Sharing where our story begins…

Tomorrow, M and I open up the home we’ve created together over the past two months and celebrate, housewarming style, with some of our friends and family.

I have never really thrown a party this big (that I can recall. Probably 20 or so people…not huge, but bigger than just a couple of friends over!) and while I probably *should* be stressed or nervous about how it’ll go, I’m not. 

(yay, no overthinking!)

I’m excited to show off a home that M and I feel blessed to live in, a place that reflects who we are individually, and collectively, a place where we’ve already created so many memories and moments, but where so many more memories and moments will be created.

Our home.

Our first home (hopefully our next ‘home’ will be a house, but for now, this place fits our needs to a T, and is also pretty gorgeous, to boot!).

I’m excited to experience the melding of our friends together under one roof. We haven’t actually had many gatherings (or any, really) where our friendships ‘collided’ so to speak.

I’m excited to wear a cute outfit (still not sure what that outfit will be!) as I am feeling pretty fit these days and proud of my achievements.

I’m excited to make some homemade goodies…I actually haven’t done a lot of cooking/baking beyond my normal go-to recipes, so to be trying out some new ones, while risky (nah…), is exciting because I get a chance to experiment with new flavors and variations on my old standbys too. It’s time to turn over a new recipe leaf, so to speak!

I’m excited to see my friends, some of whom I don’t get to see very often.

But most of all, I’m excited to share ‘where our story begins…” home. It’s a quote in a picture frame I made for our anniversary and it’s absolutely fitting.

Our story has begun, and there’s so much in store, I can just feel it.

Happy weekend friends, celebrate with us virtually, will you? Raise a glass…tomorrow night.


29 thoughts on “Sharing where our story begins…

  1. Ahhh this post gave me a lump in my throat! I love you guys and can’t wait to celebrate “home” with you both tomorrow!!! And PS. I think we should do a post on all the antics we’re bound to get ourselves into tomorrow while *this* sister helps you cook lots of healthy yummy goodies for the party…I’m thinking there might be a misfire or two worth sharing on the blog afterwards. hehe.

  2. Happy house warming!! YAY!

    It’s funny…one day…your story becomes your life and your life becomes everything. It’s wonderful, though…and you are already on your way!

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