The 6-month running challenge: the details

So, I am totally psyched that a few of you are interested in joining (or quasi-joining) me in the 6-month running challenge! (Lee, Alicia, Dorry, Amber, Katrina for running, Sally for walking, Nikki for yoga). Any others interested, feel free to comment here or email me!  I think it’ll be a fun way of keeping myself motivated and accountable, and a fun way to do it together, virtually, with all of you that would like to maintain a steady running goal this winter, or any other yoga/walking/[insert activity here] goal during the winter months.

I’ll probably post every week to start and then drop back to every other week or every few weeks, depending on progress made etc., (and because I think if I write about this every single week, I might not have enough to say as the weeks wear on, ya know? Trying to keep it real, here, peeps!) and anyone else who opts to follow this challenge, if you do blog about it, link back here so I can link to it in a future post (or just email me your post, but I am pretty sure I will be reading it anyway!!).

My plan is to keep it ‘loose:’

Start: week of 11/27 End: week of 5/28

Weekly-to-bi-monthly updates


  • One interval run (following these, these, or these) – if anyone has suggestions on other good intervals for me to try, I am ALL ears! My goal will be to increase my pace with each weekly interval run. Whether that is .1 or .5 faster, I’ll aim to increase.
  • One ‘maintenance’ run – this will be my 4-6 miler each week. It’ll likely increase past this distance, I’d imagine, as the months tick by, but for now, this is my intended distance.
  • One ‘longer’ run – this is my stretch goal for myself, not gonna lie. This one ties back to my goal to keep my distance steady this winter so I am not starting from scratch once the warm weather returns. I’ll start at 6 miles for my ‘long’ run next week and will increase it by .5 each week or two to up my distance. I’m not giving myself a ‘limit’ on the distance I’ll go here yet, because I honestly want to see how it goes and how long I can stand to be on the dreadmill. I’d love to get to 8 miles or more, but I’ll stick with a ‘we’ll see’ on this one (told ya, keeping it loose!).
  • One cross-training cardio workout: spinning. I’ve started doing some spinning again and really like the switch up from running once a week.
  • barre n9ne workouts: this will be my strength training and toning each week, as per my usual 🙂 (but I assume others following this routine may opt for different things for their own strength training activities).

There you have it – my schedule for the next 6 months, give or take. I will, of course, adjust this as I go, but I am excited at the prospect of seeing where I’ve improved come May timeframe. Who knows…maybe a half marathon in the not-too-distant future (May, June, July?!)?? Never say never.

So, who’s with me?! Let’s get ‘er done…the 6-month running challenge (#6morunchallenge sounds like a good Twitter hashtag, right?) (oh, and I am also participating in this little holiday challenge…figure why not, right? Already doing the required workouts, why not kick it up a notch!)

35 thoughts on “The 6-month running challenge: the details

  1. I am hoping that reading this will give me the motivation to run right now. I’ve been sitting on the couch in my running clothes for like an hour.

    1. Hehe 😉 please run FOR me since I have the start of a cold and my lungs would burst, I am convinced, if I were to run right now! And thus why I started this next week…in part for the holidays too! Yay, this will be fun!

  2. I bought a month’s worth of Zumba for $39 (regularly $156) – so I will be definitely doing that. For a month. Been running on and off, but I seriously HATE it (and I think I’ve said that 100x on your blog). If I can find a cheap way of doing Zumba more than 2x a week outside of work (until February ;)) I will let you know!

  3. I’ll be joining in for much of this, with my own tweaks as I enter marathon training-ish timing as this challenge weans on. I LOVE this so much though, awesome plan and LOVE how many are getting involved. Let’s do this!

  4. hey, that’s a good idea! Something I can read about to keep me motivated I’ll be looking out for updates! good luck to all!

  5. SO! Are we checking in via twitter or what? So far I’ve been good – AND I’ve been running on the beach most mornings!

    I have to tell you, the running crap is SO not me… but I hear you just have to get used to it or something… It was easier this morning than it has been so maybe there’s something to all that…

    1. We can do twitter updates too, sure! I didn’t want to make anything ‘required’ since this is loose and supposed to still be fun, but I definitely will be tweeting my updates! Share yours with me too and we can motivate!! (love that you are running in hawaii…wayyy better than here!)

    1. It is addicting! I know! But the dreadmill makes it less addicting for me, so that’s why I think a plan will give me a good addiction to it winter and summer!

  6. I’m excited about this! My first couple of weeks may be a little different in how I define long/interval/maintenance. Marathon in 9 days (holy moses) so my long will be very short. And after, if I’m alive and able to walk, my long will be…measure in inches maybe 😉 This is my first rodeo so I have no idea what to expect. But I really want to keep up the running mojo through the winter and have some really good PRs in spring races. Thank you so much for starting this challenge!

    1. Wow, 9 days!! crazy! I can’t wait to read all about how you do! And I am so glad that you want to take part in this, no matter what it looks like. It’s personal for each of us, ya know? Yay!

  7. I’m in. I had my third child seven weeks ago and was able to start running again last week. This should be what I need to keep me motivated even though I’m totally sleep deprived 🙂

    1. Awesome!! Thanks for visiting and I am so glad you want to hop into the challenge!! It is really really helping me so far and I think it’ll definitely help you too…between sleep deprivation, that is! Good luck!!!

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