For me, happiness today is…

…remembering Friday night, sometime during the middle of the night, when M put his arms around me, sleepily and whispered, “I never want to let go…” (he didn’t think I heard him, but I did, and I smiled.

…knowing that after this week’s trip to Costa Mesa, I have four more in April/May before I shift into once/month mode (sure, the next two months will be the most challenging as my boss will be on maternity leave, but it’s the glimmer of hope I have).

…two sleeping kitties on the bed behind me. Happy, furry, purring.

…less than two weeks until Jamaica, mon.

…spending lots and lots of cuddle time with my beautiful niece Isabel yesterday. Love.

…my first outdoor run on Saturday in four months. And it felt good.

…working out with M yesterday as he taught me ‘his’ weight routine. (and totally feeling it in my legs today!)

…more daylight at night, and soon enough, more daylight earlier in the morning (c’mon 5 am sunrises!)

…friends. Enough said.

With that…I am off to Costa Mesa this week. Hopefully not overly tiring (though I am already tired today!), and productive, challenging and sunny and warm (judging from this forecast, looking good!).



35 thoughts on “For me, happiness today is…

  1. Ah, that first one made my heart leap from my chest. I love expressions of pure adoration like that!

    Enjoy your week. And my goodness that baby is precious!


    1. I loved it too. That’s exactly how I felt when he said it (and amazing that he said it and I was awake enough to hear it and remember it). Loved seeing my niece again, finally, and before my trip. Gives me warm fuzzies!

  2. So I am the weird duck that hates running outside. HATES it. So even though its 50’s and sunny I ran inside today. But, I am hoping to take my dogs for their first Spring walk today. Fingers crossed.

    Happy travels!

    1. That IS weird šŸ˜‰ Actually, it’s not that weird. I know a couple of people that prefer it. I just abhor it. Thanks for the travel well wishes!

  3. That first one even made ME swoon, seriously! M loves you so much. I love, love, love to see it. I am SO excited for Jamaica, it’s really the only thing getting me through a challenging week this week too. Almost there sis!

    1. awww so cute sis šŸ˜‰ He does love me so much…reading you say that makes my heart happy. I love him so much too. It’s powerful when you can literally see that in their eyes, isn’t it? We will get through this week together sis!! XO

  4. I am also so excited that it’s starting to stay lighter outside! It’s so nice to be able to cook a nice dinner and eat it with the sun slightly starting to set. Puts me in such a better mood for sure.

  5. Seriously that child makes me want to pinch her cheeks. So cute! And the first one was awesome. I want that!!!! šŸ™‚

  6. Lucky you going to Jamaica in two weeks time! That will be so much fun, haven’t been there but went to St. Lucia which was a lot of fun. The caribbean way of life is just so chilled out and relaxing.

  7. Don’t you just love when they say the sweetest things in their half sleep. The other night, S hauled me as close to him as possible and murmured, “McLove you. Mc-in-love with you.”

    Yeah. Kinda dorky, but super sweet.

  8. Lets clone M ok? Or clone what you two have!

    It feels good to feel good again. I definitely have been thinking this lately, as I’m guessing you have been too.



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