On Christmas and ((normalcy))

Hi friends! I hope you all had wonderful times with your families for Christmas or whatever holiday you may celebrate! From the posts I have seen (tried to catch up on a few after being intentionally MIA for a few days myself!), it looks like everyone has been embracing their families, friends, and celebration!

For me? This was probably one of the best Christmases that I can possibly remember. I honestly can’t put into words just how wonderful it was to…

…wake up next to M on Christmas morning, bounding out of bed like a 7 year old at 7 am (even though we had a late night the night prior at his parents’ house!), excited to exchange gifts, listen to music and sit by the fire before the hustle and bustle began.

…spend not one, but TWO days with my beautiful niece Isabel and my two sisters (and like, four days straight with Jess, hehe!). We honestly haven’t spent that much time together over Christmas in I don’t know how many years.

…go food log-less. Yes, I know, you are probably shocked. But the best part about it? I didn’t overeat, but I enjoyed, just the same.

…spend some much-needed down-time between four parties in three days. This was probably my favorite part of the holidays. Home. Quiet. Fireplace. Silence.

…realize, for the first time, that this apartment with M is the first place I have ever truly felt like was home. Our home. When I was married, for some reason, our house never felt like home. But it struck me this weekend…this. is my home. And I LOVE that feeling.

But, while I enjoyed every.single.minute of the holidays, one thing I absolutely crave after a whirlwind of parties, food, family and well, lack of routine?


((normalcy)) <–that’s me, hugging it out with normalcy. I know, just in case you didn’t ‘get’ it. (heehee)

I think the holidays are one of the best times of the year, don’t get me wrong. The crescendo leading up to the holidays is honestly, almost more fun than the actual day, in some cases. And it’s that crescendo that comes crashing down in a whirlwind of chaos that sometimes gets me. It can get so chaotic that it starts to suck the fun out of it. It’s happened to me in years past, and this year, I just wanted to make sure it didn’t, and that I enjoyed it. And that I did.

But today, what did I do? I cleaned. I tucked away gifts and organized. And re-embraced my food log. And ate more normally. And ran (outside! woohoo! WITH M, no less!).

…and even took down my tree.

And man, that sense of normalcy? Puts a huge-ass grin on my face.




32 thoughts on “On Christmas and ((normalcy))

  1. I totally agree about the crescendo – I seriously had MORE fun during our cookie baking party before Christmas Eve and at the end of the day at your place after visiting with dad yesterday than on the actual holidays, is that weird to say? I mean – I loved the holidays, and I loved hosting,but it is a lot of work when you come right down to it. So the before/after? I dig it. I’m also in love with normalcy and really glad to be back at it today even THOUGH I think we both did awesome in staying true to our workouts *and* to our healthy eating habits, with a coupla cookies and wine thrown in for good measure, of course. Asslap sis!!

    1. Right?? I had more fun in the ‘downtime’ moments than in the actual chaos of it all…but I guess that’s normal to an extent, too. And I am proud of us too, I think we did really well while not SO restrictive that we didn’t enjoy πŸ™‚

  2. yay normal! i’ll even give you a pass on one of my favorite word-dork hang-ups: normalcy v. normality. we have president warren g. harding to thank for adding “normalcy” to the language because he couldn’t say “normality” to save his soul. and because no one wanted to make the president look dumb (it was, clearly, a MUCH different time), everyone just ran with it.

    i was a history major. i am also OCD. does it show? πŸ™‚

    1. Ha! I actually never knew! thanks for that (honestly, I have plenty of those peeves, so to know I had the wrong word is actually helpful! LOL). History major? Wow, I still love you (Jk!!)

  3. Feeling at home is the best!!!! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed/are enjoying the holiday season!

    Normalcy hit me like a ton of bricks this morning with a 5:30AM wake up call for Core Fusion Cardio -loved the workout, hated the wakeup time πŸ™‚ Back to work is bittersweet! I miss my hubby and 10:30 workout time.

  4. I’m so glad to hear you had such a wonderful Christmas! It really is a joy to me to read about your life and all of the positive things you’re creating for yourself. πŸ™‚ And feeling “at home” at your home is so important, right? Yay for a home with M! Cheers to a fabulous 2012 for y’all. πŸ™‚

  5. I love how you put normalcy…how the crescendo leading up to the holiday is almost as fun as the actual day, because it really is! I mean, for me, we did Christmastown with the kids, a boat parade, Christmas light hunting, baking, seeing family, shopping…and lots of Christmas movie watching and carol singing. (Maddie sings every Christmas carol I know at 2. She’s amazing.) Christmas came and went really quickly…and to be honest, it shocks me. But now, I’m itching to take the decorations down. (Hi, I miss the sunshine coming through my living room window. The tree’s blocking it!) I love how clean and uncluttered the house seems when it’s all done. That comes Sunday for me. I kept everything up so that H could see it one last time when he got home from a business trip. πŸ˜‰

    So glad your Christmas was wonderful…and so sorry it took me forever to comment.

    1. No worries friend, ever, on commenting, or not. Seriously. And I think I almost love the crescendo leading up to Christmas more than the day. Ya know? And the aftermath, putting it all away! Love how clean and neat everything looks hehe! Sorta like you being able to see out the window again!

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