“Jamaica! Ya, mon!”

In three words, Jamaica was: gorgeous. serene. relaxing. And so much more.

It gave me the ability to ‘just be’ – untethered, unplugged, freed from the stress of the next month or two of work that will truly be a test for me. And even almost more importantly, it gave M the ability to do just the same.

Jamaica gave me a lot of time to spend some 1:1 time with my sister Jess and I appreciated that far more than I had imagined. We’ve been so used to seeing each other 40 hours a week, every single day and on weekends prior to our new jobs that we’d lost that ability to tell each other everything ‘in real-time,’ giggle uncontrollably over only a joke the two of us would ‘get’ and sharing a special week together that we never got to in the past (since we’d previously only gone on tropical vacations alone with our partners).

These past few days gave me a heightened level of comfort with M. And what do I mean by that? I feel like now more than ever, I can tell him absolutely everything and anything. I can be completely honest. I can have a bitchy moment or two and he’ll find ways to calm me. He will get annoyed with me (as I will with him) and we’ll be able to laugh it off later once the moment has passed. There is so much more for me to say on this topic, and I will, in a future post. (similar to Sunshine, I am having trouble articulating everything I want to from the this week’s vacation in one post!

Jamaica gave me the ability to let go a little. Free my mind. And, namely, not work out. AT ALL. This is a first for me, and while today, I am trying to push down guilt over how many frosty drinks I consumed this week (hello, Bloody Mary, Purple Rain, Miami Vice, Strawberry Daiquiri, Sangria, wine, champagne, and more champagne!), I feel refreshed and ready to get back to that routine that I cling to so much for balance.

I now, more than ever, see such a long future with M. We had some really special moments this week. A lot of that super annoying loving cuddling, a lot of moments just being. Walks on the beach, naps, reading as we held hands. And one particular moment that happened at the oddest moment. At the airport in Jamaica waiting for our chicken sandwiches at Wendys before our flight (yes, Wendys, the only option we had really!)…we were talking about our vacation, hugging, and looking forward to the next vacations we’d love to spend together…and M uttered, ever so quietly, or maybe somewhere like Hawaii or Greece…for a honeymoon, perhaps. He almost said it as if he were thinking it, not saying it aloud, and then he almost stopped himself, worrying he was scaring me by saying that. But he wasn’t. I just smiled and hugged him a little tighter. Because I too, can see that being a possibility…the idea of remarriage doesn’t scare me as much as it used to. And the only reason is because of him and what we have. Funny what a little love can do, huh?

And three of my most favorite phrases from this week?

“Ya, mon!” <–could mean anything from ‘your welcome’ to ‘sure’ to ‘yes!’ to however you want to interpret it. I just love it for some reason.

“In Jamaica, we don’t have problems, just situations.” <–if that could be applied to every aspect of life, that would be amazing. Isn’t that a great saying?

“wicked bumper” <–a woman with a nice ass. That just makes me laugh. Especially when said with a Boston accent ‘wickid bumpa!”


Mimosa overlooking the pool bar - cheers, mon.

I’d love to post more pics of us, but I am still really trying to keep some semblance of anonymity. Lots on Facebook though – email me if you’d like to be Facebook friends, if we aren’t already (as long as you keep this separate from Facebook, I’m all cool with Facebook friending!)


52 thoughts on ““Jamaica! Ya, mon!”

  1. fun! i was in Jamaica in ’05 and the funniest thing I saw was this three walled “building” that had no windows, no doors and it wasn’t any bigger than a room and a half. someone had spray painted “Future Home of Wal-Mart” on it. it made me laugh so much – they don’t have much, but they have a good sense of humour!

    1. THAT is funny! I was surprised how poor Jamaica really is though. I knew it would be, but some of the areas we drove through were really in shambles. Sad to have such a juxtaposition between that and luxury hotels.

  2. ok, the bostonian “wicked bumpah” is the most hysterical thing i’ve seen all week. seriously, you should make that happen. it’s so much better than “wicked pissah.” 🙂

    glad you had such an amazing time! (and these pics make me feel warmer just looking at them. believe me, that is MUCH appreciated after 3 1/2 hours at nationals park in the 40-degree rain today.)

