When comparison is the utmost form of flattery.

Sooo…my big-ass launch?


Flying colors.

Praise all around.

To me, specifically.

In front of the executive team by my (interim) boss.

I was shocked (but I’m sure many of you, who’ve had faith in me from the beginning are sooo not!).

Separately, he even went so far as to tell me that “you did a great job, this was a very tough project to pull together given all the moving parts and diverse personalities [me: that’s an understatement!]…it was as if K was here…we did not miss a beat!”

Um, wow. 

Finally, this comparison made me beam with pride, not crumple and cry under pressure.

It truly has felt like I was ‘rushing’ a frat or sorority, and this was my ultimate test. (I think even a couple of you may have mentioned that to me…think of this as a continuation of your interview process, and this is your final hurdle to getting hired)

I even joked to my boss about that and he said I passed the ‘test.’

All of this happened last night, as we were all finishing documents and preparing for today, and rather than have nightmares all night about things going wrong today, I slept like a log. Next to M. Peacefully.

Was up like a shot at 6 am and raring to go.

It’s truly been a great day, and I feel accomplished and more ‘seasoned’ and ready to take on the next challenge…next week’s trip to Vegas for not one, but two tradeshows. Hello, out-of-comfort-zone-ness!

So, thank you all for your support and advice. It’s meant the world to me. Truly.


45 thoughts on “When comparison is the utmost form of flattery.

  1. Wow, I am so glad that this day turned out so well for you. It is not surprise to me at all that you are a success, but I am so happy that you see it today. 🙂

  2. Wow! So impressed. I hope you’re really proud of yourself. Now you can stuff those self-doubts in the drawer, lock it and throw away the key.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks Mandy! I am glad you are impressed…I know you were one of several who thought I was being too hard on myself and while I know I was, I just needed to prove it to myself too, ya know? Thank you!!

  3. Yay, Jobo! 😀 It’s awesome to get accolades on a tough project, especially following behind such an accomplished reliable person. Have a celebratory glass of wine for me tonight!

  4. it’s so stressful starting a new job, figuring out the “players”, etc. and to do it remotely is even tougher. congratulations on pulling it off (not that there was any doubt)!

    1. exactly!! so hard! being remote did make it more difficult, but I managed and it allowed me to have my ‘moments’ where I cried or needed to just step away for a few minutes. Ya know? Thank you for being confident in me!

  5. I am just catching up on blogs today and was super psyched to read your great news…CONGRATS!!! If anyone deserves this, you do, especially for all the hard work and dedication you put into it.

  6. “You did a great job.” Not many ways to interpret that other than the obvious. 😉 Congrats! Very well deserved. I’m so happy for you. 🙂

  7. Congrats! You must be so happy to finally have the launch over and done with. Sounds like all of your hard work was appreciate and more importantly, noticed AND acknowledged!

  8. YES!!! I love when things we devote so much time and energy to turn out even better than we expect! I also love that you’re recognizing how much you bring to your office. (Your boss and the rest of us realized that a while ago – hehe.) xoxo

    1. It is fantastic when things work out even better than you could imagine. And it did feel great. I am thankful for all of my support through you and everyone else that believes in me!

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