My 6-Month Run Challenge: Week 3

Week 3 of my run challenge is in the books! And honestly, with each week, I feel better and better and more excited at the progress.  My legs feel stronger and not as fatigued with the routine I’ve built around it. I am honestly already so glad I decided to do this because if I am feeling this good after three weeks, I can’t imagine how I’ll feel after three months, let alone 6!

This past week is when I realized just how much stretching is pretty crucial to my challenge and to running generally, for me. Because I have the world’s tightest hip flexors ever. No joke. They get downright achy after I run and when I’m sitting all day, and in barre n9ne classes, while we always stretch and the moves are definitely strengthening them further, I find that I need to stretch at least twice a day during the day. I realized this after embarking on one of my ‘maintenance/recovery’ type runs last week, where my legs just felt like lead and would.not.move. Every mile was awful, and I barely made it to 3 miles. Instead of trying for 5, I hung it up, and stretched. And stretched. And stretched some more (thanks for your tips, ladies! Ah the world of Twitter!). Because I had my interval run planned for the next day and I wanted to kill it. And I didn’t want to move it to a different day either (I am super stubborn when it comes to changing up my routine once I’ve set it in my mind. I know, I know, I should chill a little on that!).

And whatdya know? Wednesday came and I knocked out almost 6 miles of intervals!! I extended my ‘rolling intervals’ routine from last week, starting with 1.5 steady run, then starting at 6.5, I ran 1.5 mins, then recovered for 1 minute, all the way through 8.0. Holy fast at that last one. I actually had to hold onto the rails at one point, because I legit thought I’d fall off. And after all was said and done, I felt awesome after, and sweaty like whoa.

One thing I did not accomplish last week was an outdoor run. I was psyching myself up to get my 6.5 mile ‘long’ run done outside on Saturday, but given M was going to do his weight day, I didn’t want to run outside alone. I know, wusstastic. But I ended up having an awesome run inside, my longest dreadmill run to date, in fact! And I opted to listen to music (combo of David Guetta and LMFAO kept me pumped up! This week I shall add Jock Jams. Don’t judge.) and that totally made the miles fly.

This week, I have 1-2 outdoor runs planned and I will at LEAST do one outside. AT LEAST. I have Thursday and Friday off (off through January 3, actually!! Woo!) and have a rundate with my sis and friend Steph planned for Friday, which should be a great way to get that 6.5 mile ‘long’ run in again (will bump that to 7 miles next week. Good timing given aforementioned time off, and I can hopefully run outside at a later time of day when it warms up).

So, once again, what about you? What did you do this week for your own self-challenges? What worked? What didn’t?

**asslap to everyone adding some sweat to their lives, no matter what form it comes in…yoga, running, walking, swimming, kickboxing, barre, you name it, it counts ;-) **

I need to remember this anytime I tell myself I am not a 'runner'

26 thoughts on “My 6-Month Run Challenge: Week 3

  1. I don’t stretch enough….definitely need to make time for that!

    Also? Totally rocked Jock Jams during my basketball days! Loved those CDs! I need to revisit…Cotton Eyed Joe…

  2. I love how strong and confident you are sis, and just three weeks into this challenge! I can’t wait to run with you on Friday to see this new, stronger, runner in you come out! We’ll rock all 6.5 miles (and maybe I’ll trick you into running farther, shhh hehe). 😉

  3. only 3 weeks in, and kicking ass/taking names! Nice work! As this progresses, you’re going to continue to feel stronger AND more confident.. Nice work!! xoxo

  4. I have the tightest hip flexors, too! Especially the left one, no matter how much I stretch it’s always a little sore after I run. And if I don’t stretch at all it’s a mess! So stretching is a must when I’m running…………I’ve learned the hard way. 🙂
    Keep up the hard work. You’re doing awesome!

    1. Stretching is most definitely up a must!! I need to make sure I keep at it and be consistent, because I know it’ll just help! And thank you!! 🙂

  5. You my friend are a running rockstar!

    I love how much you’re learning by challenging yourself. You’re doing great, keep up the good work!

    Definitely stretch after every run, I need to practice what I preach. Shall we hold each other accountable in the stretch department?! My legs in general get super tight if I don’t keep up with it!

    Im so PROUD of how well you are doing and that you’re not letting a less than stellar run get you down.

    Now if only you’d get outside more 😉

    1. Aww, thank you friend! And for all of your support and advice etc. It’s really REALLY helped in all aspects!! and yes, let’s definitely keep each other accountable for stretching, we can dooooo it!! And yeah, I know I need to get outside more! I was telling M how much you like running cold temps, and he thinks you’re crazy too hehe 😉 in a good way!

  6. I LOVE to stretch. And I’m with you…I fell like a new person after I do it. I have a 3PM date with myself each day. I shut my office door and do 15 minutes of dynamic stretching and yoga!! LOVE IT!

    You are kicking serious booty with your running – very inspiring!!!

    1. That’s what I have been trying to do! 15 mins or so at 3 each day! (‘lunch’ on the west coast, when it’s quiet!). It does help!! And thank you 🙂

  7. Love, love, love that quote! I am a recent couch to 5k grad, and still struggle to consider myself a runner. I suppose it’s time to stop apologizing for how slow or new I am, and start owning it!

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