Running musings and realizations.

Today, I set out for a short run in my neighborhood as my gym is still closed with no power (how that is possible, I have no idea, given we’ve had power for two days!).

Now, I haven’t run outside in cold temperatures yet this season (to give you an idea, it was 30 degrees at 7 am – eek!), so I immediately started to worry and get anxious. But with my new non-overthinking ways of late (which, by the way, I am absolutely loving. A switch must have gone off or something, but I’ve had a much freeer mind than I have in months!), and the fact that temps hit 50 by lunchtime when I set out, I felt calm.

When I set out, I started thinking about Emma equating meditation to running or ‘meditation in motion’ and was trying to channel that as I ran. While I don’t know that I quite achieved this today, I did gather some random musings and realizations during my run that I wanted to capture here, partially for amusement, and partially because I did gain some semi-epiphanies that I want to make sure and remember!

Here goes…

Man, there are a shitton* of branches down on this street, no wonder I had no power for almost three days

(*shitton = scientific term for a shit-ton – just for clarification. Hehe.)

Why does it feel like I’m running in place?

Maybe because I am used to dreadmilling it lately. And I *am* running in place when I do that.

Hmm, my breathing is okay, a little funky, but okay. I’m just so used to the dreadmill now, as my breathing is steadier since my pace and incline are steadier.

Maybe that’s why I had such trouble re-acclimating to running outside last spring. I’m used to the dreadmill regulating my breathing, not me consciously doing so. Realization! Must mix up outdoor and indoor running this winter, even if that means a few cold-ass runs here and there.

I can’t wait for the housewarming party this weekend. It’s going to be epic.

What am I going to wear? I want to look super cute, of course. (this then led to a mental recap of my closet and how badly I would love to buy an entirely new one!)

I can’t believe I didn’t eat ANY Halloween candy this season. Almost feels like a ‘fail’ since I love candy pumpkins so much. But that’s success!

Wow…I’m actually running and thinking about stuff other than running…is this ‘meditation in motion!?’ Realization!

I really need to update my playlist, this one is so outdated. And it definitely needs some David Guetta and LMFAO. Like whoa. 

Why do I feel like I want to throw up? 

I hate running in long sleeves. Must try those arm sleeves Heather rocked. (mental note…)

Hm. Maybe I do want to run another race…just not ‘race it.’ It’s all the mentality, right? 

Wait, did I just say that? 

This is *such* a good song to run to (note: this song kept me going to the end. I love it – “I like the way you move’ – motivating, gritty and a little naughty?)

Phew, I’m done! That was fun. 

…wait, did I just say that?

And there you have it folks, some realizations (okay, maybe just two!) and random thoughts that whizzed through my mid-day run. Maybe I need to do this more often 😉

*not me* but she has a nice butt, no? ;-P

16 thoughts on “Running musings and realizations.

  1. And THIS is exactly what I’ve been trying to tell youuuuuu!! Once you let go and just enjoy the sights and sounds, your mind will naturally ease into its own thought patterns and you’ll stop overthinking the running aspect of the run…and you’ll just run. Voila! You “just ran” today. SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! (and can we please run a “non-race” run together??? xoxo

    1. I know, sometimes the ‘letting the mind go’ thing only works when you actively try to let it go…if that makes sense. Instead of just expecting it to happen. Was good that it did! And yes, we can run a non-race together 😉

  2. LOL – this is how it should be – just enjoying the moment and whatever crazy thoughts pass through. And yes, you MUST try the sleeves. They are awesome. You can easily roll them down if you need to without fighting with a shirt.

    And on tread runs, maybe make it a point to change incline and pace periodically to better simulate being outside where there are ups and downs and speed changes.

    1. The sleeves look awesome!! I just feel stuck in long sleeves sometimes so that’s a good happy medium 😉 And yes, I should change the incline when I run inside, it’s just easier not to!! Caught/whining 😉

  3. I love this! And how nice is it to just allow the thoughts to flow in and not attach much meaning to them. Definitely meditation in motion! 😉

  4. Ha! That’s a lot going on in that head of yours when you run. I can’t even listen to my iPod because I find it way to distracting. The only thing that I can do when running so I don’t get distracted is count to four with each of my steps. I don’t know why – or how I started doing that – it’s just what my brain wants to do each and every time. So weird.

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