Wanna know what I love?

I love that two days later, I am STILL thinking about how great my run was on Sunday. So great, despite feeling the day-two DOMS in full effect (delayed onset muscle soreness). So great knowing that I have it in me, I can DO this. And I can enjoy running again. Finally.

I love that I think I hit my overthinking breaking point last week and have declared ‘no more!,’ I am so DONE with overthinking every single thing. It’s tiring, I annoy myself with it, it’s fruitless and it’s mentally exhausting. I already feel better. I am so past that stupid fitness evaluation. I am so done worrying about every little thing I don’t like in the mirror and focusing on the things that I do. I am retraining my brain NOT to go down negative paths (I tend to do this as I drift to sleep) and have mentally told myself to STOP every time I’ve done that in the last few days. I am determined to make this ‘stick’ and become a habit.

I love Twitter accountability. Lately, I’ve been tweeting about making sure I get in a quick ab workout during the day (my abs are somewhat weak and an area I tend to skip over, bad habit!) and responses from my super fab tweeps make sure I get ’em done (that and placing two of my favorite Cathe Friedrich DVDs right on my desk as a constant reminder to DO THEM!).

I love oatmeal. Seriously. Cannot get enough. Whether it be Quaker Oats cooked with milk, cinnamon and chopped up apple, or a banana, and some peanut butter (sooo melty!) or even some chocolate protein powder (chocolate oatmeal? YES!), I love it. Screams fall (which I am now starting to embrace, partially by force!) and comfort. And is so filling with notsomany calories.

I love that I’m feeling mentally free right now and it’s making me realize how trapped I was in my overthinking tailspin, especially lately. Writing this out is going to be my reminder to STOP the overthinking before it starts. It’s a must. 

And now I wanna know…what do you love lately?

(PS, I started a new ‘some of my favorites’ page on my blog. swing by and lemme know whatcha think. Any I am missing?!)


36 thoughts on “Wanna know what I love?

  1. Funny….I’ve been diving into the oatmeal more lately as well. Must be a fall thing for sure. I love mine with raisins, cinnamon, almond milk and a sprinkle of ground flax. Yummy!

    Glad to hear that you’re sick of the overthinking and that you’re ready to kick it to the curb! Like most things, all it takes is practice. You’ll get there. 🙂

    1. I haven’t added flax to mine before. Maybe I’ll get some! And yea, I am so sick of overthinking. I’m downright annoying myself with it. It does take practice. I am planning on lots of it!

  2. I love that you’ve quit overthinkin things! I love that you’re enjoying running again, because what’s th point if you don’t? I love my new iPhone. I love being in love. I love waking up to a thirty minute conversation before he leaves for work an I jump in the shower. I love having someone who cares if I had a bad day. And, I love the support I have from my friends. I love you!!! 🙂

  3. I love the feeling after a run and that I have never had 1 to regret. I also love oatmeal (with honey) and it IS MY breakfast. Add morning coffee to my list, endorphins, and good times. My favorite thing ever is not having anything to do tomorrow, which I get 2x’s per week.

  4. I love that you love Oatmeal 🙂 SOOOOO yummy. Not overthinking really is a learned habit – it’s something I’ve gotten better at, but really takes practice. I’m so happy that you’ve declared “no more”…it’s liberating.

    Hmmm…what I love lately. Not working out 2x a day and enjoying a long walk & dinner with my hubby again. I was in total workout burnout mode for awhile. It’s too much for me. I need my evenings to reconnect with me, the hubby, and our pooch.

    1. Ha, well I DO love oatmeal 😉 It IS liberating and freeing to try not overthinking. I want to make THAT a habit vs. the opposite. Long walk and dinner? Sounds absolutely lovely. Workout burnout is the worst. Your evenings together to reconnect sound like just the right balance!

  5. “It’s tiring, I annoy myself with it, it’s fruitless and it’s mentally exhausting” – amen to that! I’m feeling freedom from over-thinking lately as well. And it’s good to blog about it because it holds us accountable! Just like Twitter. 🙂 And I’ve been loving my oats every morning…still haven’t added pumpkin, but I have some in the pantry ready when I get the craving.

    1. Hehe, re-reading what I wrote, as you copied here, cracks me up. But it’s so true, I DID annoy myself with it!! And writing about it is keeping me accountable for sure! Pumpkin – yummy addition to oatmeal I haven’t tried yet either!

  6. Wanna know what I love? A. finding a fun bottle of wine for some girlfriends of mine, B. a friend who’s feeling upbeat and awesome about herself, and C. that it rubs off on those around her. 😉

    I’m so proud of you Jo. We all knew you had it in you to be awesome and love running again. It just takes time. 🙂

  7. I’ve never heard the term “tweeps”. I like it! And now you’re making me want oatmeal. Have you tried making it in a crockpot? Don’t laugh. They make a little 1.5 quart crockpot that comes around this time of year at Target often for the cheep-ee price of $5. I love that thing, and one thing it makes really well is oatmeal. Just fill it like you would, turn it on high, and get ready while it cooks.

    1. Ha! you haven’t? Funny word, I kinda like it. And YES I have heard of that! But I couldn’t quite figure out how to make it for one…duh, a tiny crockpot!! I love it! I must go get one 😉

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