Small victories, moments, and random annoyances about traveling.

How is it already Sunday evening, may I ask?

I had a small victory towards my goal of eating dinner alone on Friday.

I sat at a bar and had a glass of wine alone. All by myself! Sure, I texted a few friends my small victory and generally just stuck to myself, but I did it, right?

A big part of the reason was that my flight home on the Dallas-Boston leg of the trip was delayed more than TWO hours, so I had much time to kill at the airport. And I saw a wine bar. And it was quite possibly calling my name. I could almost hear it. That, and the wine shop that was part of said wine bar, beckoning me in to have a look around.

So I went for it.

(confession: it took me walking around the terminal twice to get the courage up to do it, though!).

I sat down, and ordered a glass of Kunde cabernet…one of the wineries I visited in Sonoma last fall, to boot! And damn, that wine tasted like the best wine E-VER. And ya know what? It wasn’t so scary. It helped that others sitting there were alone too (probably stranded from the same flight as me!)

That glass of wine, alone at the bar, calmed my frustration over the flight delay and helped me sleep almost the entire flight home. Landing around 12:30 and seeing a smiling (yet tired) M, made it so worthwhile.

Leading me to moments…


…falling into M so gently to sleep that night, relieved, exhausted, but smiling. He had a rough week (complete with a death of a high school friend unexpectedly) and hadn’t slept well, so hearing him snore that night, I actually smiled, because when he snores, I know he’s realllly sleeping. Heavily.

…sharing an apple with M. I don’t know, it just felt so intimate. In a loving sort of way.

…looking up from my pillow last night to see both kitties within a foot of me. One snuggled under the covers next to me, in the crook of my arm, and the other on my pillow, next to my face. Guess they missed me, huh?

…spending a muuuuuch needed afternoon of pampering with my sister and ‘honorary’ sister-in-law yesterday, complete with hair cut, eyebrow wax and manicure/pedicure (complete with super tropical colors for Jamaica!!). Bliss.


As I was waiting for my flight to board home fi-nally on Friday, I was rattling off to my sister on BBM my annoyances with stupid people’s traveling habits. Not quite enough for a full-on post, but here are some of them (I’m sure some of you other constant travelers can totally relate!):

Move it along people! Those people that trapse down the aisle to their seat and stand there, fiddling with their carryon, finally lug it into the overhead and then freaking take their jacket off WHILE STANDING IN THE AISLE! Hello, there are like, 40 rows of people waiting to get past you, you idiot, move it along!!! Step into your seat, then take your jacket off, I mean really.

*serenity now*

The woman in front of you who decides it’s a good idea to pull up the arm on her suitcase just as she steps off the plane, instead of stepping to the side to do that. Stops dead, fiddles with the arm of her suitcase, as I practically barrel over here because I just want to get the eff off the plane already (given those same morons who take their jacket off standing in the aisle when they board the plane, do the same freaking thing when they get off!). Move to the side, lady, and let others by! I mean really.

*serenity now*

Does American *really* need a “platinum, platinum’ level member that gets to walk down the ‘red carpet’ side of the boarding gate, along with the priority access patrons? (and seriously, I hate the word patron!). I mean really. (and I dunno about you, but I’d feel pretty silly walking down the red carpet ‘side’ – it’s the same flipping thing, people!)

*serenity now*

Hopefully you’re laughing at or with me right now πŸ˜‰ And I’m sure I’m missing tons of annoyances, so feel free to add your own πŸ˜‰

Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of this blur of a weekend thankyouverymuch.


39 thoughts on “Small victories, moments, and random annoyances about traveling.

  1. Um. How about the carry on that would never, ever – even on it’s best day – fit in the overhead compartment, yet they still try, squishing other people’s stuff and refusing to gate check their bag.

    1. On a plane once, I watched this man pull this crap with a bag that cah-LEARLY wasn’t going to fit, and yet he went wandering around trying to find a place for it.

      THE PLANE WAS FULL. HE WAS THE LAST GUY TO BOARD – we had *already* waited for him. AND the flight attendants were on the intercom telling him to gate-check, and he just ignored them! They practically had to accost him to get him to check it! AND WE WERE ALREADY LATE.

      Augh. *serenity now*.

  2. Kudos to you for enjoying that glass of wine solo. Soooo deserved for starters. I bet with all the traveling you’ll be able to come up with a whole post on annoyances. There have to be a million!!! Glad you’re home, safe and sound.

  3. i’ll bet that wine was super-sweet indeed. reminds me that i want a glass right now, actually.

    and my lord, between the man and me, we’ve got a thousand-entry or more litany of travel annoyances. i’m adding the women who wear enough perfume to choke a horse when they go to get on the plane, though. once you get that swill into the recycled air, it is all over for the rest of the trip. migraine city; population me. ugh.

