Happiness this weekend is…

…Seeing my beautiful niece Isabel. Holding her. Hugging her. Playing with her. Seeing her smile at me and seeing that look of recognition in her face.

…Seeing a little bit of her in me in this picture…seriously, doesn’t she have that ‘expression’ about her? (for those of you that know me IRL?)

…Feeling her fingers run across my face, her arm hold on tight, her fingers intertwined in my hair *slight tug* and giggling.

…Seeing M interact with her, play with her and take pictures. And realizing that one day, he’s going to be a great father. Realizing that one day…maybe one day, I could see him as a father to my *gulp* children. Realizing that one day, I could imagine…marrying this man.


27 thoughts on “Happiness this weekend is…

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! On all fronts! You are a terrific auntie and M was so sweet with her! He’d be a great uncle! 😉 Love you sis!

  2. That baby is so damn gorgeous and cute! I do think she looks like you FYI…but isn’t that likely anyways with the whole triplets thing:) Yes, we can all see you marrying this man…welcome to the relationship:)

  3. Ah so sweet, you’ll be a great mom in the future and I say M will be a wonderful Dad, so exciting you see him as a future life partner and father of your children.

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