A weekend away with a few of my closest friends (and the boys, of course!) lakation-style was exactly what I, and a couple of my friends in particular, needed. We had an unbelievably perfect weekend weather-wise and so SO much fun together. Definitely going to be one of my best summer memories, I can already tell. *exhale*


My blog. I made a few tweaks, did you notice? Headline…’about me’ and even a picture! I figured it was time for a change, as the focus of my blog remains the same, but broadened just slightly. Incorporating all of the fit-things I love so much and are so much a part of ME. Hope ya’ll stick around, read what you like, skip what you don’t, but this tweak feels right.


During the barre n9ne 60-day challenge kick off party today, my sister and I shared our experience, mingled with challengers and the excitement around us was palpable. At one point when my sister was talking, I looked over at her and realized something. WE are the ‘after’ story that WE always wanted to be. Now, looking at her (and at myself), we are us…refreshed. Anew. I am just constantly amazed and proud of us and our progress, progress that will continue.


Another lived-the-shit-out-of weekend is in the books…how did you enjoy it? Do you feel refreshed?


24 thoughts on “Refreshed.

  1. I’m feeling pretty darn refreshed after my vacay and weekend to myself. I hope I can carry it into the work week!

    So happy to see you incorporating the FIT you into your blog. Keep up the great work!

    1. So glad to hear that T! Sometimes you just need some days to relax, veg and BE. And I am glad I am incorporating fitness in here too, in spurts πŸ˜‰

  2. I just noticed the new title and headline. LOVE both!!! So fitting! xoxo

    PS Bronchitis = not refreshing. Getting caught up on my Reader for the first time since surgery a year ago = very refreshing!!!

    1. Glad you like it and so glad you caught up. So touching that you read them all and make such insightful comments. Hope you feel better and get rid of that bronchitis!

  3. This post makes me so happy. And uh, refreshed too. Even though it *is* Monday again. How did that happen?? BUT – I have to say, yesterday at the party did feel like such a “moment” for me (and you/us): we’re finally living our best life ever. And it feels so awesome. And I’m already loving the “paying it forward” aspect of this next challenge, I’m so excited to help them all through the next 60 days to a new outlook, a new body -transformed.

  4. I like the new look … I LOVE the new description! Awesome!

    And this? “lived-the-shit-out-of weekend” – Best Quote Ever. Next time make it the heading! LOL

  5. Loving the tweaks. Loving your life. So happy to see so much happy. I’m glad you’re refreshed. We all need that. I’m just glad this remodel is almost done.That’s its own kind of refreshing.

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