Conversations with my sisters.

As I’ve shared many times, my sisters and I are very close. As triplets, we’ve grown up together, doing everything together, and as we’ve gotten older, we’ve just gotten closer than ever before. Quite simply, we’re best friends.

As such, we have a zillion funny stories that only we ‘get’ and that we can quite possibly erupt into laughter over, half-laugh/half-talking and anyone that hasn’t experienced this eruption just stares, while those that have, just shake their heads and laugh knowingly that it’s ‘that’ kind of moment.

So, while sitting together over dinner with my sisters and my mom tonight (and my beautiful niece!), we had a few of those such conversations, thus spawning this post idea. Here are some of our random conversations…see if you can follow along (and insert random, riotous laughter throughout, with some guffawing and snorting for good measure).

Me: I love goat cheese, it’s sooo good. Have you had it, Jen?

Jen: *funny look on her face* you know, I don’t really like it.

Me: *puzzled look* (given we pretty much like all the same foods). Why?! It’s so good though!

Jen: *giggling* it sort of tastes like udder!

Me: *snort, giggling, guffawing* Udder?! WTF does udder TASTE like?! How would you know?

Jen: *similar snorting and guffawing* I dunno, it’s from a GOAT, I figure it would taste like the udder of a goat!

Cue continuous laughter to the point of tears. To this day, I just have to look at Jen and say “udder” and she starts cracking up in hysterics.


Just this evening, Jen had an interesting observation as we were eating Jess’ homemade chicken soup (YUM, btw):

Jess: Ohh hot! Soup is hot! Don’t you hate that? When the soup is so hot, it like, burns all the way down your throat.

Me: *giggling* Ha-ha, yea, and then you drink a bunch of water trying to ‘cold’ the hot scalding soup shooting down your esophogaus!

Jen: *giggling some more* Ha-ha-ha. But what ever make humans decide it’s okay to pour scalding fluid down your throat, yet when you pick something up hot with your hands, you immediately put it down and say ‘oh hot!’ Like coffee. You pick it up with a cardboard holder but then proceed to pour said hot liquid down your throat.”

Cue giggling and guffawing and lots of impressions of drinking hot liquids and it scalding your throat. Yes, we are 12 at heart.


ANY childhood ‘war stories’ that we opt to discuss at any given moment.

Such as the time Jess threw a jar of peanut butter at Jen’s head and Jen ducked and the window behind her shattered.

Who’s fault do you think that was? (ask either of them and they point at the other, of course)

Such as the time I was arguing with Jen and she went to kick me, which I blocked with my hand. She then broke my pinky bone with said kick.

Who’s fault do you think that was? (ask either of us and we point at the other, sheepishly)

The list goes on and on…and yeah ,these incidents? High school or later 😉


We had a great evening tonight, and it was just fun to spend some time together, talking, playing with an ever-sprouting Isabel and having dinner. Simply perfect way to spend an evening, complete with tea and chocolate chip cookies.

Even more perfect? My decision to head to M’s tonight spur of the moment…just so be able to sleep next to him, even though I saw him last night/this morning. Perfection.

32 thoughts on “Conversations with my sisters.

  1. That’s the way it is with my mom, brother and sister too. Ahhh… I miss that with my sister in her own little world that none of us get. But when we were all in the same room, it was the same deal. Funny stories. Lines that only WE know from childhood favorite movies… or songs we’ll start singing out of nowhere. My man just shakes his head and says, “whatever.” when he’s around my brother and I. Too funny.

    And um… if you had your chocolate.. and wine.. and not you’re headed to M’s place…well, it sounds like you’re getting all that I recommended you get tonight, hmmmm? 😉

    1. Ha-ha! Yes, the head-shaking ‘whatever’ as if they totally don’t understand. I love that. And I DID get most of what we talked about yesterday…no wine, but tea was just what the night ordered 🙂 Perfect!

  2. What a beautiful evening you girls had and what perfect way to end a perfect night staying over at Ms. I have three sisters and have different dynamics and relationships with them all but it’s all good too.

    1. Aw, glad you like it. I love how close we are now too. I can’t imagine kicking and fighting like we used to in high school anymore 😉 Ha, well, gladly we are a wee bit more mature than that!

  3. Girl, I totally understand those half sentence, mumbled up words that really are full on conversations, speckled with lots of laughter and not one other soul gets. Sarah and I can have a conversation that might go:
    Me: have you talked to mom
    S: yep, did she tell you about Aubrie
    Me: Oh lord yes (start to giggle), too funny
    S: Can you believe, kinda like that time
    Me: I know crazy
    Both snorting and laughing
    S: Ok, love you
    Me: Love you, bye.

    Jason sits there shaking his head asking what that was all about.

    1. LOL Heather!! That sounds JUST like our conversations, I am like cracking up over here envisioning it…especially that Jason head-shake, very similar to the Scott head-shake, hehe. 😉

    2. LOL!! YES!! Exactly! It could be one word, just one, and we are off to the races with our random giggling and sister-speak. So fun. I wish your sister was coming up this summer! We’d have so much fun. Maybe we can convince her… 😉

  4. Yes, you guys are dorks, but I love you anyways! I was laughing more at the “guffaw” insertions than the actual stories…what the heck is a guffaw??? LOL!! I think you guys are all too feminine to guffaw. 😛

    I SO hope that I end up having a daughter at some point…I’m pretty convinced that this baby is a boy, and that I’m destined to have only sons, like I have only brothers. Man, would I have loved a sister!

    1. LOL! I just love the word ‘guffaw’ but do agree it is more of a manly-like laugh isn’t it? Or something?? 😉 I think you are going to have a girl…or maybe that’s just my hope, however, I think either way, he/she will be beautiful!

  5. I love those stories. It seems so similar to my relationship with my own sisters. We have a blast every time we are together. Much laughter and many inside jokes for sure.

    And seriously, Jess threw a jar of PB at Jen’s head?!? But she seems way too sweet for that from what I can tell from her comments on your blog. 😉

    1. So much fun to have a blast with sisters, right”?! Haha, yes she did throw a jar of peanut butter at her head. There are plenty of war stories I’m sure you’d be shocked at 😉

  6. I did not know you were one of three?!!! How cool is that? I have twin girls so can appreciate the specialness of multiples! Are you fraternal or are is there a set of identicals? Just curious….

    1. Yep! It is cool, we love it 🙂 Two identical (Jess and me) and Jen is fraternal. I love that you have twins! I didn’t realize that. The dynamic between sisters (And brothers, I’m sure) is so great, built-in best friends at this stage and I love it.

  7. See? That’s the nice thing about being able to rough house when you’re older. We won’t actually hurt each other (most of the time), but we still get a kick out of it and it still drives my parents nuts. I don’t care if I’m approaching 30 and my brother owns his own house, inside we’re still 12. Nothing makes us happier than getting the parents to sigh in frustration!

  8. i’m a few days behind in blog reading so forgive me…i LOVE this post! not very many people can say they have this kind of special relationship with their family – you’re so lucky that you do!

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