On achievements and a free mind.

Yesterday, my sister and I ‘measured in’ at the five month point in our barre n9ne challenge (we’ve opted to weigh and measure for 6 months. From May – November) and I continue to be utterly amazed that each and every month, there is progress. And each and every month, I feel like a better, stronger, more fit and confident me.

At the 5 month point? My sister and I have both lost more than 15 inches (15.5 each, to be exact!).

Since mid-August, I have lost almost 7 lbs. 7! Un-freaking-real.

Since May, at the start of the challenge, I have lost more than 3 inches...from my WAIST alone.

Seriously. By doing something I love...barre workouts have honestly changed my body composition from head to toe and I couldn’t be more happy (forget what I said in this post…let’s just forget that overthinking moment…). I’ll say it again – the combination of barre workouts and running has been the magic bullet for me…combined with my mantra ‘food as fuel’ and the calorie plan I have been on. Absolutely amazing combination. It just WORKS.

I think that this feeling has completely flooded over me this time because I’ve had a week free from overthinking. After last week’s overthinking tailspin, to *not* overthink at all this week has made me feel like I have a free mind.

A free mind is a happy mind.

A free mind is a ‘roomy mind’ uncluttered by negative thoughts.

A free mind is not a fearful mind, it is a confident one.

A free mind means a less anxious, uptight and worried me. In every way.

I truly hope to harness this feeling and not go back to that negativity. It’s not only not healthy, it’s just not who I want to be. Ever.

So today, I am feeling a huge sense of accomplishment (not success…accomplishment!). I am feeling free. I am feeling supremely happy, content and grounded, right where I’m meant to be.

(borrowed this lovely quote from Tina's blog post - so perfectly true)

Happy weekend friends, make it a good one! I know I will πŸ™‚


25 thoughts on “On achievements and a free mind.

  1. YAY sis! I’m so effing proud of us – at first the whole 15.5 inches thing didn’t necessarily phase me somehow. We’ve been “in” this mode for so long that it was just more good progress. But then to think back to May, to see our measurements then to now, it’s infreakincredible. But even more so than the physical is the mental changes — and I’m SO glad that five months in, you’re finally allowing those mental changes to invade you, kicking that bitch Overthinking Ollie to the curb – and allowing your mind to go free, to trust yourself, your body, to stop letting your mind cast doubt. This is YOU. Embrace her. She is beautiful. πŸ™‚

    1. It is infreakingcredible. I love it. And I am loving my mindset right now…it’s absolutely what I hope and NEED to continue with, because this week is SUCH a different week mentally!

    1. Free your mind…wasn’t that an En Vogue song? πŸ˜‰ “free your mind…and the rest will follow?” SO TRUE! (even if a cheesy song!). And thank you friend!

  2. It’s so exciting that this has worked out so well for you. You’ve worked hard at it and persevered and it’s really paying off. Well done, she says … as she takes another sip of wine πŸ˜‰

  3. Congrats! Sounds like I’m going to need to check into these classes after I birth the baby. I’m having enough trouble simply getting in my walks these days. I think those workouts would kill me.

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