My 6-month Run-Challenge: Progress – week 1

It’s been one week since I began my self-imposed 6-month run-challenge and I thought I’d share my thoughts on progress on the first week and initial thoughts. I also want to point out two fantastic posts on similar challenges…Alicia and Steph, I love your slant on your challenges (and check out how awesome Steph did in the barre n9ne 60-day challenge! She ROCKED IT!), and check in with everyone else doing similar challenges (missmitten, for one!)

First things first. Intervals. Suck.Β 

I still hate them (abhor is a more fitting word…). I am trying hard to embrace them because I KNOW they will help. I know they will help me run faster, stronger, and condition my breathing. But adjusting to this style of running is freaking hard. I want to quit the minute I speed up. The panic starts to rise in my chest as my breathing quickens and my chest tightens. The anxiety rises ever so slightly (something I’ve worked really hard to tamp down). And the minutes tick by so.freaking.slowly.

But enough drama and whambulancing. I did my one interval run. I didn’t like it, but I did it.

What else did I do?

I ran outside! CHECK! (alone, no less!)

And I hit 6 miles on the dreadmill for my ‘long’ run of the week. I fought for it, I won’t lie. I wanted to hop off at mile 3 when I knew I had 3 more to go. But I managed to get ‘er done in an hour. Not the best, but not the worst. And I felt awesome after. Hello run-high.

What did I NOT do?Β 

Cross-train. I couldn’t fit in my spinning workout without giving up my rest/active rest day. So I just simply didn’t do it. Instead, I started with cross-training yesterday, for kicking off week 2 of this challenge, in order to make sure I got it in. I also have at least one outdoor run planned (with M tomorrow morning – yay! He starts working 11-8 on Tuesdays, so we can run a little later, say, 8 am, so it’ll be warmer and lighter!), one possible ‘rundate’ planned with my sister and aiming for 6-6.5 miles as my long run this week. Not bad for week two, in tandem with 5-6 barre n9ne classes this week (lest I forget my obsession love for all things barre n9ne!!)

So far, I am loving how I set up this challenge. It’s a great mix for me, and I know that in the long run (er, no pun intended!!), it will help me increase my pace a bit, maintain longer runs in the winter and be a good ‘checks and balances’ for me as the winter wears on. The trick will be when I have two weeks of work travel planned for January. But I’ll approach that as we get closer πŸ˜‰

So…report back! What about you? What did you do this week for your own self-challenges? What worked? What didn’t?

**asslap to everyone adding some sweat to their lives, no matter what form it comes in…yoga, running, walking, swimming, kickboxing, barre, you name it, it counts ;-)**

25 thoughts on “My 6-month Run-Challenge: Progress – week 1

  1. You’re off to a great start if you ask me. I think it’s kind of funny how much you hate intervals. They are my saving grace for treadmill running. I sort of like them. But, I’m not exactly normal LOL. They are tough, but they will help you conquer your breathing panics I think. You’ll get used to what that feels like and get more comfortable with it (I hope). You’re legs will give out before your lungs explode even if it doesn’t feel that way πŸ˜‰

    1. I want to love intervals, I really do! I DO like that it makes the overall time go by fast, but the actual speed part of the intervals? DRAGS like whoa. I think it will be good for me, and I have to keep reminding myself of that so I don’t wuss out πŸ˜‰

      1. I have to agree with Heather here – I am surprised at how much you hate intervals too! I have them on tap for tomorrow and am excited for them! Makes the time fly but I always feel even MORE proud of myself for pushing through the pain during an interval run than during a steady-state run. I think once you allow your body to get used to that “feeling” during an interval push that you’ll realize it’s not panic or pain, but your body working at its hardest – and if you can harness that feeling and turn it into a sense of empowerment vs. anxiety? You’ll be ROCKING those intervals like nobody’s business!

  2. You are off to a kick butt start – well done!!!!

    I actually love intervals on the treadmill, especially if I’m doing anything longer than 30 minutes…it breaks everything up. I’ve tried putting the towel over the mill to hide the time, but I always peak πŸ™‚

    Seriously, our minds think the same way. I also have back to back weeks away in January and am already thinking about it. I guess it’s a different type of challenge to incorporate πŸ™‚ Seriously, there should be a pill that cures jet lag, a treadmill in every hotel room, a barre studio in every city, & all of my clients should want to go prior to our dinner to relieve stress. That would be the BEST πŸ™‚

    1. YES!! Well, which weeks are you traveling?? maybe we can be each others’ moral support! I am traveling Jan 9-12 and Jan 29-Feb 2. Ick. At least one of those weeks I have access to a barre studio, but the second week? Stuck in a hotel all week, no car, and NO GYM at the hotel – wtf. Gonna take some serious creativity! (and thank you for the kudos!)

      1. I’m traveling the week of the 16th and the week of the 23rd. And now I found out that i’ll be travelign Jan 11th-13th. ARGHHH. I guess this is what i get for 2 glorious months of virtually no travel.

        OMG, what hotel doesn’t have a gym these days? I ran into that a few years ago and decided to do something that I learned on “Biggest Loser”. I did jumping jacks and mountain climbers during commerical breaks. Then I packed a resistance band and did arms, glutes, hips, etc while I was watching the show. It’s a good, quick, 30 minute work out!

        1. Bummer on the back to back! I am traveling the opposite weeks of you, pretty much (except overlap on Jan 11-12). I like the BL idea, for sure. I am bringing a resistance band too! I just hope I can find a way to run outside that week, it’ll just be dark in the early AM when I need to go, hence my worry! What hotel doesn’t have a gym…especially the one I am going to, wicked nice! go figure.

  3. I ran on the treadmill at the gym the other day while watching the LSU-Georgia game. Because I was so into the game, I ran 2.5 miles in the time I normally run 1.5 miles! WOW! Note to self, huh? πŸ™‚

    I need to challenge myself more in the runs. I did get in a good swim though.

    Proud of you!

  4. yay for running! I have to admit, my running took a backburner since last Thursday, and now it’s so cold in the mornings, I’m trying to figure out my plan of attack for getting in my mileage every week. I’m not worried about the numbers, I just feel SO MUCH BETTER when I run 3-4 times/week. Takes some effort and good time management, right?? πŸ™‚

    1. Exactly! I feel so GOOD when I run!! That’s really my main reason for it too!! Effort and time management…yes, it’ll pay off πŸ™‚

  5. So I know I never joined the challenge (with finals, Christmas, and everything, my mind’s so spent, I haven’t had any chances to think about anything…), but I did do something I’ve never done before:

    used the hotel gym. πŸ™‚

    PS: Congrats on the interval run and beating the 3-mile voice that tells you to hop off!

    1. Um, girl, you are already doing LOTS of exercise, don’t knock it πŸ˜‰ Even though I know you want to go full force and run again! You will! I promise!! And barre, sure, that can count as cross training too, good point πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, so guess what. I was doing all wonderful, practicing yoga AND running on the beach every morning! So proud of mahself!

    Until one day my ankle started hurting. I don’t remember doing anything specific, but it got worse over about a three-day period. It’s since not worse, but still hurts and not really getting better… AUGH! SO now I am all laid up! Sucky sucky suckballs!

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