    1. Tee-hee. Glad you liked the wickid bumpah! Keep it classy, right? 😉 wow, 3 1/2 hours in freezing rain, and I’d be miserable! warm up!

  3. Um, your post was way cuter than mine. For the record. AND – you didn’t tell me M said that to you at the airport! I just about melted reading that!! SO CUTE!! LOVED every minute of our trip together, especially getting to know M better. He is the best. Love it.

    1. Aww, glad you liked it sis and I didn’t intentionally not tell you, but I just wanted to let it marinate first 😉 I had so much fun with you too, and I miss you already. So fun to spend that much time together!

    1. LOL – I confess, I did leave that part out. Like I told my sis, I sorta wanted to think on it more and let the words flow here, if they were meant to (almost didn’t even mention it here). Wanker 😉

  4. i love this!!! I’m so glad you had such a great time!

    and holy freaking hell yeah to the honeymoon option. at least it’s a possibility now, right???

    1. aw, glad you like it too!! And yes, the fact that I deem it a possibility is a huge step for me. Nothing near term, but to feel like this is something I am open to? Feels huge.

  5. Glad you had fun, mon!

    We’re not facebook friends but I’m about to friend request you. You’re a fan of the In My Tummy page, so I know how to find you!

  6. I’ve been a few places in the Caribbean but never Jamaica for some reason. And I love reggae like nobody’s business!

    Sounds like time together was good for all. I love that you’re so in love!


  7. SR & I just paid off a crazy amount of credit card debt & put some money in savings. I want to blow both out of the water and go to Jamaica, Hawaii AND Greece–this post is not helping 😉

    Glad you had a good time!

  8. I love that things are going so well for you. Seems like you are finally comfortable and on the right path. If I could see you, I’d bet you are glowing…

    Big hugs!

    1. Thanks Nicki, I think I am on the right path…some struggles still, with work, of course, but otherwise, going really well in life.

  9. Happy that Jamaica had such an impact on you as far as lifelong memories go. I also went to Jamaica and have dozens of great memories. I actually met someone there and was able to see the inner parts. The outdoor concerts, the rubble of the poor, a ganja field, I slept in a tin hut … she showed me quite a lot outside of ‘The Tree Hut’ (where I stayed).

    Welcome back to your everyday life!

  10. Glad to hear you had such a great time and your wicked bumper made it back home in one piece. The stuff about M? I’m not surprised.

    1. We did have a great time! Wicked bumpa! you gotta say it right 😉 You aren’t surprised about M? Interesting. But I guess, in a way, neither am I.

  11. Oooooooooooooh I leave April 9th and now after reading your post I’m even MORE EXCITED TO GO!!

    So glad you had a fantastic trip!

  12. Yeah for you! Sounds like an amazing vacation all around. I went to Jamaica a few years ago and didn’t care for it much. Perhaps it was where we stayed and I should give it a second chance. Sounds like things are going oh so well with M! Excited for you!

    1. Where did you stay? Honestly, the resort made the difference. It was wonderful. But the city itself? I didn’t care for it at all either. Definitely one of the poorest islands I have been to. Sort of a sad thing, ya know?

  13. Such a lovely report my dear! My man and I had our first vacation together about a month ago and I felt a lot of what you described –a deepening, a solidifying. I think TRUST is a big part of it for me. A feeling like I can stretch and grow in the relationship. A feeling like it’s safe to embrace this and love this and believe in this. Took 7-8 months to get there. I think this is called cruising altitude (but with a vision of the future getting closer and clearer in view). So glad you had fun!

    Oh, footnote. If you are suffering from post-vacation blues (I did majorly!), you could do what I did. I am making this elaborate photo album scrapbook of our trip which helps me to extend the experience that much longer. You know?

    P.S I will look for you on Facebook.

    1. Cruising altitude! I LOVE that. So true too…and about the same thing on timing, as we are entering month 7 as well. So interesting how similar we are! Definitely find me on FB or email me and I will find you! 🙂

  14. I adore that picture. So perfect. I’m glad you had such an amazing time! Good to have you back though. 🙂

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