 all revolved around my ability to stay positive. And my ability to lean on my husband & know he is there for me for better or for worse.

    1. It was SUCH a whirlwind!! The first half, especially, work-wise. Reading through it all really made me realize that even more! Thank you! And for you, I am so glad you’ve stayed positive this year! it truly is very hard to do. And to have such a support system in your husband is awesome!

  4. LOVE this series sis – just reviewing your year in these little snippets month-by-month and it’s incredible just how far you’ve come in a year. As I sit here about to embark on a new job, following a pretty similar path as you – I am nervous. Afraid. But then I read your posts on how much you learned, how much you changed? And it gives me all the confidence I need to knock it outta the park come January 9th. 🙂

    1. Thank you sis! And I am so thrilled that you get an opportunity to learn so much as you start your new job…it will be tough, but the end result is so so SO worth it. You will rock 2012 🙂

  5. This is what is so cool about having a blog – you have a recap right at your fingertips. It can be so fun to go back and re-read things. Sometimes you might not even think of something as having been terribly significant until you go back to posts and realize how much it affected you or how far you’ve come since that time.

    1. It’s the best! To be able to look back and uncover stuff and remember stuff I had even forgotten! I am glad I am doing this little retrospective 🙂

  6. Jason and I have been talking about 2011. We had so much going on in 2010 (wedding, new house, new job) that it really feels like absolutely nothing big happened in 2011. I mean, except for me losing the job that I got in 2010.

    While that sounds sort of depressing, it gives me a lot of hope that 2012 will be a great year.

  7. It was so fun meeting you too!

    I think the most pivotal moments of this year took place after my attempt to buy a house. For whatever reason that whole experience seems to have bonded S and I closer together. It was after the highs and lows during that time, and my subsequent decision to put the idea on the back-burner for the time being, that S asked me to move in with him. At the same time, I finally found that moment like you described as no longer waiting for the other shoe to drop–that moment where I finally felt fully secure in our relationship. That didn’t really occur *because of him asking me to move in, but they all seemed to happen at the same time. Clearly, something between the two of us clicked and we both felt like we were ready to progress our relationship further.

    It has been an awesome year!

  8. Remember how I said I hadn’t started reading your blog until later in the year? (Like, May/June?) Well, I went back and read some. LOVED the links you included…and I have to say, I love reading about you and M. You know how it feels to real a really great, not-so-cheesy book? One with a realistic, genuine love? (Or a movie like that?) That’s what it’s like reading your posts. Like the post on when M asked you what you’d say if he asked you to marry him. And the one where asked about being scared if he told he’d never loved anyone the way he loves you. When moments like those happen in life…I get goosebumps. And really sappy. Hehe.

    1. awwww! Thank you for doing that! That is so sweet of you to go back through. I liked reading some of your posts from your highlights post! You are an incredible writer, just saying:) And I am glad you loved reading the posts about M. Those are by far, some of my favorites 🙂 XOXO

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