What I absolutely, positively must do…

during the next 5 trips to Southern California (inspired by my reoccurring mid-week homesickness) is…

Find the beach. (I know where Huntington Beach is, but it’s a bit far, and I know there is one closer, I just need to get directions). So I can take a walk, .Or a run. Or just sit and watch the waves after work.

Go out to dinner alone. With a glass of wine. Gasp. This one scares me. But it’s been on my list f-orever. And I figure I really need to get ‘er done and off my ‘alone’ bucket list of sorts.

Find a good wine store. Raid it. Stow (or check with my luggage) some goodies for home (since I clearly can’t get half of the delicious wines at home that I can get here. Stupid laws).

Get M out here. He’s NEVER been to California. This must change. Thinking Memorial Day weekend as I might need to be here for back-to-back weekends (are you hearing this Erika? If you guys are around, would be so fun to go to Temecula and San Diego…that’s what I was thinking anyway)

Enjoy my new 24 Hour Fitness temporary gym membership (courtesy of work!). I went to my first class this morning at 5:30 and it just felt so good to get a good sweat on. Must do more of that when here and take full advantage of my ‘gym mecca’ I can’t get at home (ANOTHER thing I can’t have there! wtf!)

Be okay with some extra alone time at night. Veg. Away from the laptop. Read books. Watch trashy TV. Why not?

Did I mention have a glass of wine? Perhaps room service style too…(clearly have wine on the mind on this winesday!)

Am I missing anything? After writing this, I already feel better. I feel motivated. I don’t want to waste the time I do have out here because, let’s face it, I am lucky to have the chance to see a place I wouldn’t normally get to, unless on my own dime. So, enough wallowing, enough homesickness, let’s enjoy it a wee bit, shall we?


36 thoughts on “What I absolutely, positively must do…

  1. There’s a winery up the street from me, <1 mile. Great selection and excellent prices in the store!

    Beach…Macarthur south to PCH. Turn either direction. Right will put you at Balboa. The beach there has some firepits. Go further right, pass the $$$$$$ car dealerships, continue for a couple miles, and you'll be at a cute little village at Newport when you see the numbered streets. That's where S and I had Dinner for my birthday.

  2. Yes, enjoy it! So glad that you got the gym membership and you’re going to get out and enjoy the city more. After all, you do spend a lot of time there!

    You’ll love eating out alone, it will be great! If you find a place with wireless you could take your laptop the first time, it would help you feel less awkward. Even without it you could take your blackberry or a book! I need to do this again soon, too.

    1. YOU are my idol for going out to dinner by yourself and I vow to be just like you and put my big girl panties on and just do it. I may BBM you a few times though during it… 😉

  3. I’m loving your ideas on how to spend time when you’re away working especially raiding the wine store! Love it. Eating out by yourself is okay, have done it at work, sometimes I bring a book or magazine with me and read it while I eat if I feel a bit self conscious sitting by myself. I’m on a reading roll of trashy books if you need any recommendations.

    1. See, I am totally okay eating lunch alone. For some reason, eating dinner alone at a restaurant scares me! Maybe I need baby steps. Eat alone for dinner somewhere more casual (non-waitress/waiter) and go from there.

  4. I’m having a hard time doing the ve thing. I never just sit and do nothing. I need some more of those moments.
    Loving the 24 hour fitness membership and all the wine!

    1. It is hard to do. I feel like I always need to be DOING. Ya know? And while I’m here, I might as well practice. And mm wine. Craving.

  5. I’ve been craving the beach lately, which is weird for me…not a huge beach person…but the sound of the waves…it’s one of my most favorite things to listen to.

  6. I’ve never been out to eat dinner on my own. Only ever had lunch once by myself out. You want to hear crazy wine laws…we can’t have wine shipped here b/c there are a few (horrible) wineries and they don’t want any competition. So I couldn’t order from anywhere. Sucks.

    1. So what about liquor stores? Do they have good wine or just your local wineries?? If the latter, that’s WEIRD. At least I can get some good wine, just not the specific wineries I like, in most cases, and have to ship to my sis in NH!

      1. Oh no, we can get good wines at the liquor store. God I’d shoot myself if all we could get was the local stuff!!! We just can’t order wine and have it shipped. The only wine you can find at a grocery store is the local crap. AND we have dry counties, No alcohol period.

  7. Dinner alone can sometimes be easier if you eat at the bar, depending on the restaurant. That way you have the bartender there and the tv or whatever else. Books/magazines is also good.

    And YES you need to stay out here over a weekend so D and I can come visit you, or you can come up to LA 🙂

    1. Yes! That would be great. If I do stay over on a weekend soon, I will for sure give you two a shout! That would be so fun. And yes, I bet a bar would be easier at a restaurant, with a book or something. And wine. Of course.

  8. Really good list. And I can’t wait to hear about the sense of accomplishment that will come from completing it. Definitely, start with the beach. It will set the tone for the rest of the list.

    Big hugs!

  9. Since we’re not doing Costa Rica anymore, I am way on board to do a bunch of smaller trips! I hope we can work with Eric’s schedule and have a nice trip over Memorial Weekend!

    PLUS–there are 2 awesome wine places I can think of that should have some of the wine you’re looking for. And one is like 2 blocks from our house!

    and 3) newport beach is probably closest to you…it’s only a few blocks further down from our house (well, like a mile i guess) it’s called the balboa peninsula. probably best place to go running…or huntington too…but that is a bit farther.

    1. Yes!! would be so fun!! I hope it works out. And I am rooting for Eric’s job!! I definitely want to hear more about these wine places…next trip? 4/3 I fly out…and I need to find newport beach for sure!

  10. I would have a hard time eating alone – haven’t done it and am rarely in the situation where I need to. However, with your week long trips, you don’t just want to be going from hotel to work – it would interesting to actually get to know the area around you. You could always go to the movies for some entertainment.

    1. Right, I don’t. And I don’t really do that too much either, I try to enjoy the weather, figure my way around, find new places to grab dinner. But, the beach, wine, and eating out are definitely on my hi-pri list! I will conquer it!

  11. good LORD, i miss the beach. it settles my soul.

    and dinner alone is a rather exquisite pleasure, if you can get everything right. i don’t like to do it often, maybe once a year, but i glam up for myself, get a REALLY good book and go to it. it’s almost a revolutionary act, a woman dining alone. people’s heads turn. it’s fun in a way. you’re unexpected, and you’re unaffected by it. it can really be a fun way to freak out the squares. 🙂

  12. Yes, do all those things! You’re going to have so much fun with all of them. I actually like going out to dinner by myself. I don’t do it often, but I’m not afraid of it. I always bring a book. Noooooow, granted, I might be a little afraid of going out to eat on a Friday or Saturday night by myself… 🙂

  13. Ohhh, let me know how the dinner date for one turns out. I’ve really always thought of doing that because there are so many restaurants I want to go to, but I’m so scared to be “that” person and have everybody notice.

    1. I always worry about being ‘that’ person too, but ya know what? I bet nobody notices. Or they notice with admiration! That’s what I keep telling myself!

  14. It might be the only child in me, but I love going out to dinner by myself. I always meet interesting people and get taken care of by the staff. Let us know when that’s off your bucket list ;). xoxo

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