What it’s like to be a triplet: Jess’s perspective.

Here is the second in a three-part series…what it’s like to be a triplet from my sister Jess‘s perspective.

Being a triplet. What’s it like. Hm.

It’s all I’ve ever known so how do I capture that in words if I have nothing to compare it to, really?

But what I do know is this – I can’t quite imagine what my life would be like without my two sisters by my side. All that talk about having that “sixth sense” – the knowing or sensing pain in a twin or triplet, while that might not quite fit our sisterly bond – well, that “sixth sense” in our case is that feeling of wholeness when we’re all three together.


No matter what we’ve ever faced together as children, throughout school and now that we’re adults with our own families, our own lives, we’ve always gotten through the good and the bad together…way better than if we’d tried to do it all alone. The strength of three is amazing.

But that three-strong bond also applies to the ridiculous amount of fun that we have whenever we’re together. The goofy giggle-fits over the silliest little things (ask Jen about the cloves she used in spice muffins when we were in middle school and I promise you we’ll be keeled over in hysterics in a matter of seconds). The fact that I can just look at Jo and say one word and she immediately cracks up at whatever that word reminds her of. Those around us just shake their heads and walk away – having no idea what or why we’re suddenly laughing our asses off.

And what I probably love the most about our sisterly bond today? How that has translated over to the utter adoration we have for our niece Isabel. Jen sure knows how to create beautiful little ones – Isabel is, quite simply, the most perfect little girl ever. Whenever the three of us are together with Isabel in tow – the love and affection we shower on her is palpable. When she was born and Jen was recovering from a very complicated birth at my house, I cherished those moments together so very much. The quiet chats we’d have while Isabel was nursing. The tea and cookies we’d have after dinner while Isabel napped on the swing nearby. It became this new ritual – sort of like going back into time a bit, when we still lived together under the same roof. Only this time? We weren’t immature kids who constantly bickered and didn’t ever understand what our mom said when she chided us for fighting so much, saying “you’ll only have each other one day, don’t ruin your relationship now.”

But now I know exactly what she meant. She saw the power of three-strong, even amidst the fighting we did when we were young. She knew that we’d outgrow that bickering phase and become the best of friends. And guess what? She was totally right.  Without them, I am just a little bit weaker. Without them I feel alone and like a piece of me is missing.

Sisters…that bond, there is really no other relationship that can ever compare. Least of all triplet sisters. Three-strong, three-proud, three-loved.

Thank you sis, for capturing the essence of us, together. What I love most about this post is the glimmers of Jen’s thoughts on our sisterhood. You can tell we share a brain, in a sense, since much of what we are all saying in these posts are the thread that unites us. Love, support, laughter, and sure, fighting too. One of my favorite aspects of our sisterhood is that we truly are best friends…sister-friends, if you will. And having that built-in bond for the past 31 years has been nothing short of awesome.

We are family, we are friends, and there is nothing better than understanding each other than just looking in each other’s eyes. Cannot. be. beat.

Can you guess who’s who below?! (obviously Jen in the middle – that doesn’t count!)

I freaking LOVED those outfits! I swear I'd wear them today...the belts? Um, so stylish).

23 thoughts on “What it’s like to be a triplet: Jess’s perspective.

  1. Thanks sis, that brought tears to my eyes. I love how similar our thoughts were! Love the love that you have for Isabel! haha that pic is hilarious! Love how two of us have the same shirt and no I won’t say who is who 😉

    1. Aw! Glad you liked this one too, sis. And I JUST noticed that two of us are wearing the same t-shirt but not the third. How funny that you noticed it too 😉 Not a surprise though!

  2. OMG. Freaking adorable!!

    I always wanted a sister…because of posts like this…and I wanted to have twins…in which everyone said I was crazy.

  3. Big grin! Love reading these perspective. I only have my one sister, and we’re not twins. But when you guys talk about your relationship, your bond, and being together equating to wholeness, I just sit here and nod. That’s how I feel about my sis.

    1. Awww! I am so glad. I love that your relationship with your sis is SO similar to ours. And what, no guesses from you either?!

  4. I love LOVE this post. It also makes me a little wistful for my own sister. My sis, brother and I do the same thing where we’ll bust into giggles that no one quite understands. I sure miss that. I hope she’ll come back to us soon.

    Ok guesses…. um…I’m gonna say Jobo in the pink skirt?

    1. Aww! I wish that for you too! Love giggles! And you were wrong on your guess! But I had to really study the picture to figure it out! Scary huh?! 🙂

  5. Love this series – I don’t even know any triplets, so it’s fun to get this perspective! I have four sisters, so I get that bond and love, but triplets sound like even more fun!

  6. so this one will shock you: i’m gonna quote you the bible. one verse i always kinda liked when i was sorta-kinda-pretending to be a believer was ecclesiastes 4:12 – “And if a man prevail against him that is alone, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

    that’s what runs through my mind when you and your sisters talk about this. a piece of me is truly envious of that bond y’all have. but the rest of me? totally fine with my only-child-princess status. 🙂

    1. Aww! I love that quote, thanks for sharing! We do have that kind of bond that isn’t easily broken and I am not sure what I would do without it, quite frankly 😉 Love my sisters!

    1. Would be a good blog name! I do feel lucky to have such great sisters, makes the rest of the family drama crap pale in comparison!

  7. Three-strong! I LOVE IT! I have two sisters, as I’ve obviously told you before, and we’ve always been seen as the “three Stober girls”. That’s what everyone always called us. Granted, we weren’t triplets. 😉

    I’m thinking you’re the one on the right in the pink skirt. Hehe. You don’t have side swept bangs that I can use to tell you apart!!

    You ladies are beautiful sisters…such a strong bond, and my sisters and I were always told the same thing…never to let it ruin our relationship, because we’d be all we had.

    What’s really strange is that I can remember the bond between us sisters growing stronger after the birth of Miranda, my niece. I was a senior in college, one month from graduation, it was Spring Weekend at UCONN (the biggest party of the year), and I was drinking to every hour that my sister was in VA in labor. I can still remember the song I was listening to when I got the call that she was born – Shania Twain’s “Forever and For Always”. When I met her…I don’t think I can recall loving anyone as much as I loved her…until my own babies. It’s something amazing, isn’t it??

    PS: Ask my sisters about “But I’ve got pictures!!!!” and “Four more field trips” and they’d do the same as Jen and her cloves. 🙂

    ❤ you!

    1. Aw! Love this comment and how well you can really relate!! And when we DO finally meet up one of these days, must hear the stories behind ‘four more field trips” and ‘but I’ve got pictures!” – sounds hilariously awesome 😉 (and you are WRONG! I am NOT in the pink skirt!)

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