  4. yay for victories! i knew you could do it!

    now adding to your travel pet peeves (having just gotten off a plane myself):

    – people who don’t put their carryone roller in the overhead the right way to make room for everyone else.
    – the person next to you who hogs your armrest.
    – the person next to you who has body odor (i suffered thru this on a flight from frankfurt to sfo!)

  5. oh I am totally laughing now. I would have joined you at that wine bar. And maybe I should take the plunge….I’ll go out to eat by myself if you do. Thats a good challenge!

    1. DEAL! πŸ™‚ Let’s do it! Maybe all of us that are afraid to, pick a night, and we just tweet and BBM the entire time. So it almost feels like we’re eating dinner together πŸ˜‰

  6. 1) I took a solo trip to NorCal about 2 years ago when I landed a new job (and hence $12,000 pay raise). My goal was to have dinner alone. The hotel that I stayed at had a super small restaurant, and I kept waiting for a seat at the bar to open up. I even went back up to my room and came down after 20 minutes, and still no bar seat. I was forced to get a table. I sat by myself, had dinner by myself and a glass of wine. No book, nada. But it seriously felt like SUCH a great meal (even tho the food kinda sucked) I was able to reflect on how far I had come.
    2) I HATE travel idiots. BABIES! I always want there to be separate flights for people with babies, because I know I should be all “ooo” and “awwww” but really I’m like “shut that thing up!” I don’t have the patience.
    3) I cannot wait for Eric’s schedule to calm down. He has so much going on in this next month, and I just crave for the day when he can have a few days off in a row that we can just spend together…I swear a vacation is in order. Since we’re no longer going to Costa Rica, maybe we’ll join you for a week in Maine? I can totally see that happening now…

    1. YES!!! MAINE! That would be sooo fun. You guys would love it. As for flying, yes, babies screeching gets me too, especially late at night. And your dinner alone sounds awesome, and gutsy. GO YOU!

  7. Well done for eating alone Friday night! Excellent job. My pet hat for travelling on planes, buses and trains is sitting beside someone who has their ipod or whatever music they’re listening to on their headphones on full blast so you can hear their music for the whole duration of the journey. I usually move seat if I can.

    Another one if kinda funny, when we were travelling in Australia, we had to take a three day train journey to get from the west to east coast (the airline we were booked on went bust). Anyway the girl in the row opposite us talked for the entire 72 hours about her life and went on and on and on and on.

  8. I think an airport is the best way to step slowly into the world of eating by yourself. I mastered that one a few years back and love it. So many other people are doing it so it does make it easier. Plus I love the people watching. Good for you!
    I’ve never understood the patron, special carpet thing either. What the hell is the point.I could use it, I just choose not to.

  9. DAMMIT!

    The ONE time you’re delayed and I was out of town. 😦

    I would have loved to hung out with you and shared some wine!

    And, heh, you’re sounding like a true traveler now. πŸ˜‰

    1. I KNOW!! It was the one time where I had such a good chunk of time there too!! I don’t want to say “hopefully” I have a big delay again…but hopefully I do, only if you are around of course πŸ™‚

  10. I love travelling alone just so I can have a bagel, wine or whatever alone. I love to people watch. Conversation gets in the way of that. πŸ˜‰

    So sorry about M’s friend. You guys are in my thoughts.

  11. This post made me laugh – even though we talked about most of these over BBIM while you were stuck in the airport – I needed a giggle after feeling so gross today. And I’m so proud of you for having that glass of wine alone! It’s scary to do! I had lunch by myself at SXSW and it was so weird – granted it was a grilled cheese that I ate while sitting on the floor outside the trade show while catching up on email but still, I was alone. And eating. That sorta counts, right??

    1. Ha-ha, glad to amuse you, my sickly sister πŸ˜‰ It is scary to do stuff like that alone, but I felt so much better after doing it. Maybe it was the wine…and yes, that sorta counts πŸ˜‰

  12. Ugh don’t even get me started on the travel annoyances. I can go for days.

    Yeah for small victory on drinking wine at the bar solo. The airport is the perfect place to practice. Especially after the spring break madness dies down, then you will really notice all the solo business travelers out there.

    1. Ha! I figured for sure you’d have a zillion travel annoyances πŸ˜‰ Last week was insane at the airports with all the spring breakers!

  13. Ugh. Sometimes I want to shove people in to their seat because they’re holding the whole line up. I also get *so* annoyed at people in security lines. “Do I have to take off my beeelllttt?”, “Do I have to take off my shoooeeesss?” For the sake of efficiency, just take off your shoes and belt and be done with it already.

  14. Woo hoo to eating and enjoying a glass of wine at the bar by yourself! I’m proud of you!

    I hate the people who show up less than an hour before the flight and expect everyone to rush them through the lines.

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