Her penguin.

Tomorrow, I’ll be in Central Park, watching one of my closest divorced friends get married…to her penguin.

(As Christina Perri’s lyrics wax on (as I’ve posted here as well, just love every.single.word.))

I’ve said before that I have a ‘never say never’ attitude about remarriage after divorce, but the more I fall in love with M, the more I see the reality of it, and dare I say, the want for it. Again.

You see, my friend K and her penguin? I firmly believe they were born to be together. They absolutely fit like a glove. Their story is beautiful. Her divorce, while painful (and with two children) has become the best thing that could have happened to her, and to her ex-husband. Their children? Adjusted. Their co-parenting relationship? Once rocky, now smooth. K’s relationship with her man? As strong as they come.

I think tomorrow is going to feel magical. I have never been to Central Park (bucket list!), I am reuniting with M (after a week away in Vegas for him for a conference) at the airport as I step off my flight from Boston and he steps off his, from Vegas, and we’ll go to this wedding together, as close as we’ve ever been.

Witnessing such a good friend remarry is going to be emotional because in a way, it brings me back to the moment I told her I was getting divorced, through tears and shaking, and she looked at me, almost incredulous, and said, ‘you are?…me too. me too. I haven’t told anyone. me too. me too…’ and there we sat, in my office at my old job, arms wrapped around each other, crying. Throughout the next year, we bonded about separation, lawyers, moving, money, and loneliness. I dated. Her relationship with B (aka penguin) flourished. I dated some more. *Finally* met M. And fast forward to today and here we sit. I can’t adequately describe how absolutely thrilled I am for her as the juxtaposition between who we both were then and who we both are now is uncanny.

Tomorrow, K marries her penguin, and I can’t wait to breathe in every moment. Her ‘what could have been’ is…and maybe that means my could have been’ will be one day too. (though I can tell you now, it already is…)

Love like this may come once
Baby it’s fate like a soul mate
He’s your penguin…

And in the end, you’ll have your best friend.


11 thoughts on “Her penguin.

    1. Thank you! It was a blast and so beautiful! And you are right, it’s so funny how the right partner can completely change your mind on certain things 🙂

  1. I definitely think that we can find someone better suited to us and more perfect for us even after marriage. God wants joy for us and will bring us people suited for us, that help us grow and love us fully – no matter where we’ve been before. Hope you had fun at the wedding and I love seeing your heart open up more and more and more over the past year or so. 🙂

    1. Aw, thank you so much Tina. That was such a heartfelt and thoughtful comment and you know what? so SO true. And I too am glad to have an open heart, and full of joy 🙂

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