One year ago, I stepped on a plane…

…and flew 3,000 miles away for a job interview.

Something I never thought I had in me to do, let alone, to take a job that required a fair amount of travel, that took me completely out of my comfort zone in every possible way, and to land on the other side, a year later, fully accustomed to this ‘new normal’ far more than I ever thought possible.

From that day, that whirlwind fly-in-fly-out (less than 24 hours roundtrip. Can you say tired, much?!) trip, I have flown about 54,000 miles this year – 54,000!

I have learned so much just from my travels…all of which have been completely alone. Some of those moments?

figuring out airports, layovers, running from terminal to terminal and praying I don’t miss a flight or get delayed.

…on said delay, crying, feeling tired and alone, and praying that the de-icer works properly on a layover in Chicago (I remember that one vividly).

…learning to eat a meal by myself. Ok, so it was a drink at a wine bar! That still counts! I still have yet to master the art of dining sit-down style by myself though. I will, I promise.

… finding creative ways to fit in workouts (not to mention eat well!), finding running routes, coping with lack of said workout routine.

…meeting up with fabulous friends so I don’t feel so homesick. (honestly, this has been such a lifesaver, Erika! I have so enjoyed our dinners, ‘barre’ dates, sushi dates and runs! More, more, more!!)

And while I still have yet to conquer my ‘bucket list’ of things to do when I am traveling, isn’t that what the new year is for, too? (considering I have not one, but two trips in January to California, I guess I have plenty of opportunities to hit up that bucket list!).

To think…this is just a snapshot of learnings and coping from traveling…I can’t even put into words what I have learned professionally and personally (not to mention learning to cope with travel while also adjusting to a then-new relationship with M!). And quite honestly, I think it’s something I’ll do once I ‘revisit’ my first day on the job, January 2, 2011.

Taking opportunities that seem to be a leap of faith and determination are truly what shapes us, pushes us, and redefines us in so many ways. Thinking back to that day, December 2, 2010…I was so different, in so many ways. I am grateful for the opportunity this job has presented me, and proud of myself for taking the leap. Sometimes, it’s the confidence to take the leap itself that makes all the difference, isn’t it?

If you ever have the chance to take a leap…leap.

Cheers friends…I hope you have a fantastic weekend.


22 thoughts on “One year ago, I stepped on a plane…

    1. Thank you Robin! I thought I would hate the travel, and while sometimes it gets draining, having bigger breaks between trips really helps it not feel so bad! And I have learned SO MUCH!

  1. I LOVE the last line of this post: if you ever have a chance to take a leap…leap. So frickin’ true. Yet so many of us (myself included) are sometimes afraid to leap without looking, but honestly – the leap without looking thing is what GOT you to where you are today. A truly redefined YOU. A more confident, more capable, more experienced you. It was worth the leap. Clearly.

  2. Oh my gosh, I can totally relate to this being a fellow road warrior!!! I love your bucket list for work travel, I need to create one of those. I think there is so much to be said for taking a leap and busting out of one’s comfort zone…the BEST way to do that – see the country and/or world without the safety net of someone else being there wtih you!!! And the power of knowing you can do it!

    ps. I still haven’t conquered the dinner alone thing. Honestly, that’s something I’m OK with. I like getting takeout or room service, putting on my fluffy hotel robe (I really hope they clean them) and watching trashy TV while I drink my wine. I also love going to local gyms & parks…it’s fun people watching πŸ™‚

    1. Yay road warriors!!! It is a great way to see the country, even bits and pieces of it, and not having to pay for it either πŸ˜‰ I too prefer eating solo in my room, but it’s just something I want to do! Ya know?

  3. Doing things by myself is one of my big fears. I’m not someone who is confident about myself when I’m by myself let alone with others. But I’m going to try to go to at least one christmas party by myself this year. Small steps and then maybe a big leap like you suggest!

    1. It really was the best, I totally agree. And thank you so much, for all of your support! I did find myself first…wow, so true, thank you friend!

  4. Aw, I needed this post! “Taking opportunities that seem to be a leap of faith and determination are truly what shapes us, pushes us, and redefines us in so many ways.” Just text that to me every day from now on, ok? πŸ˜‰

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