This weekend, happiness is…

…seeing the huge grin on M’s face when he said “what do you call a guy with two thumbs in the air? This guy, who’s done with his capstone!” (On Saturday)

…realizing I ran 4.75 miles (albeit with a struggle) on Saturday morning, outside, sun shining, birds chirping (knowing I WILL get back to that running ability I so miss!).

…buying a new grille in anticipation of tomorrow’s 75-80 unheard-of-for-April-degree temps (my old grille died last fall, may she rest in peace).

…seeing M’s face, a look of pride as he put on his suit this morning, readying for his capstone presentation.

…sitting with M’s parents and talking, for two hours, as M greeted people at his display and discussed his presentation. It was hard to contain the sense of pride I had, and the sense of comfort in chatting with M’s parents.

…feeling touched that my sister and brother in law came to support M in his presentation today (and tonight, for dinner with us to celebrate, and oh, tomorrow too, with my new grille! Why not, right?!). I really feel like the ‘family’ I had before with them (my sister and brother in law and my ex and I were very close, once upon a time, and I always felt like I never quite got that back…but ever since Jamaica, I feel like more than ever, we’re ‘family’ more than ever. It couldn’t feel any better).

…looking forward to tonight and tomorrow for an extended celebration and experiencing what M is like without a huge capstone hanging over his head (wink). And being ready to help support him in this next phase.

…open windows, blooming tulips, sun at 6:45 pm, and fresh air. Bring.On.Spring.

…And that’s what love is, right? Support. Encouragement. Family.


21 thoughts on “This weekend, happiness is…

  1. Yeah so glad M’s presentation went well, what a relief for him and for you, that it’s all over now. Hope the celebrations were fun last night and enjoy your day today. Yeah!!

  2. Aww! Love this sis. Especially the part about us becoming a little “family” again. I’ve so missed that too..and totally dig M, he is such fun to be around, is such a good (and smart) guy. And he loves you so much. Probably my favorite part πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m so glad M is done!

    so jetblue had tickets on sale to boston for $360 round trip…unfortunately, I don’t get to use vacation until after the sale expired, but I’m hoping they repeat the sale again later…we may have to take advantage.

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend planned! I hope it lived up to all of that awesomeness! πŸ™‚

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