The boxes are mocking me.

I thought I’d write an ode to packing.

But then I thought ‘why do I want to dedicate an ode to something I hate doing?’

Regardless, I guess that’s what I am doing, isn’t it?

But while the boxes around me are indeed, mocking me, staring me down, and giving me hives (half joking) because it’s so damn messy around here (type A alert…), they are a means to a glorious end, now aren’t they?(wheee!) But those glorious ruminations are for another post, another day.

Today, let’s discuss packing. And what a freaking bitch it is to move. (especially given I have moved THREE times in THREE years now…)

I freaking hate packing. I almost hate packing more than I hate the actual act of moving all of the said boxes that likely weigh a shitton because I’ve jammed so much into them so as to have *less* boxes, into the moving truck, and then into the new apartment.

I hate packing kitchen stuff. I hate packing clothes. (no matter how neatly I try to do it, it’s never neat. And don’t even get me started on re-hanging everything after!). I hate packing, period. And since I started so early, I’ve been living in boxes for two weeks and still have to endure another week of staring at boxes as they mock me with their messiness, yucky cardboard smell and with minimal utensils, clothes, and other items readily usable. (what do you hate packing most?!)

The art of unpacking, however? A PRO. I intend to be completely unpacked the same day as we move. No, I’m not joking. That includes getting rid of all the boxes and having a beautiful, clean apartment all in one day. Complete with a soak in our brand new garden tub (yes, I realize I am a very lucky woman!).

And I intend to cap off the day with a glass (or eight) of wine, with my fabulous moving crew (consisting of M, my sister and my brother in law of course) and reveling in no more boxes mocking me.

See? totally mocking me. The view from my desk. Wimper.

But in the midst of all this packing hatred?

In 11 days, I will be moving in with M. Waking up and going to bed with an ‘I love you’ every single day.


(I guess I can handle mocking boxes for a little while longer, hmm?)


27 thoughts on “The boxes are mocking me.

  1. Ugh absolutely HATE packing and moving. Thank goodness I haven’t had to do that in 10 years! And, just think of the wonderful end to this move 😉 It’ll be worth it! Oh, and I’m with you, I pretty much unpack everything right away too.

  2. I hate unpacking. And packing.

    We (thankfully) didn’t have to pack up our entire GA house…only the things we didn’t trust the movers to pack…but guess who had to UNPACK

    Zero fun. I won’t mention that the basement is still a mess…

    Wait…positive thinking here: only 11 days until you LIVE with M!!!!!!

    1. It’s the worst, right? At least you didn’t have to pack up the whole GA house, that would have been a nightmare I bet. I always wonder how logistically stressful it would be to move to an entirely new state, not just a few towns. Chaos!

  3. I hate packing and I hate moving, but know what? I’ve given up caring that much about how things are packed 🙂 I swear…to me if it breaks after I’ve done what I could do to make it safe then I didn’t need it. I also move the things I REALLY don’t want to break in the car with me. Other than that I throw crap in a box and just say if it makes it there it was meant to be 🙂

    1. Ha! Ya know, I am haphazardly packing too. So what if my clothes are wrinkled or a few things possibly break. Not the end of the world 😉

  4. Yep, I hate packing too. Boxes of books are the WORST! I think packing the kitchen is right up there too.

    I don’t mind unpacking either. But all in one day? Dang girl.

    How exciting!

    1. Oh the kitchen is def worse than books! I don’t mind those! They fit nice and neat 😉 And yes, all in one day, I don’t care if it’s late and I’m tired 😉 Whee!

  5. Haha I hate hate hate unpacking more than packing I think. I mean that’s the good part, right? But I get all anxious – like WHERE should I put THIS or THAT – it’s a big decision. Those plates will be in that cabinet for lord knows how long, right?? So I better make the right decision the first time. Yes, that’s how I think. LOL. I can’t wait for you to be unpacked too because yeah, that means I can have a glass of wine to celebrate with you guys, weee 😉

    1. oh geez, now that’s all I’m thinking about! Where everything should go 😉 The two of us together unpacking? lightening speed!

  6. I hate packing too. So much. I hate putting away my laundry and washing dishes as well. I feel you girl. But just hop to it! It’ll be so worth it in the end.

    The closest thing I can think of in my life is when I have to write a huge paper. The last one I had to write was 16 pages. I put it off til the last day. I kept telling myself “it’ll be okay cause by this time next week, it’ll be done.” That does kinda help, so tell yourself that.

    1. I know, I just gotta DO it. I am, little by little, but it just feels like there is so much left! And that statement does help, thank you 🙂

  7. I sooo laughed reading this. I will come help. I LOVE packing. The perfect boxes, the cleaning out, LOVE it. I even unpack as you do..quickly and swiftly. The picking up such items and moving them from point A to point B…absolutely NOT. I to have done it way to many times. I will pay people to do that shit next time around:)How exciting though, really, on to the next chapter of your life!!

    1. Haha, glad you saw the humor 😉 was trying to make it fun, make light of it! I WISH you could come help me!! and celebrate with me too. soooo much to celebrate 🙂 And YES the point A to point B part totally sucks. I was thinking movers, but opted for a maid to clean my place when I move instead!

  8. I HATE packing, myself. However, the best part about packing is getting rid of things you don’t want. Weeding through all your stuff and discovering what you forgot about or donate what you don’t need…that’s my favorite part.

    Good luck with the packing…and I’m totally jealous of the garden tub!!!

    The best thing about the moving in together is definitely the “I love yous”…I still remember loving being able to do that with H for the first time. ❤ SO incredibly happy for you.

    1. I’ve gotten rid of so much! I don’t know what I have left! haha. That is the best part! But even better, is the I love yous and being with each other every night 🙂

  9. Oh, I loathe packing! And unpacking, actually. It brings me great stress every minute I’m doing it and in the days leading up to it. I feel your pain.

    On the other hand, congratulations on co-habitation! So happy for you and M! 🙂

  10. Tell me about it… I’ve moved three times THIS year! Haha.Not to mention that I can’t lift most of my own stuff because of my back and my lift/carry restriction. That’s it! Once I’m done this time, I’m DONE.
    Just keep the end in sight – those mornings and evenings and I-love-yous… and that tub! 🙂

    1. THREE TIMES THIS YEAR? Oh, man, that is ROUGH! I love that we are both going through this at the same time, so cool 🙂 worth it for both of us!

  11. Ugh, seriously despise packing. I’ve done it sooo many times, and am not looking fwd to the TX–>MI packing. My thought is to sell everything & live like a vagabond. BUT OMIGOD ya’ll are DOING IT! Super exciting!

  12. I’m like you, I loathe the packing too, but can unpack in no time. Good luck with it all; if I was there, I would help – seriously, I would.

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