It’s Friday, let’s be random.

Lee wrote a fun post today on random facts and as I too have just a few things on my mind, not quite enough for a full post, I thought I’d do a random post as well, because sometimes, these posts offer the most insight into a person, ya know? So, here we go!

It has occurred to me that as deeply as I know M, one thing I do not know his ‘style’ in. Taste in jewelry. I decided for Christmas that one of the gifts I was going to get him is a cross for his chain as he mentioned in passing a few months ago that he wanted to get. Now that I’ve purchased it, I am *totally* stressing that he won’t like it, but won’t have the heart to tell me he doesn’t like it. Why? Because all he wears is that chain and a watch. Nothing to really compare style to, with that as my base! Of course, I have no basis for knowing whether he will or not, I just don’t KNOW, so I worry. Normal? Weird?

I hate cologne and perfume of any kind. That goes for scented candles and lotions. Except Bath & Body Works Country Apple lotion (and candles. And not even Winter Apple will do, JUST Country Apple, which isn’t even sold in stores anymore, just online. *rude*). ONLY this type of scent does not bother me. I am super sensitive to most perfumes and colognes and suspect I may have a slight allergy to them, as sometimes, I get a metallic taste in my mouth when I am near really pungent scents. However, M’s cologne (Polo Black) does not bother me. *whew*

I had ‘mall bangs’ for far too many years after they were no longer ‘cool.’ Ya know, bangs like this (take your pick, there are some HOT ones here!). Sexxxxy. NOT. Why didn’t I get the memo sooner, I have no idea. Same goes for ‘pegged pants.’ Does anyone even know what that *means* anymore?! Check out that awesome look…seriously, with sneakers, that is just atrocious. I at least wore bitch’ flats from Payless with a black tassle on the front. Yes, I do remember those very vividly! (sisters, do you know what I am talking about?!)

This, ladies and gents, would be pegged pants. Bitchin', like whoa.

Sometimes I confuse childhood memories and recall a story that happened to me…but it really happened to Jess. And vice versa. And we’ll both swear up and down it happened to me. For example, the pig dream. She knows what I am talking about. And that was so MY dream, not yours. Just sayin’.

I hate scary rides. Rollercoasters, stuff like that. Anytime I’ve been forced to go on them, I get scared, nauseous, and have even been known to cry. If you know what’s good for you, don’t force me onto scary rides. You’ll just get embarrassed at the scene I’ll make. Legit. (I don’t even like the FERRIS WHEEL anymore…it used to seem so relaxing, but the last time I was on one, going over ‘the edge’ and around, I seriously thought I was going to fall off. Heart dropping to stomach feeling. Ick. No thanks.)

I always sling my purse over the chair at my dining room table. I never noticed this before, but Jess pointed this one out. I have no idea why she thinks it is so weird, but apparently I’ve done this at every house or apartment I’ve ever lived in. Not that weird, at least not to me.

I am uber particular about how my work email inbox is organized. By the end of the day, I must not have a scroll bar in my inbox, because that means I have too many open items to take care of the next day (because my email is set up so that only thing that I owe something on or have a deadline attached to it are in my inbox. Everything else that is ‘done’ gets filed). My filing system is a science as well, folders for everything. Scarily organized. But it keeps me sane.

I hate scary movies (sensing a theme here, scary stuff?) and won’t watch them, not even with M. Anytime I do, I get really stressed, tense, and well, scared! What’s the fun in that?! Yet, as M pointed out, I LOVE the show Fringe. Super paranormal and weird, yet I just love it. But will only watch it during daylight hours…or with M (and it can’t be right before bed or I have weird dreams. Yes, I really am 32, not 14).

Speaking of movies, I hate the movie theater and have to be in the mood to watch a ‘thinking’ movie. M always wants to watch some sort of drama or action movie or – his freaking favorite for some reason – ‘The Road’ or ‘Book of Eli’ (for the bazillionth time, I might add!), and I just have to be in the mood for that type of movie to commit to it. And it can’t be halfway through either, if it’s on TV and I haven’t seen it before. I HATE that. M does that to me too (LOL). I prefer comedies and girlie movies that I can sorta zone out to. (as for movie theaters, they are dirty, cold and filled with people I don’t care to watch a movie with! And I can’t have a glass of wine!).

