Staying present.

This weekend was by far, one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

And you know why?

Because it was almost completely unplanned and underscheduled (as opposed to many weekends of late, where I feel like I’ve been hopping from plan to plan without much time to actually enjoy what I am doing, more worried about actually not being late. Which, in hindsight, is probably also my problem. It’s okay to be late once in awhile!). I honestly felt as though I was in a state of euphoric happiness the entire weekend because of it.

And what did we do?

Visited my beautiful niece Isabel, where I got some much-needed niece snuggles (she laid against my chest, body facing outward, as I tried to rock her towards a nap, but she just laid there and cuddled and chattered and I was melting. It was such a moment for me, because she’s been so on-the-go since she started walking that she doesn’t cuddle as much or want to be held as much. But in that moment, she did, and I loved every minute of it! (did I mention that my sister might be moving back to this state soon?! That makes for a very happy auntie/sister!). How beautiful and grown up does she look here?!

In that moment, and many moments this weekend, I tried my best to stay present. I try more than ever on the weekend to do that, since during the week, time is a blur, far more than I’d like. And reading Emma’s post on this helped me stay firmly planted in the present

. …As M and I had a leisurely evening making grilled swordfish, roasted vegetables and a salad, clinking to the evening over a glass (or two!) or prosecco and cracking open a newly shipped bottle of wine from Michel-Schlumberger.

…And as I used Saturday’s dreadmill run to hit my longest indoor run to-date (5.5 miles. doesn’t seem uber long, but on the dreadmill, it’s far longer than outdoors!) as I tried to focus on what Emma also noted in that post…to use running as ‘meditation in motion’ and wow, did that work wonders! And what a beautiful way of putting it, right? Meditation in motion. YES. 

…I also stayed present at barre n9ne yesterday for a rare Sunday class (I usually take weekends off to run etc), focusing on form, breathing, and well, focus.  Rather than rushing right home as I usually do on weeknights (usually because I am ravenous for dinner!), I took some time to do a few errands and dabble at Old Navy for some new running gear for outdoors. Score. Huge sale. Cue shopping euphoria 😉

The weekend wrapped up with homemade pizza and football at my sister Jess’s house. Perfect capper to a perfect weekend. And for some reason, I am feeling that sense of presence follow me today, as I reflect on a perfectly unplanned weekend, and am feeling glimmers of inspiration and perspective from that, from last week’s somewhat cathartic post, and realization that it’s going to be okay. Ups and downs happen. Going to do my best to stay in the present on the ‘up’...who’s with me?!


27 thoughts on “Staying present.

  1. LOVE this. It’s so much harder to stay in the present than it would seem, but the rewards are always beautiful. 🙂

    Yay for weekends that aren’t overplanned!

    1. It WAS amazing!! I love my niece, she really made my weekend!! Such a cutie pie. I hate being overscheduled too, it just makes me want to scream!

  2. Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend – just what you needed! I know what you mean about life passing by so quickly. I do my best to stop and just drink in the good moments when they happen, even if I just stop for a moment or two to smile….it’s a good reminder to appreciate the goodness that we have.

    And a big “YES!” on the concept of running being meditation in motion. I feel exactly the same way…

    1. it really WAS what I needed, was just so perfect. It is a good time to also just look around and be happy at what life is bringing us, not what it is NOT bringing us. Counting your blessings, right? meditation in motion…knew you’d like that!

  3. Meditation in motion. See? I knew you’d find a way to meditate somehow! 🙂

    It’s all about staying present and allowing your mind (and everything else) to just be. I think learning to accept yourself from last weekend contributed to this weekend’s bliss. Good for you!

    So happy you’re happy!

    1. Ha! I KNEW you’d respond something to that effect (I AM meditating! SEE!!) 😉 It was good not to have my mind racing for once too. It ALWAYS is and damn, it can be tiring. Weekend was much needed!

  4. Yay! I’m so glad that you experienced “meditation in motion” on the treadmill. If you can do THAT, you can do it anywhere!

    Hooray for restorative weekends!

  5. Aww cool! You know one of the things my therapist tells me to work on is being “mindful” I guess there’s like a ton of books written about it, and it’s basically about taking in everything around you & living in the present. Sounds lovely 🙂

  6. Love that you got to enjoy and appreciate such an unplanned, “present” weekend. Not gonna lie, mine was anything BUT unplanned which was both awesome and exhausting! Kinda jealous of your weekend, not gonna lie 😉

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