And on winesday…the wine country three-peat BEGINS!!

As of 8:40 am this morning, we are OFF to wine country three-peat!! I am beyond thrilled that M will be with me this year, for the very first time (and his first trip to California ever!), and that we’ll be spending it with a couple of fantastic friends (and with hopes of meeting up with Naomi while we’re in San Francisco on our last day!!). It will be bittersweet without my sister and brother in law, but I have promised to bring back bountiful amounts of wine and to live it up just a wee bit more for them πŸ™‚ >3

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ll be doing…

Our house! ON a vineyard. Hell, freaking, yeah.
Wine on our deck, overlooking vineyards? Sign. Me. Up.
Hot tub in the garden? YES. PLEASE.
Waking up to this? Motivation for a morning run, I am hoping!
Lots of vineyard tours and tastings planned. LOTS.
Lots of smooches and silliness with these two fabulous ladies (pic from last year!)
Showing M San Fran and a ferry to Sausalito on Monday...(a pic from last year. LOVED that town!)
And lots of snotty wine sniffing πŸ˜‰

Cheers everyone, ‘see’ you next week!!

36 thoughts on “And on winesday…the wine country three-peat BEGINS!!

  1. Have a wonderful trip!!! You know, I spent a year and a half on a project in San Francisco once and I never made it to wine country. That is probably the biggest regret of my entire life. So live it up for me, too!

    1. Wow, really?? What a bummer!! I will be in SF for a day at the end of our trip, looking forward to spending some time there. Did last year on our trip, but even more fun with M in tow this time!

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