Wine country…the love affair continues.

Wine country three-peat is juuust about over and as I sit here in the airport with M, waiting for our redeye, I am nothing short of a combination of happy, content and utterly exhausted. These trips to Healdsburg are always on-the-go vacations which i love, because we eke out every minute of our trip!

I plan to post more in coming days of course, but figured I’d share a few first thoughts on some of my favorite moments.
• 22 wineries in just under 6 days. That. Is.awesome.
• 24 bottles of wine checked as luggage (two cases worth!) ad another case of assorted wines en route (we shippe wine direct from the few wineries that will ship to Mass! Stupid laws…ship to Mass, people, we’ll make it worth your while!!)
• 3 runs (my goal!!) along vineyards half-hidden by lifting fog each morning. Incredible!
• witnessing M’s elation experiencing the wine country Mecca experience, an loving every minute.
• Feeling that ‘feeling’ akin to a few sips of wine…every day, all day, in more ways than one. Bliss.
•hundreds of pictures capturing out funny, goofy, and even romantic moments on the trip.

My only wish was sharing it with my sister Jess and Scott, but while we couldn’t do that, I brought home a shitton of wine selections for them and a few other goodies and can’t wait to share them! And now, one of my favorite pictures!

Cheers, friends, more to come 🙂



26 thoughts on “Wine country…the love affair continues.

  1. Love the picture, love the stats! Now, dear blogger friend, will you divulge the wineries you visited (with notes!) and the places you stayed for people that *might* be looking to plan a similar trip with their hubby?! 🙂

    Either way, SO happy for you!

    1. Yes! I will post some reviews and am also writing a guest blog for Red White Boston that promotes local and national wineries in the area, so I am happy to share that with you too 🙂 You will LOVE IT!!! and you MUST rent a house 🙂

  2. You guys are damn cute. Loved the pics! So glad you were able to experience that with M.

    And I’m still jealous I couldn’t make it. 😦 Maybe next time! *fingers crossed*

  3. 22 wineries?? My kinda girl and I totally should have been on this trip with you! 😀

    Welcome home (when you get here) and here’s to many happy memories the bottles you brought back will bring you! And – congrats on reaching your running goal, too! I can never keep up my exercising goals! Good on ya!

  4. you will hate this, but i hardly ever go to wine country…so sad, i know. anyhow, i’m so glad you had a great time. wish we could’ve met, but this just means you’ll have to come back out again real soon!

  5. Great photo of you two! And, you guys should get a winery medal or something for visiting 22 wineries in 6 days! Hope Jess and Scott can join you guys next year. xoxo

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