Isabel’s birthday…in pictures.

The sisters 🙂


Waking from her pre-party nap, check out that bed head!


In her super duper cute chair from Auntie Jess, chewing on her birthday card from me 😉


And my Dad. Yep.


a moment with Isabel, before the party started, she was so playful and fun. her skin looks so smooth and perfect here!


Riding her super snazzy bike from her super snazzy auntie (me!)


Isabel with her beautiful sister!


I was DETERMINED to get a pic with my niece, no matter what (every time I tried, she was fussy. This one, well, yeah, she was blowing a raspberry, but still so freakin cute!)


...and a pic of M and me, of course 🙂

Today, was, well…perfect. Isabel was filled with spunk, she had tons of energy and she is growing into a beautiful little toddler. I was so proud to be there, spend time with her and with my sisters and family. Cheers to the first year of a beautiful life. My beautiful Isabel! (and ps – check out my guest blog on ‘what Isabel has taught me‘ on Melissa’s ‘sensational selves’ series…perfectly timed for today, I must say! Thank you!)



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