Of the daily struggles, baby steps, and bloggy meet-ups

As much as I was motivated by my own post last night, I also found myself struggling a bit today.

Struggling because I am exhausted (the time different still gets me. every. single. time.), because I feel as though my mind is in overdrive when I’m at work vs. working (when I work from home, I feel that I get more accomplished, but when I am at work, I get more face time, which causes a new layer of anxiety for me, meeting new faces, figuring out people’s quirks, learning, learning, learning).

Struggling because the days feel supremely long. Of course, it doesn’t help that I got up at 4:45 am today and yesterday morning to check out 24 Hour Fitness’ classes! Just psyched to be able to get a good sweat on while I’m out here vs. piecing together workouts in my room (I do need to find a good running route still.). So, by day’s end, I can barely keep my eyes open and that grand list of things I want to do after work? Go to the beach. Expore. Find new wine places and restaurants. It all seems daunting and unfathomable because I’m just damn tired. Right now, it’s 6:20, but it feels like 9:20. Um, hi, bedtime.


Daily struggles. They’ll get easier. I keep telling myself that. But I know it will. I’ll make it happen. Because that’s how I roll, yo.


Speaking of yesterday’s post, I semi-attempted my ‘going to dinner by myself’ goal. Okay, so it was basically a take-out steak salad/bowl and a diet coke (with a much-craved frozen yogurt after!) but I did eat at the outdoor dining area amongst other people. I was indeed the only one that was alone. And that was weird/scary enough for me for this trip.

Baby steps.

I’ll work my way up to full-on dinner with a wait staff, glass of wine, and good book. Or people watching. Or both. One of these trips (hey, I have 4 more between now and June, cut me a little slack okay? And yes, that last sentence was aimed at me, since I am rationalizing my baby step as a legit baby step. It was, I’ll get there). <–clearly I am a little delirious in my post tonight so if my writing comes off as slaphappy or just meandering, that’s why.

(and I haven’t had wine since last weekend…so sad. Tragic, really.)


On to the good stuff!

I met Misty today!! We met for lunch and beforehand, I started getting nervous. I don’t know why. I was excited to meet her, finally (since she lives so close to here). But it occurred to me that it felt like nerves before a first date!

I mean, really, it’s quite similar. You pick a date and time. You tell each other what you’re wearing (okay, so we didn’t do that but I’m glad I generally knew what she looked like!), and then you meet up.

So I did just that. And when I walked over, I even said that I felt like it was a first date, nerves and all.

But it was great. Misty is just as I thought – beautiful, fun, happy. And I do believe we eat at the same pace πŸ˜‰ We had a good time catching up on all things IRL and bloggy world and recapped how we met M and S (respectively) and just how similar it kind of became so perfectly right. I loved that.

And I loved just talking to someone that has gone through the crap and come out better, stronger, happier on the other side. It’s inspiring. It gives me hope for those I know struggling through pain and heartbreak. There is a light at the other end, I promise.

Anyway, I had a great time, Misty, let’s do it again soon! (and thank you for assuaging my fears of experiencing an earthquake in my room, by myself, in theΒ  middle of the night. I didn’t sleep well last night as I was convinced it was going to happen. No clue why. But anyway). πŸ˜‰


On that note, I hereby end my random of all random posts, but this is how my brain is operating today. Guess it happens to the best of us, right?Β  (perhaps not quite as random as NYSoonerGirl’s dream about me and zombies…but again, I digress). πŸ˜‰


31 thoughts on “Of the daily struggles, baby steps, and bloggy meet-ups

  1. I am having a strugglish (not a real word), exhausting day, too. I think an early bed time is the way to go!

    BTW, I totally worry about earthquakes when I’m in California, too. I can’t help myself!

    1. strugglish! YES! I love that word (totally real – lol). Early bed for sure (at least you can blame it on pregnancy!). I hate worrying about earthquakes! I must stop reading Twitter before I go to bed πŸ˜‰

  2. It’s all about the baby steps, girl! I remember the first time I ate at a restaurant by myself. It felt weird, but then I was like, heyyy, I get to spend the company’s money and get a lovely free meal! Then I actually went to a bar by myself. And this was in Vegas. THAT was weird. Glad you are enjoying the challenges! πŸ™‚

    1. True dat! Baby steps! (why I feel the need to use ghetto language tonight, I have no idea!). Wow, in VEGAS! that takes guts girl! good for you!! Maybe I’ll do that in Vegas next month…MAYBE.

  3. baby steps are good! I’ve eaten dinner by myself, but never at a sit down restuarant. One day I will and I will feel confident! Just maybe not today, hehe.
    I love all the blogger meet ups this week.

