I was going to write about thankfulness.

But, to be honest? I think I write about this so often, already, and giving thanks shouldn’t be a once a year thing, (Lindsay also points this out, I loved it, just as my sis did!), it should be an everyday thing.

Instead of chronicling everything that I am thankful, grateful, and blessed for in my life, I am going to internalize them, think about them, and say them to those I love. Today, tomorrow, this weekend, and more often every single day. I tend to assume that others know how much they mean to me, but clearly, that isn’t always the case.

So, in showing my thanks, I am going to pay it forward…say it more often than think it or write it. Do things for others more often than for me (I get much more joy giving to others than to myself…it is such a great feeling to see someone’s eyes light up when you hand them a gift for no reason, no birthday, or holiday, or anything), and trying to put forth a little piece of the gratitude that I have overflowing in my life, to others.

So, I guess I did write about thankfulness, huh? A blank slate…and this just came to me.

Friends, I wish you all a beautiful holiday, and if it’s not technically Thanksgiving in your area of the world, I hope you take a minute, take a step back, breathe, move away from life’s complications for a moment and just think of one thing that makes life just a little better. I’m going to try to do this more, daily, if I can, because no matter what, it brings a smile to my face.


I’m excited to celebrate my second Thanksgiving with M, as well as with my family. It feels entirely different than last year, even more full and happy than it did then.

Off to Maine I go for some much-needed time with my grandparents, and then back to my neck of the woods for dinner with M’s family.

(I joke that tomorrow is my ‘superbowl’ of making healthy choices for the day and not blowing it outta the water as in years past! I know I can do it, and still enjoy the day, the food and the people!)

And then? A few days of continued celebration, downtime, and of course, shopping. Wheee!

Cheers friends.

(on another note? one of my closest friends had her baby boy today…how fitting. I cannot wait to meet him, hopefully sometime this winter, given they live in Florida. The fact that she went through divorce, just as I did, and met the man she was meant to be with is so inspiring for me. Love you friend!!)


25 thoughts on “I was going to write about thankfulness.

  1. Beautiful post sis. I love your plan to express your gratitude vs. thinking it or writing about it. It’s so easy to think that your loved ones know how much they mean to you, but then I realize that hmm, they can’t read my mind, now can they?

    happy thanksgiving sis, sad I won’t see you on the actual holiday, but I’m sure there will be some shenanigans this weekend, including some FUN barre n9ne (and rundates) dates!! xo

    1. Thanks sis. Yeah, I just want to share it more than just THINK it or FEEL it. And I am sad we won’t see each other on Thanksgiving too…but hopefully we will at some point this weekend 🙂

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I am sure you will have an amazing day!

    Plus – remember: One day of relaxed eating habits does not the death of a healthy lifestyle make. I do worry that we all concern ourselves far too much with counting calories – although I do know you aren’t obsessive (and you aren’t my sister). But. As someone who loves food, I say enjoy on one day and worry less. Sure, none of us like being ginormously stuffed (because then you feel like crap) but… enjoy.

    Life is too short not to indulge once in a while. It just is.

    1. Thank you friend! And I really appreciate your words of advice on approach to food tomorrow. I agree with you in that I most certainly won’t count calories tomorrow (pretty difficult to do, even if I wanted to!) and will enjoy my meal(s) and the company around me. Let’s just say I won’t UNDER induldge OR OVER indulge 🙂 Have a wonderful day too, even if yours is going to be on a tropical island (insert jealousy here hehe)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time in Maine, so glad it’s all going great with M and it’s your second Thanksgiving. Thanks for the lovely comment on Facebook.

  4. I love that in not writing about thanks, you really did. I think that when you’re truly thankful for the blessings in your life…it’s really hard NOT to express that gratitude. Paying it forward…I’ve always loved that concept. Happy Thanksgiving, Jo. You’re a beautiful woman, and I’m so thankful that I have you in my life. Blog-life or IRL.

  5. love this! I felt the same way about a Thanksgiving post…we tend to acknowledge all we have to be grateful for every single day which is a big improvement in my life! Thankful for blog friends like you who remind me to celebrate life. xo

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