Lately, I’ve felt blocked.

Writer’s block.

It hits me every once in awhile, but lately, it’s been somewhat constant.


I’m long since divorced. Not a heck of a lot more to write about on a daily basis learning-wise (but, as you know, when it strikes, I write about it, because I am constantly still learning, even almost three years since it all began, er, ended).

I’m happy. Like, whoa. (and ironically, as I’ve written about before, there’s so much more to say when you’re not happy, sadly).

….and when I write about being happy, well, sometimes, I feel like some may be sick of hearing that message.

…but then I go back to…I write for me, nobody else. No audience (as much as I love you all!!). Just me.

(so why do I think that way?! for instance, last night’s post, I was really worried about the reaction, but why should I be? It’s mine, and this is my haven to write what I feel. And thank you for your encouragement!).

I’m finding the topics I want to write about lately are…fitness-related. And I don’t consider my blog a fitness blog. So then I wonder if I’m just being annoying blogging about running and Barre n9ne and body image.

…but then I go back to…this is my blog, I can write what I want.

But maybe I don’t know what I want to write about consistently right now. I don’t want to start a second blog. This is my home. And I know I want to write. I love to write.

And, let’s be honest, my life isn’t *that* interesting where writing about what my day is really all that palatable either.

So, maybe I just write less often and pick and choose what I post here, what I guest post for my sister on, and what I just banter on about on Twitter.

Or maybe I just let it lie, and see how I feel in a few days <–this is me talking to myself as I type. Is this amusing? No?

Clearly, I’m blocked. And now going in circles talking it out here. Wow.


Overthinking, Writer’s-Block-Ridden, Talking-to-myself-until-I-drive-myself-nuts,



32 thoughts on “Blocked.

  1. i know the feeling – when i’m happy, i don’t feel as compelled to write. i go to writing for therapy, which i don’t need much of when things are going well. that’s why it always seems like i’m grumpy when i write. 🙂

  2. Girl…this is your space. We’re just lucky to be invited in. You write about whatever the hell you wanna write about. Or don’t. I still care about what’s going on, whether it’s about you being happy or not (although it’s ideal for you to be happy). Don’t worry…just write. The people who matter will support you no matter what.

  3. Ya know I feel ya, right?

    I think we tend to think of our over-thinking and life as boring and tedious because we do it every day. However, to others who are looking to get into, say FITNESS, we inspire that in them. Or to others who think that divorce is the end of their life… they’re inspired to see someone find something else and even better.

    Just sayin’. Be you. Talk about what you want to talk about. People will either get it or not.

    I’ll be here anyway. 😉

    1. Can I hug you too?! Seriously, the reassurance is so helpful!! I think you are right, I will write what I want and if people dig it, great, and if not, that’s ok too.

  4. Obviously you know that I go thru this all the time, not knowing what to write!!!! But I still have enough unhappy days in between to fill up the blog pages. It’s ok, just write whatever you feel like. I never try to make each of my posts a masterpiece, I just “do.” And if one of them is boring or uninteresting or off-topic or nobody reads it? Oh well, there’s another one coming the next day, so it doesn’t matter. 🙂

    1. So true, it doesn’t matter if it resonates or not, to anyone but ourselves. I just don’t want to blather on and be boring just to do it, either, ya know (NOT THAT YOU ARE BORING, cuz you’re not! just wanted to clarify what I was saying there!), I just want to be inspired to write, and some days, I’m just not. But I guess that’s ok!

  5. It’s so weird you mention this and so true too. I think when people are happy there is less to write about but when we’re not, there’s more to say if that makes sense. I know in work, when we have a gripe, we could go on and on and on analysing it but when everything is fine, we don’t say too much. I reckon write about what you like, it’s your blog and your thoughts and ideas so it’s all good.

    1. Thank you Susan! When there is more angst, there is more to write about, and when there isn’t, there just isn’t sometimes! And that’s ok. I need to be ok with that too 🙂

  6. Write when you feel inspired to do so. It’s been a struggle for me, I used to write Monday through Friday no matter what. But I’ve since realized that writing for the sake of writing isn’t making anyone happy! My posts aren’t good, I’m grouchy, there’s just no need. I’m really making a conscious effort to only post when I feel I have something to post, not just for the sake of posting. Whether it’s about running or relationships or whatever, if you’re excited about it, it will shine through. Write when you’re inspired and people will respond. It may not be the same people, but we all grow and change and that’s ok!

    1. Thanks for the blog pep talk friend! And your posts, I ALWAYS look forward to them, whether they are long or short. If they are short, they are usually funny and I love them 🙂

  7. I feel this way all the time! That’s one reason I only post once a week these days. However, I like the attitude that this is your blog and you can/should write about whatever you want. Some topics will no doubt be more interesting for certain readers than others, and that’s totally okay!

  8. I think you write about whatever you want to write about personally. I think that if you’re wanting to write about your workouts, then you should. You might inspire someone for starters. They are also a part of what makes your life whole right now as well.

  9. Write for you. Write what’s on your mind. No matter the topic. We’ll listen (and you’ll probably just invite more friendly faces to swing on by in the process!). Just be you. Always.

  10. I’m with everyone else- write whatever you damn well please girl! 🙂

    I started my blog as a “weight-loss blog” but I left it open to posts about non-weight stuff like bellydancing (my hobby) or just 5 things that are making me happy right now! 🙂

    1. Belldancing! That’s awesome!! And thanks for finding my blog, I am liking yours so far too! And congrats on the weight loss journey, it’s awesome.

  11. There are no rules here. There is no one that will smack you on the hand or tell you yes and no. If you want to right about fitness for three weeks go for it. If you want to write about cooking for two weeks go for it. If you want to write about porn…wait, don’t write about porn. This is YOUR space. Who gives a flying fuck what anyone else says. Whatever makes you happy writing at the end of the day is what you write about. Life changes….that is what we write about.

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