Learning to live together: presence

**The fourth in my little series on learning to live with M together. I will write these as the thoughts cross my mind**

There’s just something about feeling his presence all around me…no matter if he is home or not.

The faint smell of his cologne on my cheek after he leaves for work in the morning….and smelling a whiff of it later in the day as it somehow circles back to my nose….or opening the closet door and smelling his scent yet again.

A pair of shorts, or piece of paper with his scribbles on it (incidentally, he has really good handwriting and for some reason, I find that sexy), or his sneakers next to the closet, and I smile (even if I want to pick them up and put them away!).

His presence.

Waking up with my arm splayed across his chest and his face nuzzled into my neck. The best way to wake up, there is nothing better, I am convinced.

His first question to me every morning (even though he knows the answer): ‘do you want me to make you some breakfast?’ Always thoughtful, always so sweet (even though he knows I prefer to eat breakfast closer to when my work day starts, he always asks, always willing).

My first question to him…do you want me to make you some oatmeal? He feigns that he’s thinking about toast…or cereal, but he *really* wants that oatmeal I make, with a scoop of chocolate protein powder and a huge scoop of peanut butter. Until I ask him twice, and then he ‘caves’ and says, ‘well…only if you don’t mind?’ *wishful face*

His presence.

The rare day that he gets home from work before I get home from barre n9ne and he walks towards me in the living room and gives me a huge hug and kiss. Falling into his body, hugging him close. Breathing in the scent I’ve felt all around me all day.

Eating dinner together, no matter how late it ends up being, but knowing we are together, we aren’t (as) rushed as we used to be.

Running together almost every day now…and falling into step with each other (even when I get frustrated as he runs like a gazelle, when I am running like a frenzied lunatic sometimes).

Holding him close when he’s had a bad day and listening. And vice versa when I’m having a bad day. Even if words aren’t exchanged, his presence is all that I need.

His presence.

Learning to live together…his presence is the one thing I physically knew to expect, but is the single most powerful and fulfilling part of living together so far…just about above all else.


24 thoughts on “Learning to live together: presence

  1. Seriously, reading this post had me grinning from ear to ear. Not just because I could totally see M giving you the “wishful face” when you offer to make him oatmeal, but that he totally gets you, and even more importantly? He totally loves you and would do anything for you, and vice versa. Just reading this post felt like a window into your relationship. It was so beautiful to read, yet intimate at the same time. I loved it. And love where you two are heading. Truly.

  2. Random question: does M write in all caps? Tim has good handwriting…but all caps. 🙂

    Cherishing the little things is so important. I love the “smell” Tim leaves behind once he goes to work. It’s like he’s lingering.

    1. aww, so glad T! Sort of like when I swooned at your post about how your man kisses you! LOVED that one. Nice handwriting IS sexy. No idea why, it just is.

  3. So nice to read. There is a difference between having him there and having him present. Good to see that he gives you both. Everything, even.

    Big hugs!

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