Random conversations with M: Part II

Join me for another edition of random conversations with M (Part II)…these are some of the reasons why I love him so much…his random conversations, his ridiculously funny sense of humor and general good naturedness. He always knows how to make me not only smile but laugh so hard my stomach hurts. That, my friends, is love.


Scene: laying on the couch before dinner.

M: Would you rather eat raw chicken or raw beef?

Me: *looking at him strangely* Eww. But, um, probably beef. Raw chicken skeeves me out more.

M: Would you rather eat raw pork or raw lamb?

Me: *nodding…okay, so this is a game we’re playing huh?* Um, pork (no rhyme or reason on that one!)

M: Would you rather eat raw fish or human meat?

Me: *looking at him rather grossly* Eww. raw fish *gag*

M: Would you rather eat 8 bees or an old man’s testicles?

Me: *Laughing in hysterics at this point* How did we go from normal meats to a random 8 bees and old man balls?!


Scene: during dinner on Friday night.

M: *picking up a random piece crumb off the table (no, his table isn’t dirty, but sometimes sure, there are leftover crumbs on the table!), looking at it, and at the perfect moment it falls directly into his plate*

Me: *laughing again, hysterically.* Wow, you couldn’t have timed that any better! picking up the random piece of food and where does it fall? Smack dab into your dinner and now you can’t find it!

M: *not amused* Ha-ha, very funny. Seriously, though, have you ever picked up what you thought was, say, leftover piece of goat cheese on the counter and ate it, thinking it was leftover goat cheese (just using goat cheese as an example) and then thinking, as you are chewing…thhhat wasn’t goat cheese!

Me: *laughing hysterically* Um, no. I’d never pick some random crumb off the counter and eat it! That’s gross!

M: *continues to search his plate for said random crumb he dropped into his dinner*


As I write this,Β  I seriously hope it sounds as funny as it was at the time and this isn’t one of those ‘oh, you had to be there’ moments.


This weekend has blown by so fast, but it’s been a goody, complete with our first visit ‘upta camp’ in Maine to help with some camp repairs and painting and a quick visit with the grandparents. It was also M’s first trip up to the lake and I was so excited to share it with him. I just know this summer ‘upta camp’ is going to be one of the best and to share it with him will make it that much sweeter. Happy Sunday, friends.

23 thoughts on “Random conversations with M: Part II

  1. Your M is funny…but he’s probably more funny to you than to anyone else…just like Tim is funnier to me than he probably is to anyone else.

    Like, today, he called conditioner “creme rinse” and it made me laugh because that’s what my mom used to call it. It was cute. But probably only to me. πŸ™‚

  2. I swear, M brings out the hilarity in all of us. Even the car ride to/from camp was a riot, and I give him all the credit (aside from our “fake fight” that is, also pretty amusing, not gonna lie). πŸ˜‰

  3. That’s hilarious. And I get the “you had to be there” moments. GJ and I giggle at the strangest things and moments that I’m SURE no one else would think was nearly as funny as we do.

    Doesn’t it feel so good to laugh with someone you love?

    1. Ha-ha! Yeah, some stuff only we would laugh at, as hilarious as it might be to us, would probably fall like a lead brick to others πŸ˜‰ Laughter is love, isn’t it?

  4. It was definitely funny. I lol’d. And I’m super jealous of all of the fun times you’re going to have in Maine this summer. πŸ™‚

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