About those irrational fears…

Yesterday was a rough day, clearly, as by my post on irrational fears (if you would like the password, just leave me a comment) but after all of your feedback, I came in to today ready to prove I can do this gig and I am cut out for it (albeit with a steep learning curve in some areas).

Well, I hit my groove more today and felt more comfortable with the way the next few weeks’ worth of activities are shaping up, and that gives me confidence.

What else gives me confidence?

When my boss had no changes to what I sent him for one of these said big learning curve things next week. Really? No changes? *phew*

When I saw the fruits of my labor (a new web page layout for our company web site. Sort of my ‘baby’ so to speak) laid out…honestly, it looked awesome and I can’t wait for it to be live so I can show it off (privately of course).

When I look around and about 75% of what’s going on, I get. It’s the last 25% that is taking a toll on me. I need to get past that, I need to NOT let fear be in the driver’s seat and let it propel me.

I need to allow myself the learning curve, ask questions, get feedback and just do. I am a doer, by nature, so let’s do, let’s not go headfirst into the sand (even if it’s honestly where I feel comfortable sometimes!). Let’s do.

So, thank you, for all of your feedback and guidance. I appreciate everyone’s feedback as it wasn’t all “you are great, you are just being irrational.” (of course some of it was, and that too, is such a good feeling to read, thank you thank you!), but it was tangible, realistic, and honest. You all are the best, just sayin’.

(and I swear, tomorrow I am getting back to throwbacks posts..I had a few in mind tonight, but then after reading an email from my boss, I just had to throw down this pep-talk-to-me-thank-you-all post, mmk?)


18 thoughts on “About those irrational fears…

  1. YES. See? Maybe all you needed was one bit of positive reinforcement from your hard-to-read boss to know that you ARE doing great work, in spite of yourself (as in, in spite of you being so incredibly hard on yourself). I’m proud of you. xo

    1. Thanks for the nice comment sis, I know you just want to shake me 😉 Yes, I do need the reinforcement. I need the confidence. It’ll come.

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