In one week.

In one week, I will be in my ‘mecca,’ the ‘land of the grapes,’ my most favorite place to visit.

Wine Country!

Healdsburg and Sonoma area primarily where we’ll be headed (with a dash of Napa thrown in for good measure, though I find Napa far more snobbish and full of corporate wineries vs. smaller, family-owned gems). And when I say ‘we,’ I mean, two of my good friends who came last year (this will be wine country three-peat for me!) and M. For the first time. I couldn’t be more excited about that, since last year, we were just starting to date and he was off to Aruba for a solo vacation the day I returned from my trip. I remember calling him a few nights during the trip and telling him all about what we’d seen and drank and was really wishing he was there with us. And this year, he will be. And I know he will fall in love with it (I hope!) just as much as I have the last few years.

The one huge empty hole though? My sister Jess and my brother in law Scott are now not able to go. Sad face. We knew it might be a possibility but I don’t think any of us truly thought it would turn out that way. So this trip will have a little bit of bittersweetness to it, as it has been our annual trip together and let’s face it, we do so much together, it feels weird *not* to have them come along.

This year also feels different because M will be with me. The last two years I obviously went alone and had an absolutely amazing time. The first year we went was in October 2009, and we left on the day I sold my house. It was so freeing to sign that paperwork and then jet off to wine country! And last year (October 2010)? That was probably the best vacation I’ve ever had. 10 days. San Francisco for a few with one of my friends (who is coming this year and came the previous year too! our ‘thing’ I guess, huh?) and then another week in Healdsburg and Sonoma. We visited more than 20 wineries, had an absolutely gorgeous house we rented in the heart of downtown Healdsburg. On our 31st birthday, we took a hot air balloon ride over Napa as the sun rose.Β  That experience was one I will remember for a lifetime.

But this year? We’re coming full circle, in a way. We’re back to a smaller group (sans sis and bro in law…sniff), we’re keeping it simple. We have some tastings and events planned, but we aren’t going too crazy with the planning this year. We have a gorgeous house that definitely even tops last year. Opens out onto a vineyard and has a jacuzzi. The works. And there is so much room given we have less people than we planned for (who wants to come! I’m kinda serious!). It’s going to be the break we all need, and a chance to introduce M to all of the places we’ve shared wine from and just enjoy 6 days of bliss.

I’m finally feeling excited about the trip…it sort of flew up on me fast, given the move and summer craziness etc. I say ‘finally’ since, like I said, I will miss having my sis and Scott there, but I plan to shower them with plenty of wine and goodies so they hopefully feel as though they’ll still get a small piece of our ‘mecca’ when we return. As for workouts and such? Yea, I am planning to run a few times. I mean, gorgeous scenery can’t be beat, that will be my motivation. I am a teensy bit worried about keeping my eats in check, but I think at this point, I’ve pretty much got it down…choosing healthy options while still enjoying myself (just not going hog wild!).

Wow, this turned into a rambly post πŸ˜‰ Bottom line? WINE COUNTRY IN ONE WEEK! Bring. It.

Imitating snotty wine sniffers πŸ˜‰ We'll be doing much of this again this year. Hehe. This has to be one of my most fave pics from last year!

29 thoughts on “In one week.

  1. I could cry. I’m going to miss THIS and you guys so much. 😦

    But I seriously expect you to have as MUCH fun as possible and to drink as much wine for both of us as you possibly can. Do we have a deal??

    1. I know sis. I’m sorry. Almost didn’t want to write this post for that very reason 😦 Don’t want you to be sad. I wish so much that you guys could come. More than anything. And yes, I will drink plenty and bring you lots of wine!

  2. LOVE that area! My uncle and aunt live in Fairfield and have a house in Petaluma, so I try to get down there as often as possible. I feel the same way about Napa – my experiences in Sonoma and Healdsburg/Windsor have been much more pleasant!

    What are some of your favorite wineries in that region?

    1. Thanks for the visit! And yes, I just love this area so much! Favorite wineries? SO many to list! Here are some: Field Stone, Hop Kiln, Michel Schlumberger, Windsor Oaks, J., Williamson Wines, Hawley (cute story, liked their tasting room!), Edmeades, and the list goes on! How about you?

      1. I LOVE J! My uncle and aunt are members of their wine club, so we always go there whenever I visit πŸ™‚

        My other favorite is Cline in Sonoma. I’ve always loved their wines, and the winery is lovely. The grounds are really pretty, the people have been so friendly and helpful every time I’ve been, and their tastings are free!

        1. LOVE J pink champagne!!! MY FAVORITE! And their pinotage is great too. Cline is good, I haven’t been to their tasting room! Must add to the list πŸ˜‰

  3. Reading this has made me VERY thirsty and has made me want to splurge on tickets to the Newport Wine and Food Festival next weekend. Hmmmm….

    Honestly, I need to add grapes to my list of “favorites” – love the fruit, love the juice, and most importantly love the WINE!

    I can’t wait to hear all about the trip, the vineyards, etc. Enjoy!

  4. Have a fab time! If you want any new food and wine recs, you should connect w/ my cousin who lives there and works at a winery. She’s @lololand on twitter.

  5. Yay! Wine country! So thrilled for you. Maybe one day…

    This year, have something really sweet for me…please. πŸ™‚ Oh, and I know it goes without saying, but please take lots of pics. Living vicariously through you.

  6. I feel like I saw a FB update or Tweet that you had a great time on your trip. I’m not surprised, even though it’s different than you had originally expected. It’s so beautiful out there. xoxo

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