Welp, that’s about as random as you can get for a post, so have at it…BE RANDOM! Tell me something random about you or just have fun making fun of my randomness šŸ˜‰


Happy weekend friends! I am thrilled for the weekend ahead, filled with equal parts holiday-esque parties and downtime! Cheers!

34 thoughts on “It’s Friday, let’s be random.

  1. I am the opposite with movies. I always want to watch a “thinking movie” and have to be in the mood for a comedy.

    Also, I never could perfect the mall bangs, but I was always jealous of those who could. And I definitely used to peg my jeans, although I think I called it tight-rolling.

    1. LOL! I was proud of my mall bangs, what can I say? Prob why I had them so long – LOL! Peg, tight-rolling, yep, all one and the same hehe. what a bad trend! that and body suits!!

  2. LOL – love this random list. I had major mall bangs too – and totally rolled my jeans with 2 and 3 pairs of colored socks over the top. I hate scary rides too and movie theaters. I am not big on thinking movies unless I’m in the right mood. But, I do love scary movies.

  3. LOLOL that pig dream was MY DREAM not yours!! I can STILL see the outline of that pig in the hallway, for REALS!!!

    And yes, I remember those shoes too – and remember having to fight you on mall bangs and pegged pants, you thought I was so lame for getting out of both of those trends before you, but hello – can we at least admit I was right on that one and you were behind?? hahaha

    1. LOL! Then how come I remember it just as vividly?! šŸ˜‰ Yes, you were right, I was a fashion faux pas…but at least I didn’t have to wear the LAMB SWEATER! hahahah šŸ˜‰

    1. Fun, right? LOL! So funny that you also toss your purse over the chair at the dining table. I am not sure why that is weird. But Jess thinks it is šŸ˜‰

  4. Ugh, my Mom forced mall bangs on me when I was in 5th grade and because my hair was super SUPER short, the kids in my class made fun of me every single day and called me the chia-pet and would sing the jingle from those commercials in a very rude and taunting way. Thanks for reminding me of that nightmare. *shudders*

    Great post otherwise though. Since my blog is still so new, I’m nervous to just blab off randomness. I will soon though. Making a note in my “blog idea” book …

  5. hahah, the LAMB sweater….make Jess tell THAT story. it was one of my best parenting masterpieces, especially when it got on the front page of the newspaper. wait….don’t I have a copy of that around here somewhere?

    love your randomness, Jo!

    watch out for mall spritzers….I got the worst migraine of my LIFE when a woman at the entrance of Filene’s sprayed me with some godawful perfume and after smelling it wafting around me for several hours, I swore I was paralyzed on half my body as I lay on the couch with my head in a vise and colored lights exploding in my vision. I thought you were going to be motherless girls and you were only around five years old. thank goodness I realized I AM allergic to most perfumes and scents, except maybe lemon.

    1. LOLOL! Best parenting masterpieces!!! Absolutely agree mom, nothing can top that! That is a story we must share. SO funny about the paper…find the copy! haha!
      And yes, I hate those mall spritzers too, I always steer clear or don’t even enter those department stores from that entrance, I’ll find another way in šŸ˜‰ I think I remember when you had that bad perfume experience!!

      1. *ahem* there is NO need to share that lamb story!!! Although now I know mom has some huge blackmail potential sitting at home whenever she finds that newspaper clipping of me. Good grief!!! haha

  6. Ugh… the pants. I did that for way too long. We called them “chucked” instead of “pegged”. Either way, I was happy to have forgotten all about that until now.

    I’m with you on the roller coasters.

    And here’s a random thing about me: I don’t eat the ends of french fries. Unless I’m super hungry, in which case I will eat the pile of ends after all the middles have been devoured. šŸ™‚

    1. Chucked! That is so funny, I have not heard that one! And the ends of french fries…I don’t get it, so you eat the middle part and the ends are left to die on their own? šŸ˜‰ The best part, the crispy ends!

  7. My sister hates scents of all kinds too except for one pumpkin spice scent in Kohls. Otherwise it is scentless LED candles all the way for her:) Too funny!

  8. I’m not a big fan of perfumes either. I like some scents, but a lot of them give me a headache. I have to be super careful with those.

    And I didn’t get Chef Boy jewelry, but I’m scared he won’t like what I did get him…lots of clothes. He might start thinking I think his clothes are ugly!

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