    1. Yea, baby steps are all I can muster right now, I’ve decided! I love that you met with Jess today!! so fun. Hopefully I can come next time πŸ™‚

  4. Well done Jolene, that’s a good step going and eating outdoors with your meal. Yep the time differences are hard aren’t they. I think they say it’s harder on the body going east but being honest, I find when I’m travelling and I find going west or east both hard and I feel a little out of sorts initially even though I’m excited to be away wherever I am.

    Love the quote, I sometimes get that feeling “life is amazing” when I have friends and or family squashed on my couch trying to all fit and everyone having a laugh and it makes me think that’s what life is about.

    1. I think both are difficult in their own ways. Since I am from the east, it feels easier to go home, but I’m sure for west coasters, it’s definitely the opposite! Glad you liked the quote too.

  5. Wait… Zombie dreams are weird?

    No worries, I’m still anxious to come see you even though I fear a zombie apocalypse.

    I think you need to give yourself more credit. You are doing things most of us only wish we could. You are rocking it! Yes, I go to Panera alone once a week and eat – man, how I love to people watch! But you are flying across the country constantly being a super important businesswoman! Give props where props are due, my dear! πŸ™‚

    1. Nah, zombie dreams are only weird for people other than you πŸ˜‰ And thank you for the reality check. I guess I need to give myself more credit. I just don’t want to get stagnant and appreciate coming out here for what it is, because it is an opportunity, as you say, most dream about, and never get to do. Thank you!

  6. I just to be so intimidated to eat out alone, but business travel forced me to overcome it and now it’s not really a big thing anymore. It’ll get easier!

    Have you ever considered going to the beach to workout? Like going for a run on the beach? Could be a whole new type of adventure!

    1. It will get easier, I know. And that makes me feel better. As for the beach, yes, that is a big part of why I want to find where it is! Would love to run on the beach after work. This will require some more energy after work, and as my friend reminded me today…5-hour energy! Must get some πŸ˜‰

  7. So fun that you got to meet Misty! Sounds like you girls had an awesome time. It is nervewracking, isn’t it? I’ve only met one fellow blogger, but I am so looking forward to putting myself out there and meeting many more (you just might be the next!).

    I never even thought how the time change might affect you. 3 hours is huge! You are impressive for doing so much while you are traveling. Working out…keeping up your relationship…keeping up your friendship…continuing to blog and comment on others…finding time for yourself…oh and duh working. You’re amazing!

    1. It is! But it is so fun! I hope we get to meet when you are here in April! And yea, the time difference is big enough to make me feel completely upside down. I’m hungry all the time (since when I wake up, it’s practically closer to lunch time than breakfast!), I’m tired quickly in the evenings etc. But thank you, I have a lot of balls in the air but am trying to juggle it all! As for blogging, with a lot of free time at night, it’s at least something to keep me sane πŸ™‚

  8. Awww…thanks for the shout out and the kind words. It was so fun meeting you yesterday, and it was nice because of the blogs, I felt like we already knew each other–so no akwardness on our first “date” LOL!

    And really, once you experience the first earthquake and you get past the being scared because you’ve never felt one before, you’ll know that it really is no big deal. I’ve lived here all my life and have never had any damage whatsoever. Chandeliers will swing, but that’s it. Sometimes, if they happen in the night we won’t even get out of bed!

    Anyway, can’t wait to meet again sometime. We’ll have to involve wine in the next visit somehow–come on over and we’ll visit my winery that’s within arm’s reach!

    1. It WAS fun! Not awkward at all πŸ™‚ Funny how you can get to know people just by blogging. I love that. And I am glad to hear it about the earthquakes, made me feel a lot better! Definitely need to involve wine next time, for sure!! And hopefully, M and S!

  9. your comments on my post made my day so much better. solidarity!

    re: your biz travel, i did the same thing. avl-phx for a week at a time. it gets easier, i swear, and you will be SO PROUD of yourself when you find your groove and the solo dinners and exploring are fun and not anxiety inducing.


    1. Aww! And your comment on MY post made my day so much better too! And ya know, you are right, I WILL be proud afterwards…I already am, I just want to not let opportunities pass me by. Thank you! XO!

  10. I totally get feeling nervous about meeting other bloggers IRL. I’m hoping to meet one soon in my city but it’s totally like first date jitters! Sometimes it’s easier to hide behind a computer screen.

    1. I am trying to kick the exhaustion thing but it is so fun to be able to meet some friends that I’ve ‘met’ through here! soon enough, you! πŸ™‚

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