“One day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before…”

As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday, my trip to Jamaica brought on a new level of comfort with M, and I feel as though we know each other more than we ever have. Maybe that sounds weird or couterintuitive because sure, we should know each other more as time goes on, but there were moments where I just saw him differently. I am not even sure I can quite articulate it, but this quote just speaks it so well for me:

“One day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And that person is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with”

I just feel that in the 7 months since I met M, we’ve melted together in just the right ways. We’ve learned to understand each other’s moods, needs, habits, annoyances and moods. We’ve learned the best ways to communicate, to be honest, to be open, to have balance, with each other and our lives together, as well as separately. That problem with saying no he had such a habit of a few months ago? I hardly even notice it anymore, because he doesn’t do it as often. There is more give and take.

When I see him, I see us. I see future. I see possibilities. I see it all without fear, without a timeline, without rushing. But I do see it. I think back to our first date back in September where I uttered the phrase: Yea, that’s what it’s supposed to feel like. What I’ve been looking for.

Little did I know how just very right that phrase was then, and still is now. Look for my ‘throwback’ post on meeting M and our first few dates together. For those of you not following my old blog, when I go through those posts, I just smile because those first few dates spoke volumes about us then, and about us now.

Cheers friends, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. As for me? I plan to enjoy it as much as I can, even though it’ll be cut a bit short with my flight out to California on Sunday.


23 thoughts on ““One day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before…”

  1. Well this was a lovey-dovey post which I loved reading! 🙂
    I’m so glad that you have found yourself in such a good relationship. I think these next several months will be big ones for you.

    I was going to crack a joke about a comment I put on one of those first date posts, but I’ll see if you can figure it out instead.

    1. Okay, I am racking my brain for what comment you are talking about! Clue a girl in! 😉 And I am glad you liked my gushy post even though I know you usually aren’t a huge fan of them 😉

      1. LOL, its gushy but we love you so its okay. 🙂 Just kidding, very happy for you and jealous as usual. You deserve all of this and more, and I’m sure “M” does too after all he’s been through as well.

        1. Yeah, I know, I am fully owning up to the gushiness, ladies, I know, not everyone likes to read the gushies, but sometimes, I just gotta get it out 😉 he has gone through a lot too, with his divorce and moving on. Something we still talk about from time to time. Pain. Moving on. Trusting again. It takes time. But eventually, it happens.

        1. No, I know you liked it, thank you! I just know you aren’t a huge fan of uber gushy posts generally (which is completely ok!). A dress?! I am stumped!

          1. I want to know what you’re talking about too! A dress? Intriguing. Loved this post. Chapters in your story with M always makes me smile.

  2. What a beautiful quote! Love reading about the give and take and how you’ve grown — individually and as a couple — since you’ve been together. xoxo

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