Things I am loving lately…

**Some of the things that flitted through my mind at the airport yesterday, waiting for my flight to Orange County, where I’ll be until Wednesday…hopefully a trip that will fly so I can be homeward bound yet again**

…the look in M’s eyes when he tells me I am beautiful. (and the feeling in my heart when it skips a beat).

…running with shorts on outside for perhaps one of the last times until spring (and a) thinking wow, my legs look pretty darn good actually! and b) I breathe *way* better in warm weather…)

…wine. And how much I wish it was calorie-less πŸ˜‰

…when my cats snuggle…with M (and completely bypass MY empty lap right next to him. Warms my heart my how much they completely adore him too.).

…wearing my favorite summer dress for – again – probably the last time until summer (or a tropical vacation to Mexico this winter…).

…iPhone tethering. Seriously, why didn’t I figure out this capability months ago? Wifi anywhere (like the airport!) free of charge.

…getting the cutest pics EVER of my niece from my sister at just the minute I need a pick me up (case in point, below! seriously, so.effing.cute. And Β I gave her that dress, for the record!).

…old ‘Friends’ episodes (caught up during my flight!)…and also realizing they are my age now in those episodes, and thinking they were so much *older* than me when I first watched that show…wow, how time flies (and also loving how close that circle of friends was, and realizing I have a similar circle of friends, and loving that!).

…the look on M’s face when he opened his birthday gifts, one of which was a custom-made Ralph Lauren Polo shirt to replace the one he lost in Vegas. It had sentimental value, as it was the first shirt he bought in a small after he lost 60+ lbs. He couldn’t believe I did that and he wore it all evening at dinner with his parents with pride (I think he told the story about three times!).

What are *you* loving lately?

26 thoughts on “Things I am loving lately…

  1. This post makes me smile just thinking about how happy you are with M and I love that you thought your legs looked great! And I agree about the wine, it really should be more like water in terms of calories and mandatory intake πŸ˜‰

    1. Aww, glad you liked it too friend πŸ™‚ It was a weird thing to look down and actually think my legs looked good. Stumped me for a second! But it was a good feeling πŸ™‚ And wine should be calorie less…I mean, the health benefits far outweigh the calories! duh πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m loving that picture of your niece, that’s what!

    I’m happy to be working from home because my girls are out of school today. And I love hearing them enjoy each others’ company.

    So glad you both had nice birthdays!

  3. I’m loving these posts from you – where you are genuinely happy and confident and NOT overthinking. This is the Jo I want to see more and more of!! That’s what I’m loving right now. πŸ™‚

  4. I love posts like this – a little insight into your head. I’m loving the cooler temps for outside runs, Pilates, kale as a base for many of my meals, and the thought of the holidays around the corner!

  5. ok, let’s make a pact: the first one of us to find the zero-calorie wine will tell the other one immediately. and after we get our cases in, then we tell our loved ones. deal? πŸ™‚

  6. Know what I love? That you’re as happy as you are, friend. πŸ™‚ It makes me happy when people I care about are genuinely happy and loving life. It’s the only one we’ve got…why not love it?

    Other things I’m loving? The weather (70s here), the bright, warm colors of the trees, and my newfound focus. πŸ™‚

  7. Okay, just to point something out…your tag cloud? Notice the larger, most-used tags are: M, LOVE, HAPPINESS, FAMILY, LIFE….and challenges, but those are good, too, right? πŸ˜€ But yeah…definitely obvious you’re in a good spot. πŸ™‚

  8. ADORABLE! I love being an auntie so much (2 nieces and a nephew). Sadly they’re in Virginia so I only get to see them once or twice a year.

    My cats do the same thing to my fiance, too. We’ve been living together for 2 1/2 years, so they’re basically his cats too, but they seem to like him more than me sometimes!

  9. It’s so funny to me how similar thoughts we all might have…Last night after I got back from running by trees dripping with fall colors, thinking this must be the most beautiful park in the world, I poured a big glass of red wine, said fuck it to the extra calories and gave myself back pats for the resveratrol while watching my dog and 2 cats choose my bf’s large petting hands over my smaller ones, and then though life probably couldnt get much better when I saw Friends reruns were on : )

    Thanks for sharing! : )

    Phat Chow

  10. Aww what a great post! I am loving that I am finally getting my life in order after almost a year of chaos, court, and massive amounts of paperwork. It feels good to feel in control again.

    I too wish wine was less in the calorie department!

    Im also loving how insane my dog is – when I sit on the couch without my laptop she crawls all over me like a complete maniac. She’s so sweet and lovable, it warms my heart.

    1. Aww! I love that you feeling so great and in a good place in life too. calorie-less wine would be amazing!! And your dog sounds awesome. so sweet πŸ™‚

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