Akin to that feeling, after a few sips of wine…

You know that feeling?

After a few sips of wine…when you start to feel the slight effects of it (in all of its deliciousness!), that light, airy feeling, a sense of euphoria coming on?

To me, that’s what love feels like.

And that feeling – that is exactly what my feelings for M continue to intensify into (if that makes any sense).

When I looked at him across dinner, at a little bistro tucked away in a sleepy town near mine, his eyes shining, his face smiling, I just felt it so completely.

When he acted calm and cool as a cucumber despite taking page after page, while navigating Boston traffic and entertaining his mother and aunt in the backseat (and putting up with my whining about getting lost!), I feel it.

When he smiles and says ‘it will be okay, we are a team, we can get through anything,’ I feel it.

When he appreciates my support in his endeavors and him to mine, I feel it.

When he walks in the door, puts his bag down, his hand on my cheek and kisses me, I feel it.

And even when he *does* put on his annoyed-with-me face for said whining or perfectionism ways when it comes to cleaning, or plans or whatever we may not be seeing eye to eye on, I feel it.

Because it’s real. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn close. We are learning. We are communicating. We are sometimes even arguing through a point. We’re doing it all differently from the past, in the areas we faltered, to make this union a lasting one. For as long as we’re meant to. Hopefully, forever.

I believe you can literally feel a broken heart aching in your chest just as much as you can feel a happy heart beating with joy and love. I’ve now felt both and I think feeling the broken heart of divorce (for me) has made the feeling of love just that much better. In so many ways.

…akin to that feeling, after a few sips of wine…



26 thoughts on “Akin to that feeling, after a few sips of wine…

  1. So sweet!! Embrace and remember this…especially during a time you’re NOT feeling it (you know it happens!).

    Also? No…can’t quite recall that wonderful feeling with wine…maybe next year… *sigh* πŸ™‚

  2. oh yeah. i definitely know that feeling. i get it most clearly when i’m irritated at the man for something. i’ll be all cranky, just waiting to snap… then he’ll come in and kiss me on the top of the head for no reason, and i melt into a tiny little puddle on the floor. it’s a real and powerful thing. and i love it. πŸ™‚

  3. You know that picture I commented on the other day of you two?

    You can SEE love there. When love is true, you don’t even need to say it…you see it. You feel it. You know when the other is feeling it.

    There’s a certain smile Herrick has when I know he’s feeling the love. There’s a certain laugh. There’s a certain way his eyes move.

    Love isn’t just about the gooey gooey stuff…it’s about how fulfilled you feel being with that person. And this post shows you feel just that way.

    1. Yes! I do remember that comment and loving it. Absolutely agree with everything you say here! Especially love this: Love isn’t just about the gooey gooey stuff…it’s about how fulfilled you feel being with that person.

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