Half Marathon…let’s do this!!

After four solid runs this week (4.5, 4, 5, 3.5) and one more tomorrow (5.5 hopefully), I have decided…on running the August 14 YuKanRun Half Marathon.

I’ve (un)officially kicked off week one of my half marathon training this week, ever so quietly in my brain. My sister Jess has already signed up (along with my brother in law, and there are a handful of other friends that are also going to sign up too, along with M!) and while I haven’t officially signed up, I knew deep down it’s what I wanted to do, but wanted to make sure my running mojo was officially coming back, after my recent continued struggles.

But today, as I was running with M…I just knew. I want to run that half marathon. To prove that I’m back, and quite possibly, better than before.

My shins don’t ache (they feel strong and able! I have barre n9ne to thank for that! totally strengthening and redefining my calves!).

My legs feel more able. I can push up those hills better and focus more on keeping my breathing steady.

I can breathe. It’s getting better, with each run. It’s quieter, steadier, and I can control it more.

I am starting to look forward to my runs, not being afraid of them.

That runner’s high I thought I’d felt before? No way. The first real one I felt was yesterday, after my run with Jess. I felt it all day long. Legit.

All of that culminated today on my morning run with M, complete with a quick sprint at the end, which I do believe I beat him at (wink. maybe he let me). To run this with my sister and brother in law again, and now also with M, means so much.

I want to stare down my fear from last year’s half marathon…one of the toughest experiences physically I’ve ever had (probably my worst run ever, hitting a wall about 8 miles in and never quite recovering from that…my worst fear, honestly!) is what I call determination.

10 weeks and counting…

Let’s do this!!


Happy weekend friends. I am looking forward to a relatively unplanned weekend. Sometimes those are the best kinds, aren’t they?


27 thoughts on “Half Marathon…let’s do this!!

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cannot wait to cross that finish line with you!!

    Let’s DO THIS!!!!

  2. I’ve been toying with idea of entering my local half marathon. Maybe this will be the inspiration I need (plus the fact the local ladies running club are happy for me to tow along!).

  3. Unplanned weekends are the best kinds. They seem to fill up fastest and be the richest.

    Good luck on the next ten weeks of training. You’ve got this!

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