Wine country three-peat…a recap in pictures (and a few words)

At long last, here is a recap of my wine country three-peat vacation in pictures (and a few words). These are pictures mostly taken by M…what can I say, his camera on his phone takes unreal pictures! (we look like rockstars in some of these. Or something.)

(and I also plan to post my recap of my favorite wineries, probably next week, when I write a guest blog for RedWhiteBoston!)


The girls and me at Truett-Hurst, behind us is a stream where salmon jump out of it in October as they swim downstream. Cool, huh?
M and his brood of chicks (lol), also at Truett-Hurst (mind you, we picked this place because it opened at 10 and when we walked in, the wine pourer (sommellier?!) said 'ah, you must be from the East Coast!" (sure, but we still would have started at 10, for the record...). Big pours, lots of awesome red blends makes for a powerful first tasting o the day!
Dutcher Crossing...check out the freakin view behind us! It was unreal! Good wine, I believe we got a cab, if I am not mistaken (the pourer was all of 22 years old. Becky. She was pretty funny though).
Ahh....grapes, grapes, and more grapes. I never got sick of gazing at vineyards.
LOVE this picture...feigning our snotty sniffer face at Hopper Creed in Napa (we took a day trip, which we usually do, with a driver and hit some private vineyards. This was an AWESOME find! The winemaker looked like Jerry Garcia, was smoking a cigarette and drinking Bud Light!)
M likes to take 'artistic' pictures of me...I actually really like this one for some reason πŸ˜‰
Another hidden gem...Cinard in Napa, which JUST opened their tasting their private home. This place was un-freaking-real. Awesome merlot (surprising since I usually don't want to drink the 'fucking merlot!' but loved it!)
One of our faves from last year...Hop Kiln. We had a bad experience with our wine pourer (it was her first day though) and found out our favorite blend - Big Red - was discontinued, but had a delish picnic on their grounds with fresh baked bread, sundried tomato pesto, manchego cheese and goat cheese. Oh and some wine. Duh.

I do believe I was feeling a little uh, happy at this point, but we were at Zichichi, which was down the street from our house and a great find! We pre-ordered a zin that we tasted from the barrel. It was delish, a bit dry, not too sweet. My favorite!

The fog would lift every morning from the vineyards and running in the mornings and seeing it lift, from right to left was SO incredible. The right side of the road would be sunny and blue, and the left would be foggy, but just above the grapes. Honestly surreal.
This was our backyard. No, I'm not kidding. We were literally ON a vineyard. Stillerus. And we had a jacuzzi, a garden and this lovely little bridge to the vineyard itself.


LOVE the shadowy effects of the trees in this one! Also at Truett-Hurst πŸ™‚
This was an accidental picture, but seriously, cracks me up. We were at V-M-L which my friend Meg kept saying reminded her of 'vpl' aka 'visible panty lines' and I just crack up every time. Just me? Okay. Moving on.
The fact that our tongues are bright red speaks volumes. Just sayin.
Another 'fun' (aka perhaps a wee bit tipsy) pic at Zichichi


And in closing, here is a picture at Hanna Vineyard - gorgeous grounds - and the wine was pretty good, but the funniest part was the couple next to us name-dropping about how much land they owned and that that her sister was Heidi Newfield (sp?)'s sister (country singer?).

There you have it…a snapshot of one of the best trips e-v-e-r. I will probably honestly go every single year because every single year we have gone, we have had a wonderful time, brought home lots of delicious wine and countless memories. If you ever have the chance to go, GO! And go to Healdsburg. And rent a house. That is all.





35 thoughts on “Wine country three-peat…a recap in pictures (and a few words)

    1. thanks friend! they came out so good! he has an app on his droid that takes really cool ones. I have Hipstamatic on my iPhone, but whatever he uses is even better!

  1. What fun! Love this idea! And one year, I’m going with you!

    My fave memory from our trip to wine country was a picnic on the grounds of a winery. Give me bread, cheese, fruit, olives and vino and I’m ALL YOURS! (Can you tell I come from Mediterranean roots?!?)

    Love to you, sista friend!

    1. YES! You are! πŸ™‚ Seriously agree with you on that type of picnic. THE BEST. Clearly, we are cut from the same cloth, my sister friend πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these pictures. It looks like you guys had such a good time. The vineyards are gorgeous & I especially love the picture of you guys sniffing the wine πŸ™‚ I don’t understand how anyone can spit it out – it’s a tragedy to waste it.

    You look absolutely radiant and happy! I want to go with you guys next year!

  3. LOVE everything about this post, sis. Especially how happy and gorgeous and glowing you and M were in every single pic. Totally in love, totally content, and maybe a little bit buzzed. The way it ought to be in wine country if you ask me πŸ˜‰

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